Mozambique CIF


This is the CIF file for Mozambique, it has the 10 main cities.

Some extra details:

Mozambique has 10 Provinces, each with one capital city

Postal codes are 4 digit numbers

3-character City codes

1. Updated the file with correct city codes according to the link above.
2. Updated the file with province names instead of their capital city names (as suggested by Ryan).
3. Updated the file is now on UTF-8 format (i hope).

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Re: Mozambique CIF

So when addressing something to Mozambique someone would use one of these 10 cities only? Zone should be something like a State or Province in the country, so I'm just wanting to make sure the zones shouldn't instead be the districts/capital city as listed at's picture
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Re: Re: Mozambique CIF

To be honest i copied from South Africa's CIF file where only the main provinces were listed.

But then i thought i would avoid putting up the names of the provinces because they are huge and its difficult to identify just by that.

So actually i followed Portugal's model where the districts names and its main cities share the same name (which makes more sense but thats just my opinion).

This mixture didnt prove to be very good. I'll fix the file, remove the City names, substitute by Province names.

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Re: Re: Re: Mozambique CIF

Six months later... got it in for the 1.6 release. Shocked