Invite Discount


This module enables Ubercart stores to encourage existing users to invite other people. To do this this module grants a discount coupon to inviter each time invitee make a purchase.

Here the workflow of a invite discounts:

  1. A user is registered on your website,
  2. This user invites some friends,
  3. User's friends get invite message
  4. One of the friends register,
  5. This new member (invitee) purchases a product from your store,
  6. The order status becomes payment_received,
  7. A new discount coupon is generated and granted to inviter
  8. The discount coupon information message is sent to the inviter,
  9. The inviter can use granted coupon within validity period,

Default parameters for module can be configured at Store administration > Configuration > Invite Discount.

This module depends;

Initial development of this module is sponsored by SpokenThreads

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Limit the coupon to the first time the invitee makes a purchase


I want to use this module on my site but I would really like a coupon to be generated only the first time the invitee makes a purchase, and not everytime the invitee makes a purchase. Is there a patch to make this configurable or can you recommend anywhere in the code where a change can be made to limit the coupon generation to only the first time?

This module is really quite amazing and would really like to use it.