Paymate - Australian payment service


Ubercart Pay mate Payment Method


This module integrates the Australian payment service Paymate to Ubercart. Paymate also processes payments for sellers in US & NZ



- Create a folder in your modules directory called uc_pay_mate and put the module's files in this directory

- Enable the module on the Modules admin page:
Administer > Site building > Modules


The setting page is within the Ubercart Store Administration > Payment > Payment Methods, and the section labelled Pay Mate. Here you can enter your account details given by Pay Mate, also switch between sandbox and production. There are panels to allow modifying the strings used in the user interface, the display of different icons and sizes for the buttons and for changing the server settings for Paymate although this is unlikely.

You can use Paymate as an Express Checkout directly from the Cart page as well by turning on Paymate in the Ubercart Store Administration > Cart Settings section.

If required you can also enable a block for your website that shows that you are a proud Paymate seller and can also show the Paymate trustmark program seal with a link to your trustmark analysis.

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This module does not work with 'optional check out review' enabled. With it enabled, check out do not redirect to paymate, but rather just completes check out.

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Drupal 7 compatibility

Hello there, This looks like a brilliant addition, thank you. Is there a planned release of this compatible with Drupal 7? cheers