Paypal wps payment extension


We are developing a project where we need to accept payment to multiple seller accounts based on conditions. But Ubercart at the moment does not support this functionality. Due to this I have created to patches as below:

1. For uc_store module

2. For uc_paypal module

I have created an global array like array("USD" => "$", .........) and based on session return the currency and sign to the required places. I have only updated the Paypal Web Site Standard payment method.

And through this patches I am calling my functions to load the merchant account details and accepting payments to the respective accounts, which is working fine. But I need to know, am I walking on the correct path? My functions calling currency based on session. I am looking forward to you expert comments on this. I have attached the patch files.

uc_paypal.patch4.45 KB
uc_price.patch775 bytes