Admeris Payment Systems Credit Card Processing Module - Silent Redirect


This is a Payment Module for Credit Card Processing through Admeris Payment Systems. The module depends on only the key modules of Ubercart :-
- Payment
- Conditional Actions
- Order
- Token

To use the payment module to process transactions in your store, you will need an account with Admeris Payment Systems. You can obtain a free Development Environment account with Admeris by going to Some basic contact information is all that is required.

The module allows a customer to enter his/her information on your site. The added information is however transferred securely to Admeris server's where the payment is processed.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. The module is very easy to use. The set up only took a few minutes.

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Re: Thanks

Thank you Natalie for the quick download of the module. We are glad that you responded so quickly to the email we sent. We understand that a lot of our merchant were looking for this module.