Payvment Integration for Ubercart


This is project is a starting point for integrating Ubercart with Payvment which has been requested over in the support area for Payvment

UPDATE: You can obtain the contributed module at

Payvment is a social ecommerce system. You can learn more about it here:

I'm hoping this project will address the request made here:

The primary goal is to link Payvment to Ubercart so that Ubercart is notified about orders generated in a Payvment store, allowing you to use Ubercart to manage the processing of orders generated by both ecommerce systems.

Currently, this module will not work, but contains a substantial amount of information that I'm hoping will alow others to help contribute to and improve the module to the point it works.

If you can contribute to this project in any way, I'd appreciate it very much!

uc_payvment.tar.gz2.5 KB