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Payflow Link is a payment solution provided by PayPal (they acquired it with Verisign) but still maintained separately from Website Payments Standard. It is a hosted solution, meaning customers will be redirected from your checkout review page to the payment page to enter their credit card details. This module requires you to have a Payflow Link account which has significant startup fees but fairly low operating costs.

To test the module, use the following settings in your Payflow Link account:

Return URL Method: Link
Return URL:
Silent POST URL: Check the box.
Transaction Process Mode: Test

I kept all the address fields unchecked and tweaked the other settings for the Livetest. Of course, replace with your site's address. You can test this on the Livetest if you want by selecting "Credit card on a secure server".

When operating in test mode, the order total determines the response you will receive from PayPal. Complete checkout for any order under $1000 to test with an accepted payment.

When you're ready to process real transactions, simply change your transaction process mode to Live in your Payflow Link account settings.

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Upgrading to 2.x


Thanks for the contribution. Is there a plan to upgrade this to 2.x? If not, could you point me to any instructions on how I might do the upgrade?


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Recurring payments?

Does this module currently support the recurring payments option?'s picture
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Upgrading this module to 2.x

Hi everyone,
I'm also curious if anyone has already updated this module to UC 2.x for Drupal 6.x? If not would anyone have any pointers, tips, links, or advice to help me update this module? I have done simple Drupal modules only two times, so I'm hardly a php developer, but I can try. I'm also curious about how much demand there is for this module to be updated? I have a client who would rather not upgrade to payflow pro because of the monthly cost increase, but I may be able to to get some funding for a bounty, but I noticed that there is already one at here and here, and neither have been replied to.
Thanks for any time and advice.

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collaborate on Payflow Link for Ubercart 2.x?

Hi Droplits,
I know PHP, but I'm a newbie to Ubercart and Drupal. I also need to use Payflow Link with Ubercart 2.x. Since you have some experience with modules, perhaps you could give me some pointers and I could do the programming to make it happen. If interested, please get in touch.-- thanks

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Re: collaborate on Payflow Link for Ubercart 2.x?
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Payflow Link for Ubercart 2.x

I found a module Payflow Link for Ubercart 2.0 It's at
I installed and tested it and it seems to work well.

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Payflow Link for Ubercart 7.x-3.9?

Hello everyone,

I'm curious if anyone has already updated this module to UC 3.x for Drupal 7? If not would anyone have pointers, tips, links and or advice on how to update it myself? Maybe point to a similar module that was updated from UC 2.x D6 to UC 3.x D7 that I could use as a guide?

Thanks in advance!