TaxCloud Sales Tax Module


TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax calculation and remittance service for retailers.. This module integrates UberCart with the TaxCloud system.. You can create a free TaxCloud account at

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Ubercart Sales Tax Report -- info is missing

I’ve downloaded the module, installed following the README file, and tried it out on a local installation using Ubercart 3.5 with Drupal 7. It properly calculates the sales tax in the checkout process. However, in the Ubercart Sales tax report (https://mysite/admin/store/reports/tax), for the transaction, the Jurisdiction, Tax rate, and Total taxable amounts are missing for this transaction (they are displayed on the report as *). This seems to be a bug (and a rather important bug, since this is the information needed when TaxCloud is not submitting tax returns). Is there a fix planned, or am I missing a setting?

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Sales Tax Reports

Sales tax reports are available in your TaxCloud account at the end of each month. These reports show the sales tax collected for that month, broken down by jurisdiction (state, county, city, etc.).