Quantity Control


Quantity Control allows you to specify a maximum quantity for each product in the cart. This is a simple module - just install and browse to admin/store/settings/qty_ctrl to set the maximum quantity allowed in the cart for each product class.

This module is similar to UC Restrict Quantity. The key differences are:
1. The module takes into account both what is in the cart as well as the number being added
2. The maximum quantity for each product is set at the product class, so it isn't necessary to add the setting for each product created. This can save time when there are many products being added.
3. Restrict Qty has a maximum of 1 item for each product in the cart - this module allows you to set the maximum to be whichever number you want.

This modules is for Ubercart on D5 but could be modified relatively easily for D6.

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but could be modified relatively easily for D6...

Is there some documentation you could point me to for this?

This looks to be the answer to my last two weeks of googling!!!!!

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Re: but could be modified relatively easily for D6...

Here's what I did to update the D5 module to d6:

Installed this module - http://drupal.org/project/deadwood

Moved the D5 module to the deadwood directory

Selected Site Building > Conversions

Selected the D5 module directory and directory files to be converted

Now that the module is converted to D6, I'm having trouble finding any of the features of the module. I don't see any options in the menu.

Any advice?


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Re: Re: but could be modified relatively easily for D6...

The settings should be available at admin/store/settings/qty_ctrl. If you don't see it, there's likely a problem with the menu system changes that deadwood made. See http://drupal.org/node/102338 for the D6 menu system.

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Re: Quantity Control

anyone have any luck updating this to D6?

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Re: Re: Quantity Control

This is a perfect match for a membership setup like what I am trying to accomplish... any UC 2.x version help/ideas?

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D6 Version

Here is a D6 version. Just a quick hack, so somebody will need to fix it up properly. However, it does seem to do what I need. I've also prevented users from changing the quantity while viewing their cart directly.

Side note: Just started using this module a few hours ago. I decided to check out the "UC Restrict Quantity" module as well. It looks like the "UC Restrict Quantity" module is more fully featured and will eventually surpass this one. But for the time being this one offers the features I need and the other does not...

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Tks for the v2 version, as it seems like the Restrict quantity module développements are freezed too !

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Re: tks

I'd like to beef this up a bit and submit to drupal.org if no-one has any objections? I've found it very useful but it needs some work...

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Thanks Syndicatestorm

This module does exactly what I need !
I had been looking for the module that has this function for days and finally found it.
For example UC Restrict Quantity doesn't do what I need as it can restrict only the number of products only in the shopping cart but not per product.
So far I don't see any problem with UC2 version that Syndicatestorm has posted on my testing site.
Does everyone think it's OK to use it on an actual working site? Cause I'm just a bit worried as I have never used any modules not officially release and maintained.
Sorry I'm actually newbie to Drupal and Ubercart

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Wrong Messages displaying

This module was a great find since its annoying to add this function through product features. The only issue i am having is the error messages thrown when the quantity exceeds the set amount. On the add to cart form i get a "You already have this item in your cart" message and on the cart page i just get and updated cart message as it changes the value to my limit. Any one else have this issue or an idea how to fix it?


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I looked though the code and saw the messages i wanted were commented out. Just adjust accordingly.