persian bank payment


i am from Iran and we haven't visa or PayPal and ....
we only can use "Iranian credit carts" and "posting systems" in iran
this modules can work in Arabian countries that they accept Persian "credit carts"
we can use "Iranian credit carts" like PayPal to pay
for paying in PayPal systems you must connect to PayPal bank but in Iran we can connect to several Iranian bank systems to pay
Iranian programmers realize 2 modules for pay with "Iranian credit carts" in here is Persian drupal support site

and here too:

i can only use this modules in Iran but i can't trust them
please check them about security and different environment usefulness and ...

i cant use it before confirmed with or
i can help to modules developers about Iranian bank systems ,to test the modules , and ... if anybody want to solve this problem
thanking you advance


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