Payflow Pro Full Integration (Including recurring profiles)


Updated Module
- Fixed hook_install issue

This module has payflow pro Integration. It also allows for recurring payments using the Recurring Profile API of Payflow.

With this module, you can setup schedules for a product, and the product will be renew on that schedule.
There is also a full control panel for both the user AND and administrator to control their profiles and view payment history.

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Not Working


I installed this module yesterday. I'm running Drupal 6, so I made the basic modifications for it to work on Drupal 6.

When I go to put in my Payflow API credentials into Paypal PayFlow Pro Settings part of Payment gateways, it doesn't seem to hold my password. It also seems to try to default to my username and password for my Drupal account rather than my Payflow one.

When I go to checkout, it says "we are unable to process your credit card payment."

Is there maybe a setting I forgot to set or did I break something in this module?


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Hey there,

The servers in the module are expired, that's why it probably wasn't working for you. Paypal purchased versign and no longer uses the domain to authenticate their payflow requests. The new servers are (for live site) and

In addition to these changes, I made some security enhancments to prevent MTM attacks. Turning off VERIFYPEER in cURL is not the best option. Since not everyone has access to curl's installed cacert.pem file for their root athority, I bundled the one used by mozilla which includes all the biggest CA names. In the payflow gateway settings, you can point the relative directory to the bundled cacert.pem file.

Please see the readme for more information. Attached is the module, instructions, changes, and cacert.pem for proper peer validation.

If you already have the original payflow pro module from above installed, you need to remove it from your drupal installation, and install this version instead. My attached file is the entire module bundled with fixes.

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drupal 6 port


Thanks for this contrib. I have started work on porting it to drupal 6 and will be posting the code once I'm finished with basic testing (for now it passes most "coder" validations, installs and seems to run correctly, and sends basic transactions to payflow). If I forget for some reason, ping me at

I'm curious though: why does the code include references to PayPal Express? Isn't this provided by another ubercart module?


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Credit Card Details

I'm wondering where the Credit Card information is stored for recurring charges? Would it be on my servers or would it be stored by PayPal and processed each month since it's fully integrated with PayFlow Pro? Thanks in advance!

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Drupal 6 Port - Ready Yet?


I was wondering if the Drupal 6 port is ready yet? I would really like to test out ASAP. Thank you.

~ Kristy

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Drupal 6 Port Now Available

The Drupal 6 port for uc_payflowpro is now available! Special thanks to mlutfy and bountyx for code contributions.

Note that the module has only been tested by two people, and the recurring payment system not at all, so please test carefully before using this in a production environment.

Hopefully this will be in CVS soon at so please use the main Drupal site's issue system to request support.

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is it compatible with SDK 4.0

hi ,
does the released payflow works well with new payflow recommendations as found here:

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Updated PayPal Payflow Module

Please find the module for payflow, to be used with Ubercart2.0 and latest Paypal recommendations.

We need to test if its working fine.

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Password continues to disappear

I have the UC Payflow beta 5 installed. Running on Drupal 6 I am getting:
"We were unable to process your credit card payment. Please verify your card details and try again. If the problem persists, contact us to complete your order."

everytime I submit an order. Using the test gateway for ubercart I am not getting this, so I am assuming that the error has something to do with actuall communications with payflow.

IN the gateway settings, in the password field I enter a password and it doesn't appear to store it (once I hit submit, the field comes back as blank). I am working on the assumption that the lack of a pw is causing the error.

I am looking in the drupal database to try to even find where this password is stored....there seems to be three payflow pro tables: all having to do with recurring payments....where do I find it?

Any suggestions?

### update:

I edited the module to see what was in fact being sent to payflow in terms if xml....looks like the password is actually being sent ok. So the password issue is really more a UI issue: when one enters the password in, the field returns blank, even though the password exists.

So there must be something else going on... with why I am getting "We were unable to process your credit card payment. Please verify your card details and try again. If the problem persists, contact us to complete your order."

Any ideas?

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similar problem, password disappears

Hi Bob,
I have the similar problem. Do you know, where it stores the password info? And, have you able to solve this problem?

And, is there any way, I can debug the transaction?

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Hi everyone,

The best place to post comments, etc. is on the project issue queue. I don't check this forum regularly and won't support any version not downloaded from the correct source (you should be using up to date code anyway).

And yes, uc_payflowpro does submit the request in an appropriate way (via CURL).