ATOS/SIPS Credit card payment system


This module provide a store owner to use the famous SIPS/ATOS payment system. Most of French bank use this system, maybe others, don't know.... see install.txt file in the package for installation instruction and some informations about module features details


Add google analytics support and correct complete page redirect.

Supported bank :

  • Credit agricole (E-transaction)
  • Societe generale (Sogenactif)
  • Banque populaire (Cyberplus)
  • Credit agricole (E-transaction)
  • BNP Paribas (Mercanet)
  • La poste (Scellius)
  • LCL : Le Credit Lyonnais (Sherlocks)

I developped this module with a Credit agricole (E-transaction) ATOS V6 for linux, so all people that have other package to test it is invites to post their reports here.

To test this module, you need an ATOS package provided by your bank.


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integration of response

very nice module (especially given the behaviour of the binaries in the ATOS pack Sad
We used it on one of our client website and it performs quite well.
Here is our work on a little more integration, in case it can be helpful to anyone :

  • management of the response directly in database and moving the order status to "payment received" (if it has been configured),
  • if you're lucky, you may configure the ATOS part nearly entirely from Drupal interface,
  • auto-response works and "replay" of a transaction is (usually) detected and dismissed,
  • you can put the binary files quite anywhere within Drupal reach,
  • extensive use of log,
  • add support for Credit du Nord (webaffaires)

However, please read the doc and test carefully before going to production Smiling

note : it has been developed against an alpha version of ubercart. Please report any problem.
Files : patch against 1.2 and full package (INSTALL.txt not up to date), to your choice.

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French translation

Hello, this is our french translation for the latest version (end of september). Feel free to use it.

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ATOS with FreeBSD

we tried this module with FreeBSD and in demo mode it doesn't work : for a strange reason the bank response doesn't send us a variable called 'receipt_complement', so the array php of the module work wrong !
We had to comment the line 487 to remove from the array the cell 'receipt_complement'

It seems to work well now

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salut zmove there is also

salut zmove
there is also something strange lini 616 : at the all end of the module i saw that the status is updated : i think it's a mistake because just before the hook for workflow-ng paiement event is called. Because of the status update at the end of the module (that is saying status="checkout" or something like that), workflow ng can't work correctly at this level : his order's status update is overriden by the end of the module...

It seems that this line is not useful and it confused me a long time, so i think it's better to disable it Smiling

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i don't understand why there is at line 345

if (isset($_POST['DATA'])) {
drupal_set_message(t('Error during order process, please, try again or contact administrator.'));

Why displaying a error when there is data from the bank? I disabled this part because it is not possible to see the good message just below who is : 'your order has been canceled' ou 'votre ordre a été annulé'. Am i wrong?

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module path installation

Hi all,

module seems to requires to install some binairies outside home root hosted server, in /usr/local/php/bin.
My hoster told me that is stricly forbidden unless I choose a dedicated hosted solution. Do you know how can we resolve this if possible or otherwise, which good/very good alternative would you suggest?

Thank you

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