T-Shirt store


Documentation/Demonstration for creating a store

The results of a Drupal tutorial/walkthrough originally blogged about here.

We're looking to create a distribution/installation profile, but in the interim newcomers to Ubercart should find this install helpful. Feedback appreciated!

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Re: T-Shirt store

Very cool, thanks for taking the time to make this!

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Re: T-Shirt store

I am assuming this is a modified Ubercart installation? If so ... any chance we could get this as a module also? I love the look of the color options, and would like to have this available in our UC setup as well (without modifying all of the code to be a T-shirt Store). Nice work!

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Re: T-Shirt store

what exactly did you add/change/do? I dont understand your description.

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Re: Re: T-Shirt store

@311guy, this install is a configuration Show and Tell. It describes a use case, and demonstrates how Ubercart could be configured (helpful for novices). There are no code changes in this install.