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Ubercart 3.0 Beta 3 for Drupal 7

Ubercart 3.0 Beta 3 is the current release of Ubercart for Drupal 7.Ubercart 3.0 is installed on a bit over 2000 sites and we plan to release RC1 in September, 2011 along with an installation profile.  To download Beta 3, go to One Cart to Rule Them All.  Changes since Ubercart 7.x-3.0-beta2:  

  • API:
    • Add Ajax-enabled "uc_address" form element for full or partial address entry.
    • Handle temporary cart items with quantity of zero.
    • $item->data is consistently unserialized in hook_uc_cart_item().
    • 'Default quantity to add to cart' is respected when quantity field is hidden.
    • Add hook_uc_payment_gateway_alter().
    • Add hook_uc_checkout_pane_alter().
  • Theme:
    • Pass order object to theme_uc_cart_complete_sale().
    • Default product image size increased from 100x100 to 250x250.
  • UI:
    • Converted all address forms to Ajax.
    • Date formatting is now handled by Drupal core settings.
  • Misc:
    • Purchased files with unlimited downloads cannot be purchased twice.
    • Added some SimpleTests.
    • Removed hard dependency on Rules.
    • Ordered new non-lethal shark lasers after unfortunate mishap in office.
    • Numerous documentation fixes and improvements.
    • A multitude of bug fixes.

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Re: Ubercart 3.0 Beta 3 for Drupal 7

Before you make announcements about RC1, perhaps you should check with the Ubercart project maintainers? You know, the people who are actually doing the work and writing the code?

As one of the maintainers, I can say I don't even know who blowe is, and he certainly doesn't speak for me or determine my work schedule.

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My Bad

Sorry. I talked to Lyle and Andy about it and they felt like that was a good time-frame to try to get out RC1. I should have sent you a message first to see how it fits your schedule. I just kind of assumed they had a good handle on the status of the code for 3.0. Do you think September is doable for you? Lyle's impression was that Beta 3 was pretty close so it would not be too difficult to take it to RC.

Brian Lowe

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good to see some activity here again

hi, i'm glad to see the announcement, I'm waiting for the stable version. good luck!

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Im deving a pressflow 7 ubercart 3.0 site as we speak, very excited to finally be on d7 and that Ubercart is alive and well!

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Stable version ubercart 3.0

waiting for stable version of ubercart 3.0 , sept 6 has crossed.........

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Re: Ubercart 3.0 Beta 3 for Drupal 7

In my opinion UC Mutli-buy should be included in a core Ubercart 3.x system