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Ubercart User's Guide

Welcome to the Ubercart User's Guide! Our goal is to provide a helpful, easy to use handbook for everyone planning to use Ubercart for their e-commerce sites. We want to cater to those with no prior experience in e-commerce while satisfying the questions of the seasoned e-commerce veterans. If anything seems incorrect, hard to understand, or is just plain missing, please bring it to our attention in the forums!

For a very brief overview of Ubercart, feel free to read our introduction titled What is Ubercart? The user's guide will provide a more in depth look at the features of Ubercart for the various supported versions. When you're ready to start using it, you can find installation and configuration instructions here along with all the info you'll need to build your catalog and start processing orders!

As Ubercart ages, new versions of the software will be released for different versions of Drupal. Use the following guide to know where to start:

  • Drupal 6 - Ubercart 2.x (still in development)
  • Drupal 5 - Ubercart 1.x