EgoPay payment method module


This module allows to accept payments from customers who have registered with the largest worldwide online payment system - EgoPay. Any EgoPay merchant can receive online payments using this payment module.


Instant transactions:
Payments to others are instant; there is no waiting for clearing of funds.

Instant notifications:
EgoPay sends instant callbacks in-order to notify your e-shop when a transaction has been approved, held or canceled.

Safe Online environment:
The EgoPay website is built to protect funds.


Download the package in .zip format.
Extract the content of the .zip file.
Upload the uc_egopay folder with contents inside to your e-shop server's "home root folder/modules/ubercart/payment" folder.
Install the module from the administrator's panel.
Configure the module by providing the following details:

Your store id which can be found at
Your store password which can be found at
Uber Cart EgoPay Module
Default currency to be used (USD or EUR)

You are ready to accept paymens via Egopay.

egopay payment module for ubercart 3.x5.69 KB
egopay payment module for ubercart 2.x5.6 KB