3DSecure Turkish Banks Gateway


This module provides a 3DSecure Gateway for Garanti Bank (probably works with other Turkish Banks too),

It uses 3D Model payment (not 3D oos pay!). It is a direct gateway, doesn't need any other modules to work with.

A week ago Garanti Bank suddenly decided to go with the 3Dsecure and now it's a must for the merchants. I know a lot of people need this module in Turkey, so i share it with you this sudden at the moment without having the opportunity to test with the other banks.

Here http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/10652 you can find a very useful module, but unfortunately garanti bank's 3D mentality does not include an MPI, that's why i made my own instead of using a generic 3DSecure module.

It works with 5.x at the moment, but easy to convert to 6.x any help will be appriciated.

At the moment, there is a problem with the iframe, so it's inactive, any other help will also be appriciated.

I am waiting for the other users who work with other turkish banks, please let me know. Hope works for all.

uc_3d_turkish_banks.zip16.44 KB