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Almost unmaintained. I suggest you look at Delivery Timeslot Many alternatives have blossomed since I first started this module. I have switched to other commerce solutions. No improvements will be done here in the future, unless someone takes over as maintainer.

This module provides an Ubercart checkout pane which lets the customer set a date and time of visit. It uses the Date API (which must be installed) to create a nice popup to set the date.
Can be used to let a customer pick a time to:
- pick up his goods in-store
- make a reservation at a restaurant
- delivery time (if you're not using a shipping module, else you should probably look at those)
- [your creative idea here]

It also provides a token ([order-visit-time]) to use in emails etc.

This module is based on the Lead Tracker for Ubercart 2.x module' : Which in turn is based on the 'Lead Tracker' module:

0.8 version fixes several issues with database tables. This version seems to work. Please let me know of any bugs you may find.

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Re: Visit Time

This is a great module thanks. I don't need the time field or time data though, need date only.

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Store Pickup and Visit Time module

This module is great.

Is it possible that Visit Time module is activated only when customer select store pickup flat rate shipping method?

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restrict timeslots depending on the postal code to deliver

Is it possible restrict timeslots depending on the postal code to deliver?


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Re: Visit Time

Thanks for a great module. I am using it for delivery date but need time slots instead of a specific time. Also it would be great if the delivery time/time slot could be added to the invoice template.

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A start?

"It also provides a token ([order-visit-time]) to use in emails etc. "
Maybe you can rewrite the module to fit your needs?

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Restrict dates

Hi there,

is there any way to restrict dates from being picked?
I've searched along the web, but cannot seem to get this to work.
Any solutions or pointers would be helpful...

Thanks in advance.