ABN number module


Australian businesses are required to have an ABN for taxation purposes, this module adds the ability for the store to add an ABN and display it. An ABN can also be collected from customers.

There are instructions in the included readme file.

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Ubercart 2

Hi folks

Anyone updated this for Ubercart 2 by any chance?

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you can use an alternative module, information about it can be found at http://drupalmodules.com/module/ubercart-gst-abn

With this module and the Ubercart Tax Rules correctly configured, GST will be displayed and only applied to those purchases where the customer is in Australia. All other customers will be able to purchase GST free. Joy!

This module also provides functionality to use your stores ABN and have it print on your invoices..

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Alt. Alternative

DrunkMunki, that page you linked to actually recommends this module: