Tango Icon Set

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Ubercart 1.x

This download is a set of icons from the Tango Icon Library that have been converted and renamed for use in Ubercart menus and pages. These icons originally made up the core icon set, but it came to our attention later that we could not include them in core due to licensing restrictions. Because Ubercart downloads are hosted on Drupal.org, we cannot include any non-GPL files in our distributions. The Tango Icons are licensed under the CC Share Alike license and so do not meet the requirements.

In core, the icons have been replaced by icons from the public domain Fam Fam Fam mini icon set. To use the Tango icons in your store (which at least Ryan from the Uberteam prefers Eye-wink), simply unzip the contents of this zip to your ubercart/uc_store/images directory. Nothing else is required!

If you feel you made a mistake installing these icons, you can always revert to the originals from your Ubercart zip. I recommend keeping this zip handy, as you'll have to reinstall this icon set every time you update your Ubercart install to a new version.

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