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Ubercart 2.x

When an item is updated into cart, uc_cart module call hook 'update_cart_item':
module_invoke($data['module'], 'update_cart_item', $node->nid, $data, min($qty, 999999), $cid);

but when new item is added no hook is called for this action. I think to provide a specific hook for this option is desirable to maintain concordance between flows.

Attached a patch for uc_cart.module,v 2010/08/11 15:09:54 islandusurper

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OK, I ran into two problems

OK, I ran into two problems:

1) Hook does not call my module when using:

($data['module'], 'add_cart_item', $node->nid, $data, min($qty, 999999), $cid);

Instead I used:

('add_cart_item', $node->nid, $data, min($qty, 999999), $cid);

2) When the hook in your module saves the item, such as in my case I flagged the node, it will add the item twice in the cart. I changed the patch. See attached.

hook_add_cart_item.patch 982 bytes
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Consider 'add_to_cart' hook

In relation with 2)
Have you considered the option to use the 'add_to_cart' hook that is called before?
If you create your own hook and your method returns (ex.) array( 'my_module' => array( 'success' => false, 'silent' => true ) ); after you insert the item into cart by yourself, the process will avoid to insert this item twice.

The main idea of this hook is notify that an item has been added to cart (after it has been set into database) in order to maintain concordance with update process.