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Ubercart 3.x RELEASED

Ubercart 3.0 RELEASED

The day has come! Ubercart 3.x is now LIVE!

Huge shout-outs to our project maintainer Lyle Mantooth (Island Usurper), 

Chris Oden (wodenx) for the work he did on the Entity API integration,

And must we not forget our beloved Dave Long (Longwave) and Tim Rohaly (TR) for being co-maintainers. 

None of this is possible without their hard work at keeping this project alive and thriving. These guys have put blood sweat and tears into making Ubercart what it is today.

Now go download your upgrades!


Changes since 7.x-3.0-rc4:

  • Use theme_image instead of outputting raw HTML for UPS logo.
  • Use theme_image instead of outputting raw HTML for USPS logo.
  • #1407246 by sah62: Name change for USPS service.
  • #1420116 by jonathan_hunt: Typo in description field for uc_roles_products table schema.'s picture
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Well done guys! Congratulations on this big milestone!

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Re: Ubercart 3.0 RELEASED

Great work! Thankyou for share it! Laughing out loud

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install profile

There was a new install profile mentioned in the email that went out today...where would one find that? It's not UberDrupal as that's not up-to-date and doesn't have a D7 release yet...

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Ubercart 3.0 - does it support decimal quantities

Just wondering if this fix made it into Ubercart 3.0? If not is their a work-around?


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Re: Ubercart 3.0 RELEASED

I know we don't say it enough, but I really appreciate what you guys do!

Especially hats off to everyone who hung in there on this issue and got it off the queue: