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This module provides integration with RecommenderGhost (

RecommenderGhost is a free, hosted personalized recommendation engine that makes integration into websites as simple as integrating Google Analytics. There is no need to setup, run and maintain a Java based server - all complex computations are done on the infrastructure of RecommenderGhost. While tools for recommendations running on your own server are great, they lack the sophistication and ease of use of hosted recommendation system providers like RecommenderGhost.

RecommenderGhost provides the following personalization services:

* unpersonalized recommendations of the form "other users also bought/viewed/..."
* personalized recommendation depending on individual preferences
* rankings such as "most bought items", "most viewed..."
* manual clustering of the items (e.g. XMAS SALE 2012)
* using item types (e.g. BOOK, DVD, MP3) for in type-specific recommendations

This package contains 3 modules:

* RecommenderGhost - Core: Tracking page views and providing 2 ready-to-use blocks for recommendations like "Users also viewed / bought...", recommendations for user, related items
* RecommenderGhost - Commerce: Tracking purchases
* RecommenderGhost - Ubercart: Tracking purchases

As of version 1.3, RecommenderGhost Ubercart module supports content type - item type mappings for "in item type" recommendations as well as enhanced theming capabilities.

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Re: Free hosted product recommendations ("Users also bought...")

Interesting post.... will check out the recommendation

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Re: Free hosted product recommendations ("Users also bought...")

Thanks for sharing this free hosted product its very interesting.

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