Ubercart Contributions

4 years 49 weeks ago

Ubercart Everyday integrates Everyday online payment method (Everyday-verkkomaksu) with Ubercart.

Everyday is a Finnish billing and part payment online gateway provider.

1 year 24 weeks ago

This should be replace ubercarts normal "next" / "prev" buttons in checkout.

The goal:

- Make a simple checkout process with a visual feedback

Whats is done:

- javascript working.
- add a Table of Content pane for the panes ( so can you directly access a filled checkout pane ).

What's to do:

- add a client side validation ( like http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ ).
- add a progress bar ( only need a little rework on pane )

Version 0.1

Only a prototype. working fine for me so please test it ; - )

6 years 44 weeks ago

DOWNLOAD THE MODULE FROM THIS LINK: http://tech.epay.dk/ePay-Drupal-Ubercart-module-guide-and-download_19.html

This is the Ubercart payment gateway module for the Scandinavian payment gateway ePay - http://www.epay.dk

ePay is the leading payment system in Scandinavia, which offers payment solutions to both small and large companies. We have focus on flexible, effective and user friendly payment solutions for extreme competitive prices.

6 years 46 weeks ago

This (uc_post_affiliate_pro) is a module providing affiliate functionality for Ubercart and Post Affiliate Pro application (http://www.qualityunit.com/postaffiliatepro/#drupal).

Read more about this module here.

Do you have questions about this module? Visit FAQ or send us request.

For who is this module?
- for merchants (e-shop owners) who use Drupal and Ubercart

7 years 27 weeks ago

I cant found a compatible full country list for drupal 6.X and Ubercart 2.X, so i found some countries (120) and update the scripts to work with these versions.

Note: these countries are now in Core at this time (dec. 2009), some countries left.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module enables 3DSecure support in Ubercart. This is not a standalone module but a facilitator to make such payments possible. This requires a Merchant Plugin Module Implemented and the Gateway Module (which finally performs the payment) needs to add a few lines of code to allow the 3DSecure information available to it. I have developed a Cardinal Commerce MPI Module to go along with this. After both the modules are submitted I'll upload a patch for Ubercart's USAePay module. The link to discussion on this is:


6 years 34 weeks ago

This module provides a 3DSecure Gateway for Garanti Bank (probably works with other Turkish Banks too),

It uses 3D Model payment (not 3D oos pay!). It is a direct gateway, doesn't need any other modules to work with.

A week ago Garanti Bank suddenly decided to go with the 3Dsecure and now it's a must for the merchants. I know a lot of people need this module in Turkey, so i share it with you this sudden at the moment without having the opportunity to test with the other banks.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Australian businesses are required to have an ABN for taxation purposes, this module adds the ability for the store to add an ABN and display it. An ABN can also be collected from customers.

There are instructions in the included readme file.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This file creates a configurable Views Bulk Operations action to apply role expirations to users within the uc_roles system.

Supported operations:

  • Emulates the "Add role" part of the "Ubercart roles" fieldset on the user edit form, allowing you to choose one role from a predefined set of roles and add that role with expiration period to the selected users.


  • Ubercart / UC Roles
  • Views Bulk Operations


7 years 3 weeks ago

When an item is updated into cart, uc_cart module call hook 'update_cart_item':
module_invoke($data['module'], 'update_cart_item', $node->nid, $data, min($qty, 999999), $cid);

but when new item is added no hook is called for this action. I think to provide a specific hook for this option is desirable to maintain concordance between flows.

Attached a patch for uc_cart.module,v 2010/08/11 15:09:54 islandusurper

7 years 27 weeks ago

Hi there,

This module allow to add taxes amount to product prices if a tax is defined for a product.

You can define which role can see product prices with tax and which can't...

Version 1.2.1

Correct a bug that can appear cause of the shortcut user to get the node types.

Version 1.2


  • Change used access, now, you have to specify which role have price excluding VAT and not the price including VAT, so you have to inverse your role access setting I find this way of thinking more logical.
7 years 27 weeks ago

Here is main diff for uc_attribute.module :

> case 4:
> $attr_type = 'link';
> break;
> }
> if ($attr_type == 'link') {
> $attr_links=array();
> foreach ( $attribute->options as $attr_option ) {
> $attr_links[]= l($options[$attr_option->oid],"cart/add/p".$nid."_q1_a".$attribute->aid."o".$attr_option->oid);
> }
> $form_attributes[$attribute->aid] = array(
> '#type' => "markup",
> '#value' => implode('',$attr_links),
> );
> }
> else {
> $form_attributes[$attribute->aid] = array(

7 years 27 weeks ago

I put together a brief tutorial that summarizes what I learned about customizing the Product Grid in the forums. The idea is to present a step by step summary of this for anyone who is interested in doing this. I did it as a blog post at
Ubercart: Customizing the Default Product Grid

7 years 13 weeks ago

The original CIF for Hong Kong and Macau(Macao) seems to be not suitable for those places.

  • Kowloon is added for State/Province
  • Hong Kong (State/Province) is changed to Hong Kong Island for more specified description.
  • Zone Code of (State/Province)'s is changed for more common situation.
  • Macao is changed to Macau for more common usage.
  • Macau has no postal code, hence is delected in the CIF.

Please kindly give any comments/suggestion for those CIF.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a Payment Module for Credit Card and Interac Online Payments through Admeris Payment Systems. The customers that make payments in your website will be redirected to a secure Admeris Hosted Page where they can fill in their financial information and make the payment. The customer will then be redirect back to your Drupal successful transaction page.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a Payment Module for Credit Card Processing through Admeris Payment Systems. The module depends on only the key modules of Ubercart :-
- Payment
- Conditional Actions
- Order
- Token

To use the payment module to process transactions in your store, you will need an account with Admeris Payment Systems. You can obtain a free Development Environment account with Admeris by going to http://www.admeris.com. Some basic contact information is all that is required.

6 years 32 weeks ago

This module integrates Adobe SiteCatalyst by Omniture analytics tracking into Ubercart 1.x. The module depends on the Drupal Omniture module (drupal.org/project/omniture), and adds Ubercart-specific data to the SiteCatalyst request.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Advanced catalog add custom filer on ubercart catalog and views integration (inspired by filter on default magento shop).
Filters are fully configurable, and your catalog benefit of views, no more manual theming to get what you want.

This module is currently in development, please report issue on the Drupal page project.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Update - from now on to be found here: http://drupal.org/project/uc_adyen.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module create affiliate tracking functionality for Ubercart. Its still in early development stages, but still ready to test drive. It is continually being updated by various members of the community.

Please leave feedback, comments, suggestions here.

Module history: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/support/1586/how_are_people_doing_affilate....

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was adapted by Bojan Živanović (email: bojanz@gmail.com) @ http://vividintent.com from the original Affiliate module by jhuckabee.

Originally multiple people wanted to pool together and sponsor this module. No one followed through unfortunately so if you'd like to support continuation of this module and add features, please email bojan and then continue this increasingly important module.

This new and improved affiliate module has the following features:

Granular tracking
-User based tracking
-Role based tracking

Ability to create affiliate links:

7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF for Afghanistan

7 years 27 weeks ago

I was looking for a module which would provide a simple method to verify that a user is 21 years of age before allowing them to checkout. I couldn't find one so I decided to make my own. The module is very simple and can be easily changed.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module will automatically update the sell_price and display_price fields contained in the add_to_cart_form when attributes are adjusted. By default it also updates individual attribute price adjustments so that they remain relative to the updated price, but this can be turned off in the attribute admin settings.

Available also for d6 Ubercart, at http://drupal.org/node/296878

7 years 27 weeks ago

Here is a unobtrusive version of an ajax cart.

* Got a new block called 'Ajax Cart'
* Use standard theme functions for cart
* Without javascript, cart keeps functionality

CACHE AND Ubercart 2

Please read this issue: http://drupal.org/node/377798


Please post me your sites for examples.

Many thanks to

chellman@drupal.org who help to host this project on drupal.org .


7 years 27 weeks ago

This is lighted up version of netslaves's Ajax Cart for drupal 6.x, Ubercart 6.x-2.0, Views 6.x-2.2

- removed drag'n'drop functionality due to need of more modules
- no need of jquery_update
- made Views working after Views's ajax query (pathched js included)
- made ajax on uc_catalog_buy_it_now_form (Views catalog) working

Installations: as normal module, plus if using views 6.x-2.2 replace ajax_view.js with file included in js directory of views module.

TODO: made cart views update working through ajax.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

We at Blisstering Solutions, are glad to inform you that we have successfully developed AlertPay Integration Module for Drupal 6. It provides a way to integrate Ubercart with AlertPay.

It allows online users to buy products using the AlertPay payment gateway. This module is integrated with the Ubercart module for eCommerce solutions in Drupal

7 years 27 weeks ago

Algeria CIF File.

6 years 39 weeks ago

Allows any ubercart 2/drupal6 site to receive payments using the Alpha Deltapay
Redirection method (a product of the Greek Bank Alpha).

Implementation followed the "DeltaPAY Merchant Integration Specifications - v1.7"
but works unchanged even with the new v1.8 specifications.

Payment with installments (Doseis in Greek) is also implemented as long as the Bank
has approved that feature the vendor's account.

The module partly modeled after uc_2checkout included with ubercart 2.


* put the module in any of the following

7 years 27 weeks ago

The Alternative Price modules enables a new product feature for store admins. This feature allows products to have a 2nd price associated with a product. This 2nd price can have its value adjusted based on previous purchases. An admin can also specify custom labels to differentiate between the standard and 2nd price. Admins using views on their site can filter and display the alternative price in views.

7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF file for Andorra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:AD)
There are specified 7 regions, I have used this http://www.ezilon.com/about-andorra.htm for abbreviate names, can be modified if they are wrong!

7 years 27 weeks ago

This patch for Ubercart beta 7 makes the creation of a Drupal user account for an anonymous customer optional.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF for Aruba.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provide a store owner to use the famous SIPS/ATOS payment system. Most of French bank use this system, maybe others, don't know.... see install.txt file in the package for installation instruction and some informations about module features details


Add google analytics support and correct complete page redirect.

Supported bank :

  • Credit agricole (E-transaction)
  • Societe generale (Sogenactif)
  • Banque populaire (Cyberplus)
  • Credit agricole (E-transaction)
7 years 27 weeks ago

Attribute clone is a module that connects Ubercart's attribute system with the Drupal node_clone module.

With this module enabled, all attributes and options are copied to the new product when a product node is cloned. This can save time when setting up many similar products in a store.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows users to mark attributes on their products as price impacting. Then, they are able to go to a screen similar to the adjustments screen and enter a price for each price impacting attribute option combination.

How does this work? It is dependent on the uc_custom_price and uc_attribute_token modules. When a product's price impacting combinations are stored, the PHP code to change the price is written to the uc_custom_price module's database table directly, complete with token values. Essentially, it is a front end for these two modules working together.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module lets you attach images to Products attributes so you get a thumbnail preview of the 'Colour' (for example) which the view can click on and it should switch the larger image on the Product Details page.

To add images you first have to get them into the files table somehow. I was using the basic Images module to do mass imports of images. Then 'Edit' a product, you should see a new tab ('Attribute Images' I think it was) which will give you a select list of all the images in the files table from for each attribute.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a patch to the uc_attribute module that allows price adjustment using multiplication and division along with the current addition and subtraction. For example, you can specify an option that, when selected, will double (or half) the item's price.

There are two main issues with this initial version:
1. Some of the form layouts aren't very nice
2. This will not work well if multiple attributes are added to a product.

To use this, just use your favorite patch tool to apply the patch to the uc_attribute module, run the update script, and you're ready to go!

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module will add product attributes as uc_cart_item tokens to be used elsewhere. As of initial upload the only code to use these tokens is the contributed Custom Price Calculation module. The combo of these two modules allows an admin to set up custom code to set item properties such as price based on attributes.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I've written a Views integration for uc_attributes (it also requires uc_stock). Primary features include:

  • Field to show all options for a given attribute
  • Field to show all possible attribute option combinations
  • Field to show only those attribute option combinations that are in stock (aka above the threshold)
  • Filter on the availability of one or more options for a specific attribute (including only those options that are in stock).
7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF for Austria.

7 years 5 weeks ago

Created this module for a client of ours as they were using the Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM) module and I couldn't find any module for it among Ãœbercart's contribs.
For Cerulean Software Company, a Manila based web development company.

Anyway, from the site:


7 years 27 weeks ago

Authorize.net Advanced (CIM) Gateway

UPDATE: This module is not currently compatible with Ubercart 1.6. It has been well tested and is compatible with Ubercart 1.4.

This module enables advanced functionality for the Authorize.net payment gateway,
based on their Customer Information Manager (CIM) system. With it you can store
your customer's credit card information on Authorize.net's servers. This makes
several important features possible, without exposing a store owner to the
security risk of storing credit #'s in their database.

You'll like this module if you want to:

7 years 27 weeks ago

Uses JavaScript to click the Calculate Shipping button at checkout when the page loads. Mostly useful for shops that don't need to know the delivery address to calculate shipping.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Automatic SKU's using token module. Settings can be adjusted for each product class. You have the option to hide the sku field or to fill it in automatically if left empty.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is code I used to automatically populate an attribute.

This site uses UC Node Checkout. On the UC Node Checkout node view, I have a block showing related products. I needed the UC Node Checkout title (in this case, an event registrant's name) to be linked to the product (an event T-shirt).

I created an attribute called "Owner" and used this code to add the registrant's name to this attribute.

function module_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
if ($form_id == 'uc_product_add_to_cart_form_2' || $form_id == 'uc_product_add_to_cart_form_3') {

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

update 14/01/2008 : add correction for ubercart beta 1. just a new .po file.

This is the french translation of total Drupal Core and additionnal modules:
uc_atos, uc_attribute, uc_cart, uc_catalog, uc_catalog_grid, uc_credit, uc_file_product, uc_flatrate, uc_googleanalytics, uc_inventory, uc_manufacturer, uc_notify, uc_order, uc_payment, uc_paypal, uc_product, uc_product_kit, uc_quote, uc_reports, uc_shipping, uc_stock_levels, uc_store, uc_taxes, uc_taxes_price, uc_totalsum, uc_weightquote.

Thx to Ubercart and Drupal !

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ãœbercart Sponsorship let your customers invite friends to become member of your store, allowing them to get a discount.

The module is hosted on http://drupal.org/project/uc_sponsorship download will available in a few hours. I still have some work to do. So please be carefull! DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTION SITE.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

Bahrain CIF Version 2

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds a simple bank deposit payment method, so that customers may choose to deposit funds into a bank account you nominate.

The store administrator(s) can define the bank account details. If this payment method is selected in the checkout then the account details will be shown to the user in the checkout and order review pages.

It also creates a token called [bank-deposit-account] that will be replaced with the account details (useful for invoices).

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds a simple bank deposit payment method, so that customers may choose to deposit funds into a bank account you nominate.

The store administrator(s) can define the bank account details. If this payment method is selected in the checkout then the account details will be shown to the user in the checkout and order review pages.

It also creates a token called [bank-deposit-account] that will be replaced with the account details (useful for invoices). I use this code in the customer invoice:

This is a direct upgrade of the original bank deposit module by e-geek

7 years 27 weeks ago

Bank Transfer payment module lets you store your store's IBAN code and expose it into the checkout form.

Users chosing Bank Transfer will order in pending state. Then when you get the transfer, you have ability to flag order as payed then continue the shopping process.

It's a starting point from payment packs. Really it's a fork of check payment.

It italian we use to call it «Bonifico Bancario» Eye-wink

Update: Ok there isn't any need to make a fork. While I was doing this, it was already released...

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provide a store owner to use the cyberpaiement payment system. This system is mostly used by Banque Populaire. See install.txt file in the package for installation instruction.

I developped this module Banque Populaire (CyberP@iement) on MacOsX, so all people that have other package to test it, are invited to post their reports here.

To test this module, you need to follow your bank instruction: http://www.cyberpaiement.tm.fr/

Fabrice Sommavilla

7 years 27 weeks ago



if (module_exists('uc_cart')) {
  $node->content['add_to_cart'] = array('#value' => theme('uc_product_add_to_cart', $node, $teaser, $page),
    '#access' => $enabled['add_to_cart'],
    '#weight' => $weight['add_to_cart'],


if (module_exists('uc_cart')) {
$stock_level = db_result(db_query("SELECT stock FROM {uc_product_stock} WHERE nid = $node->nid"));
if ((integer)$stock_level > 0) {

7 years 27 weeks ago

A really basic report that lists all the products in the store with the following columns.
ID | Title | Price | Quantity | Total | Number of Times Purchased
Quantity refers to the total number of times it has been ordered.
Number of times purchased refers to the number of orders with the product in it (popularity).
Clicking on a product shows a list of all the customers who have purchased the product. Useful for events and such.
Work in progress, just wanted to post ASAP.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I put together a payment gateway for beanstream.com which is used by TD bank here in Canada.
Thanks to the orig authorize.net code (from which several parts have been commented out) and some help from Ryan and Aswalla...thanks guys...

I will be submitting some documentation on the process in the near future.

Ubercart rocks rolls n rules! Its uberlicious!

7 years 27 weeks ago

It is a fix for Belgium CIF. The streets infos are fixed, it was street instead of street1, street2

uc_set_address_format(56, "!company\n!first_name !last_name\n!street1\n!street2\n!postal_code !city\n!country_name_if");

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

Country code, parish and address formats for Bermuda.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was developed as one of the credit card payment gateway to the Bank of New Zealand. This module will only work, if you install all the required application from the BNZ in your server.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds the payment method "bonifico bancario anticipato" for italian users. "Bonifico bancario anticipato" is the money transfer between two bank account. It is derivated straight from module uc_pm_contact. A sort of adaptation e translation. Works fine for me.

Aggiunge il metodo di pagamento "bonifico bancario anticipato". E' ricavato direttamente dal modulo uc_pm_contact. In effetti è solo una traduzione. Nel campo descrizione si può aggiungere ad es. l'IBAN del conto bancario. Forse esisteva già,ma nelle mie ricerche non era stato in grado di trovarlo. A me funziona correttamente.

7 years 27 weeks ago
6 years 17 weeks ago

Based on the original Brunei Darrusalem CIF by biocomp.pat and updated by lim2me as at http://www.ubercart.org/forum/internationalization/9465/cif_brunei_darus...

Their versions did not actually install on UC 2.X. This now installs correctly and has update support for anyone running their versions. There may need to be some updates to district names but I am not 100% sure on this.

I have updated this to version 2 and haven't had any problems running it on my sites now. I understand that Drupal 7/UC 3.X already has a Brunei CIF, but Drupal 6/UC 2.x doesn't.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Initial upload for Bulgaria cif files. We do have Zones but the courier companies have their own zones so the first one is without any zones. The second one is with them if someone needs them. Also will try to make workflows based on post codes for different courier companies.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows the following bulk operations for orders - feel free to suggest others:

(1) Print multiple invoices
(2) Change order status
(3) Export delivery addresses to csv file (for labeling etc.)

To perform bulk operations, go to admin/store/orders/bulk_ops

Don't forget to set user access level.

Suggestions for improvement, and bug reports, are very welcome.

7 years 16 weeks ago

Bulk Stock Updater is a Ubercart extension module which lets you easily bulk-edit stock levels for all your products. It displays a page similar to the uc_stock module’s Stock reports page.

Once the module is enabled, ensure you assign the 'bulk update stock' permission to the appropriate user roles. You should see the following new menu: Store administration > Stock

7 years 8 weeks ago

Adds a "Buy Now" button to product node which bypasses the cart. This is an alternative to using the suggested "Cart Links" as it suports attributes and quantitity form items from "Add to cart".

7 years 27 weeks ago

Payment method through Caixa Catalunya (Spanish bank)

Tested and working in a live site.

6 years 23 weeks ago

This is a Cambodia CIF for Ubercart 1.x.

Basically, I back-ported acehart's code from the 120 Counties List. I am simply sharing this for any other people out there who haven't been able to upgrade yet.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Originally created by gregmac, this module has been updated and is now maintained by TR.

Module that interfaces with Canada Post's "SellOnline" service (http://sellonline.canadapost.ca) to obtain shipping quotes. Works for both domestic and international shipments.

Module description from gregmac:

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is Cardinal Commerce Merchant Plugin Module. http://www.cardinalcommerce.com

This is to be used with http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/10652.

Discussion on the module: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/ideas_and_suggestions/9680/3d_secure_support

7 years 27 weeks ago

Payment gateway for the UK Cardsave payment system. Currently doesn't support 3D Secure authentication.

5 years 44 weeks ago

This module was created/maintained by CardSave. It allows you to take payments on your UberCart website through the CardSave Payment Gateway. A customer will be passed to our Secure Hosted Payment Page to enter their card details and complete their transaction. This uses our "Server Redirect" method, so an SSL certificate is NOT required.

The official CardSave Redirect Integration module for UberCart is available to download now from the CardSave Website. You should visit the Cardsave Website to download the most up-to-date version of this extension.

1 year 19 weeks ago

At Cardstream, we have over 15 years of experience of working with merchants sharing the same vision to grow their business online. As a trusted Online Payment Gateway partner to thousands of merchants, you as the merchant can have peace of mind in knowing our highest level of security delivers each and every transaction to your bank account

6 years 35 weeks ago

Provides a trigger that fires after a cart has remained in a specified state for a specified number of hours.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The Ubercart team have done a superb job with the coding and for the most part have left the theming and styling up to us. One area that I thought could use a little CSS modification was the checkout review table at store/cart/checkout/review. Following is the CSS coding that I am using at my store; obviously, you can change the colors and other specifications to suit your own needs. I started out at uc_order.css but decided to move the whole thing to a separate CSS file so that I would not lose this coding when I upgrade to a new version of UC. Enjoy!

7 years 27 weeks ago
This module is now in Ubercart core, so the download has been removed. The Cart Links API is a module that enables store owners to create specially crafted links that add products to customer shopping carts and redirect customers to any page on the site. A store owner might enable this module to provide a link in an e-mail or on any node in a site that functions as a "Buy it now" link for any product on the site. There is also a reports page that lets administrators track the effectiveness of cart links by seeing how many times they've been clicked.
10 years 18 weeks ago

I searched the site and did not see this anywhere else, so I am posting here in the event it might help someone.

Essentially, by adding some text in the UC catalog.module, you can provide to customers a description of your /store/catalog page above the Catalog display itself.

1. Open uc_catalog.module in a text editor.

2. Find line 501 or thereabouts (turn off line wrapping).

3. Look for the following bit of code:

else {
$tid = 0;
$name = variable_get('uc_catalog_name', t('Catalog'));
$description = '';
8 years 43 weeks ago

This is a module that will alter the display of your catalog into a grid.

To Install: unzip the attached zip file into your modules folder.

It is easily configurable from the regular ubercart catalog settings page here...
where you can turn it on or off, set the width of the grid, and optionally display the title, sell price, and add to cart form on each product.

7 years 31 weeks ago

The purpose of this module is to be able to change metatag TITLE and H1 title in Catalog pages.

This module integrates Taxonomy Title module with Catalog module, in fact, it depends on both modules.

I'm requesting a CVS developer access on Drupal with this module, so you can download and test it from http://drupal.org/node/791900

7 years 11 weeks ago

After a lot of searching and digging in drupal.org I found out that there's currently no modules that enhance ubercart's core attributes & options functionalities in the following way:

1) establishes dependencies between attributes;
2) establishes dependencies between specified options and attributes;
3) by establishing the above dependencies, the selection/deselection of certain options in certain attributes results in the enabling/disabling of their depending attributes/options.

This module aims to provide a solution for this.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This code was written by David Blum with some help by Lyle. This changes the tab titles in a specified product type from Product, Attributes, Options, Adustments to Lesson, Prices, Types, and Advanced.

You can change them to what you want.

In a custom module, do this:

* Implementation of hook_menu_alter()
function custom_module_menu_alter(&$items) {
$items['node/%node/edit/product']['title callback'] = 'custom_module_tab_callback';
$items['node/%node/edit/product']['title arguments'] = array(1, 'product');

7 years 27 weeks ago

Charge1 payment gateway

7 years 9 weeks ago

Integration for Chase Paymentech Hosted Checkout with Ubercart.

This module was developed for a customer's site. It fully implements the hosted checkout functionality for a LINK, POST or REDI responses.

I have not added an implementation of the Relay response yet, but if someone requires that the module could be quickly updated to do so.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway is one of the few solutions available to both Canadian and US merchants. It generally has lower fees than Beanstream and Monaris.

Here is a link to the Canadian site. The module works with a "Web Payment Plug-in" account, not an "Orbital" account.

BTW, we did not build this module in-house, and have no plans to maintain it.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides the *separate* check payment method for Ubercart.
Basically the code is extracted fom uc_payment_pack module. Some minor
modifications are present though.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module's features have been rolled into core as of the 1.5 release.

The checkout enhancements module provides a few tweaks to the checkout pages that I wasn't quite ready to drop into core so late in the 1.0 development cycle. These features are up for testing and feedback, and the enhancements as they are or modified versions may find themselves part of core in the future.

Currently included enhancements

  • Removes the cancel button from the checkout form.
7 years 38 weeks ago

This small module is being developed for a site where when one purchases a membership they may choose to have their location listed in the mapping module.

Currently it is just a checkbox asking, "Would you like to be listed?"

Oh yeah, and it currently does not work as it is still in dev.

7 years 10 weeks ago

On the checkout page, a remove button is added to each item in the cart review pane.

I wanted to skip the cart page and redirect users directly to the checkout page (can be set up at admin/store/settings/cart/edit), so I needed some way to remove an item from the cart.

This is my first Übercart module and one of my first Drupal modules, so any feedback is welcome.

7 years 27 weeks ago

here is china cif file.

and my next plan is make alipay (www.alipay.com) payment.

I hope will useful for other peoples.


7 years 27 weeks ago

Country Import File for Slovak Republic

2008\11\3 UPDATE: Region format changed to ISO_3166-2:SK
(URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:SK)

7 years 12 weeks ago

All future development and issues will be done through the Drupal uc_civicrm project page. The information presented here is for historical purposes.

This module integrates Ubercart with CiviCRM.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ive put together a nice clean template for the product node, because I know a lot of newer ubercarters like myself will have a very hard time figureing it out. I originally made it for just my site but I decided to share it as my attempt to give back to the community. I built it in dreamweaver so Im not sure how "clean" the code is but it has a really nice result. And there are sections on it where you could easily add information feilds to the side and stuff. Any way here it is just copy and paste it using contemplate

7 years 27 weeks ago

That contrib lets you store customer's Italian Codice Fiscale for each placed order.

Codice Fiscale it's mandatory for transactions made by Italian e-commerce stores.

That module should be used in conjunction of uc_vat module. It extends billing pane of checkout form.


  1. extract the tarball in the ubercart's contrib directory (should be sites/all/modules/ubercart/contrib/uc_codice_fiscale)
  2. goto store settings and fill your vendor's Codice Fiscale
  3. use [store-codice-fiscale] and [order-codice-fiscale] tokens in your invoces
7 years 27 weeks ago

Colombia CIF File

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds a simple "We'll contact you" payment method, so that customers may choose to let the store contact them to confirm payment details.

The store administrator(s) can define a message that is displayed to the user in the checkout and order review pages.

It also creates a token called [pm-contact-details] that will be replaced with the message (useful for invoices).

7 years 27 weeks ago

Country import file for Costa Rica

9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF file for Perú

9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF file for United Arab Emirates

9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF file for Hungary.

7 years 23 weeks ago

Country Import File for Italy updated, thanks to Silvio Crispiatico.
05/07/2010 - D6 cif file is updated to ISTAT. The file I've used is here: http://www.istat.it/strumenti/definizioni/comuni (http://www.istat.it/strumenti/definizioni/comuni/ripartizioni_regioni_pr...)

9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF file for Turkey

9 years 6 weeks ago

Ukriane country import file

10 years 18 weeks ago

Create a node that contains the grid view you have created for your products
Now that we know how to create a grid view for our products it is useful to know how to take that view and insert it into a page. This gives you maximum flexibility in presenting and formatting the product category you wish to display.

--You will need the Viewfield module (http://drupal.org/project/viewfield).

10 years 18 weeks ago

1. Upload and activate the latest Views, View Bonus pack, CCK, and image_field modules.

2. Go to /admin/build/views/add.

3. Give your view a name, determine access, and enter a description. Click on Save and Edit at the bottom of the screen.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is without zones which I don't need for my project but I thought this is at least a start. I added question marks where information is missing. I'm also not too sure about the compatibility. Hope it's of some help, anyway.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Below is a modified version of function theme_uc_product_sell_price($price, $teaser) in uc_product.module that adds a CSS class to the sell_price div on product nodes (and maybe elsewhere?) when the price is $0 so that simple CSS can be optionally used in a theme to not display the price when it's $0, eg div.zero_price { display: none; }

10 years 18 weeks ago

CSS to customize the default Catalog display

The following code can be added to your principal CSS file and then tweaked to enhance the appearance of the default Catalog presentation that comes packaged with UC. (You can view this code live at the following URL: http://www.greystokefarm.com/store/catalog) The code below will not interfere with customizations you might have made if you are using Views and have styled grid displays for your product categories.

Begin CSS code:

7 years 27 weeks ago

The initial idea of this module was to allow custom PHP code to be associated with a product in order to adjust the price of the product. The nature of allowing an admin to enter a block of PHP code to be executed though, allows for much more elaborate and potentially dangerous operations.

Upon installation, this module will add a Custom Code field to your products. Sample uses of this code block are:

$item->price = $item->price;

This will do nothing....but it goes in by default.
$item->price refers to the price before attribute adjustments.

7 years 27 weeks ago


Product has been re-branded as PlanetAuthorize.Net. PlanetAuthorizeâ„¢ Payment Gateway payment module is available for UberCart.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to use the Cybermut payment method on your Ubercart online shop.
Cybermut is a French system used for Credit Mutuel, CIC and OBC French banks.
It is based on the docs and example scripts you can find here :
http://www.cmcicpaiement.fr/fr/installation/telechargements/index.html (most are in French)

Update: A new version has been uploaded, the tests made on it were OK. Please try it if you can and tell us if there is any issue.
Update: French language added

10 years 6 days ago

This is the initial upload of the CyberSource module. It includes integration of the Silent Order POST method, which requires you to do a couple things in your account.

In Tools & Settings, there is a Hosted Order Page section. You need to go the security section and download the security script it offers for PHP. You'll place this in your uc_cybersource directory. The file contains a function that conflicts with a Drupal function. I'll probably make a script to fix this, but for now just open the file and do a find/replace to change all instances of L( to csL(.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Modified (to work with Ubercart 2.x) file from the uploaded by sphism for Ubercart 1.x.
Necessary to have the full set of the European Union countries.

8 years 16 weeks ago


7 years 30 weeks ago

Add czech ICO and DIC numbers on checkout pane.

9 years 12 weeks ago

Ãœbercart 1.4 Czech Translation

Czech Translators Group at http://l10n.privnet.biz/node/10

100% translation, but work is still in progress
100% překlad, ale na překladu se stále pracuje

wojtha - 2023 translations
klauz - 495 translations
pepe - 450 translations
zahraj - 323 translations
ondrach - 206 translations
apoage - 121 translations
mysak - 45 translations
boreg - 23 translations
vlcakm - 20 translations

7 years 9 weeks ago

As discussed on Abiility to have decimal quantities this module alters the necessary forms to order certain product types with a decimal quantity. An example of this would be to purchase 4.3 metres of fabric.

Currently it is only set up to handle one unit of conversion, being metres, however it can be improved to handle any other unit of measurement. All it does is multiply out the decimals to store in the database and then divide back in to decimals for display to the user.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Add on checkout pane a delivery timeslot selection for your customer.

This module is currently in development, please report issue on the Drupal page project.

There is an other module visit time that could fit to your needs if your looking for a simple delivery date.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

The development of this module was kindly sponsored by Duplika.

This module implements an Ubercart payment method for the Latin American DineroMail payment gateway.

7 years 26 weeks ago

Direct Debit is a payment method where a customer allows the site manager to withdraw money from their back account.

Direct Debit manage the required fields to the order for later retrieval.

For automated processing of Direct Debit which is country specific in what data is necessary and how to present your bank with this data you probably need a bank/country specific module too.

The Dutch "Automatische Incasso" is managed by clieop to interface with some dutch bank upload interfaces.

7 years 9 weeks ago

This type of payment may also be referred to as a Bank Transfer but this module is specifically designed for Australian Direct Deposits. Features admin fields for store owner's account name, BSB, account number and bank name.

5 years 3 weeks ago

Sometimes you want to list products in the catalog but you don't want people to buy them. This module lets you disable the price and/or "add to cart" on a per product basis. Works in the UI the same as the shippable product checkbox.
Test on a development site first.

9 years 8 weeks ago

A version of this module has been moved to drupal.org for further development. See this comment for more info.

This allows you to define discounts to be applied during checkout. Conditions and actions are supplied by submodules. The following conditions and actions are defined: order_total:
  • condition: compare the total price to a specified amount
  • action: discount the total price by a specified amount or percentage
7 years 27 weeks ago

Think that you have diffent grouping over your products. Like products grouped by poduct types and products group by producers. But you have just one catalog block that displays all the categories within one block.

Here is just an example of having two group in one catalog.

- products
  - product category 1
    - product 1
    - product 1
  - product category 2
   - product 1
   - product 1
  - producer category 1
    - product 1
    - product 1
  - producer category 2
    - product 1
    - product 1
9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF for Dominican Republic.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The donation module adds a pane to the checkout that allows an amount to be added to the total of the customer's choosing. It also adds a line item.

This module isn't very complicated, and I hope to add some extra functions down the line. I'd definitely like to add a report that calculates how much has been donated.

Hope someone else finds this useful,

Now updated for alpha 8.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows the creation of donation products and creates a shipping type of 'donation'.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Payment processor for DPS / Payment Express. Covers both PXAccess (DPS-hosted) and PXPost (merchant-hosted) transaction processors.

Available from http://drupal.org/project/uc_paymentexpress

7 years 27 weeks ago

A Module for the DPS Payment Express hosted payments page gateway. PxAccess for short.


-Added GNU license file

4 years 44 weeks ago

First Data GGe4 payment gateway can be integrated with the Ubercart core credit card system by setting the default gateway to Firstdata Global Gateway e4. Secured Hosted web paymnent form designed to accept eCommerce transactions The module collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to Firstdata in a secured way. Supports Authorize and capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature, refund amount.


Accepts credit card payments and process through First data gateway.

3 years 47 weeks ago

Drupal PayPal Payments Advanced Module for Drupal e-Commerce works by embedding an iframe in your checkout process. This gives you the advantage of on on-siteintegrated seamless checkout without worrying about PCI compliance. PayPal handles that with the hosted pages behind the iframe. So you don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate.


  1. User stay on site for the entire checkout process.
4 years 43 weeks ago

PayPal WPP Hosted Solution is a Drupal Ubercart Payment module that will integrate the PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted service with the Drupal Ubercart. The module works by embedding the iframe in your checkout process.


Supports Major Credit and Debit Cards.
Accepts Credit Card payments and process payments in a PayPal page embedded in an iframe.
Supports PayPal Express Checkout for PayPal Account holders from your website
Users stay on-site for the entire checkout process.
Can Send Shipping and Tax information to PayPal.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The EBS Payment Gateway module implements the EBS payment processing service (www.ebs.in) in Ubercart. This will come as a boon to Ubercart users in India looking to use an Indian payment processing service. It's been tested and is in use on a production site.

The module development was handled by the core Ubercart team back when Ryan was employed with Prima Supply. They did a fantastic job with the module.

To use this module, do the following:

  1. Get a merchant account from EBS
7 years 21 weeks ago

ECO (Extra Customization Options for Ubercart) provides additional ("extra") options to customize Ubercart.

Some of the functionality provided also includes a degree of integration with other contributed modules like Legal, Webform, and Ubercart Discount Coupons. Among the customization options are using URL parameters to auto-apply coupons in checkout, requiring new customers to choose a password, and integration with the Webform module to pre-populate address fields in checkout.


6 years 32 weeks ago

The module provide auto calculating a delivery price with Econt shipping services.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Not sure if this is the proper place, but here is a version of edi with the following added functionality:
- available tokens in the product export specifications will now include:
-- order tokens
-- attribute tokens (attribute names will have spaces replaced by underscores (_)

- when exporting the file, the file will also be copied to [export_dir]/[export_prefix]-static.[export_extension]
-- ie - edi/export-static.csv
-- if the file exists, it will be overridden
-- this allows for outside services (like Zoho Reports) to have a fixed file name to retrieve updates from.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides some simple EDI order import and export functionality. This is useful for stores working with fulfillment houses where orders are passed back and forth in some predetermined format for shipping. The current module assumes some sort of FTP based system and will handle automatic archiving of import files automatically.

3 years 43 weeks ago

This module allows to accept payments from customers who have registered with the largest worldwide online payment system - EgoPay. Any EgoPay merchant can receive online payments using this payment module.


Instant transactions:
Payments to others are instant; there is no waiting for clearing of funds.

Instant notifications:
EgoPay sends instant callbacks in-order to notify your e-shop when a transaction has been approved, held or canceled.

Safe Online environment:
The EgoPay website is built to protect funds.


7 years 27 weeks ago

All 27 governorates in arabic with their 2 or 3 letter iso code (in latin script). as accurate as i can make out after researching on the net.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart is the leading online-shop solution based on Drupal. And eKomi is a web service providing warranted customer feedback to the public together with a widget which displays that feedback on the shop's website.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Currently a very very simple module to give email validation to attributes who have names containing the word "email". Could be modified to offer any other type of validation.

Done to scratch a itch, but may be useful for other people.

Normal use at your own risk, no warranty etc stuff applies.

3 years 34 weeks ago

payment gateway Ematters (Australia) and ubercart

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module encrypts PDF file download products.

This is more of a proof of concept than a fully-fledged module, but it does work and is live on my own Ubercart site.

When enabled, this module intercepts the download of any file product with a '.pdf' extension and substitutes an encrypted version.

The encryption is set as follows:

1) All PDF restrictions are enabled (i.e. no printing, changing, copying, commenting etc.)
2) Title metadata is set to the Description field of the file
3) Author metadata is set to the name of your Drupal site

7 years 27 weeks ago

i just documented the entire process of getting paypal payflow module working , right from making payflow gateway and getting all the things done to complete the order. Since it contains various screenshots , i have documented it in word format and attaching it.

7 years 27 weeks ago


I've been upgrading this module a bit because I needed to add a few new fields to the grid. So

please take a look and let me know what you think...this is what I added:

allows you to display in the catalog grid, cck fields from the product type.
it adds in the catalog configuration checkboxes for each product cck fields, so you can choose what to display in the grid and what not.

Also the fields are sorted as such:

1 - link + product name
2 - product image
3 - cck fields ordered according the field weight
4 - add to cart button.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a payment gateway module for eProcessingNetwork's Transparent
Database Engine (TDBE) API. It has experimental support for the development
uc_recurring-6.x-2.x API for recurring payments, using the ability to
store credit card details at eProcessingNetwork and then make charges with
the returned transaction ID and no credit card #.

It is recommended to use the latest version of Ubercart 6.x with this


a) Install and enable the module in the normal way for Drupal.

b) Visit your Ubercart Store Administration page, Configuration

7 years 6 weeks ago

Update - File taken down for revision. Update will be available soon.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Modified (to work with Ubercart 2.x) file from the uploaded by sphism for Ubercart 1.x.
Necessary to have the full set of the European Union countries.

8 years 16 weeks ago


7 years 27 weeks ago

Ethiopia CIF

Tested on D6

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart integration with the Australia payment gateway: eWay (http://www.eway.com.au)

10 years 18 weeks ago

Thanks to this module, you can create expirable products. A new 'expiry' tab appears when you edit a product (eg: node/15/edit/expiry) and you can enter several expiry periods for a product (eg: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months...).

You can define too a reminder (triggered before product expiry) and a different price for each period.

Then, when a user view the product, there is a select box displayed in order to choose the period to purchase. The price associated to this period replaces the default product price in the cart view.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This little module add extra columns to some Tapir tables defined in ubercart.

List of columns added

In uc_cart_view_table :

  • Unit price

In uc_product_table :

  • Weight
  • Directly add to cart
    (If a product have options, it show the dropdown menu to directly add item to cart without entering in the product node

These modifications are made by using the Ubercart way. It's pretty easy to add more informations and it don't hack the core.

6 years 46 weeks ago

This module has been developed and tested with Ubercart 2.0.

Once enabled an administrator can define additional fields for billing and delivery addresses. Two additional panes will be available during checkout and order handling pages, with these extra fields.
With this module an administrator has a flexible way to define on the fly one or more field throught a simple interface located at admin/store/settings/checkout edit/extrafields. These fields will appear to customers during the checkout process and will be saved at end of this process on a separate database table for later use.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Fedex Module ,

Should be working for most cases.

As warned here at http://www.ubercart.org/comment/1873/, the Estimated shipping quote in the /cart doesnt work, because fedex also requires the city name for sending the quotes back.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Shipping quote module that interfaces with the FedEx Web Services API to get rates for package shipments. Replaces the previous FedEx contribution, which was based on an older, deprecated FedEx API.

This module requires PHP 5 built with the SOAP extension enabled (--enable-soap).

Detailed information about requirements, limitations, installation, troubleshooting, etc. are included in the README.txt.

Bug Fixes / Features added in version 0.3:

  1. Fixed minor error in parsing ACCOUNT rates
  2. Verified module works with Ubercart Beta 1
7 years 27 weeks ago

Sponsor: end user
Developer: Sundays Energy

This module allows you to control the visibility of each ubercart field based on a user role. For example you could hide the "add to cart" button and sell price but display the list price for anonymous users. Access to the fields is controlled in the usual /admin/user/access area.

7 years 35 weeks ago

This module interfaces with the awesome uc_file modules (File Downloads in core) to allow users who have previously purchased a File Download product to access new additions.

9 years 47 weeks ago

BEWARE! This Contrib is being abandoned for the uc_file.module (now in latest Bazaar / core).
The functionality of this module is included, and improved upon, in the new Core module.

Admin note: This contribution was created by CpILL of Taylor Square Designs. Maintenance has been taken over by torgosPizza until digital products are worked into core.

7 years 27 weeks ago

While it's possible to give a specific attribute option combination an alternate SKU, you can not give it a fixed price. This module makes it possible to give each attribute option combination a fixed price. This can be done in the 'Adjustments' tab when editing a product.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module adds support for calculating Florida Discretionary Surtax in Ubercart. Florida Discretionary Surtax is added to the standard Florida state tax (currently 6%) and limited the the first $5000 of the order. The Florida Discretionary Surtax amount is calculated by determining the delivery county for the order and adding that counties surtax amount to the normal state tax.

7 years 4 weeks ago

Creates a new block type called "Ubercart Footer" that displays the "Powered by Ubercart" style message in place of the built-in footer message. This gives you more flexibility over where the message will appear.

7 years 4 weeks ago

With this module, all products that have an associated file download feature will display a 'Download now' link for products that do not cost anything. This means that the user doesn't have to first add the product to their cart and then checkout.

It also includes a price formatter that shows the price as 'FREE' instead of '0.00' if enabled.

4 years 42 weeks ago

This module provides integration with RecommenderGhost (http://www.recommenderghost.com).

RecommenderGhost is a free, hosted personalized recommendation engine that makes integration into websites as simple as integrating Google Analytics. There is no need to setup, run and maintain a Java based server - all complex computations are done on the infrastructure of RecommenderGhost. While tools for recommendations running on your own server are great, they lack the sophistication and ease of use of hosted recommendation system providers like RecommenderGhost.

7 years 27 weeks ago
This module works in conjunction with the payment checkout pane using the order total preview to present a "Free order" payment method to customers when their order total drops to $0.00 or less. By default, this method will be hidden, and server side verification of an order total will be used to prevent customers from gaming the system.
9 years 44 weeks ago

Integrates FreightQuote.com's stupid, stupid XML API to quote and ship freight items. I'm not planning on publishing this, so most people shouldn't ever see it. It's just here so I have a place to get to it from home.

9 years 10 weeks ago

French translation. Feel free to use it !

8 years 28 weeks ago

This is a G2S payment module for Ubercart, the open source e-commerce package provider for Drupal. Gate2Shop is a complete ecommerce solution provider for software vendors. Most Credit Cards are accepted and alternative payment methods are available. All features of Ubercart are fully supported. Integration is easy and streamlined and competent tech support is available. Gate2Shop is ideal for all software vendors and digital service providers. You create the software, G2S will help sell it!


9 years 48 weeks ago

This module create price-list file for downloading.

This file contains all your active products with properties:
- Model
- Name
- Manufacturer
- Price
- Link to a page with detail information

The format of the file - is a zipped csv. Optimized for large amount of produts and reading in Excel.

Admin can specify the charset of csv file and generate th price-list here

There is a translation to Russian language.

8 years 21 weeks ago

No zones

10 years 18 weeks ago

an unabashed rip-off of the taxes module, the geoshipping module lets you specify postage rates based on the geographical location of the customer. postage rates are applied at the "review order" stage.

an amount can also be set per rule so that orders totaling more than that amount will be shipped for free.

eventually, it's planned to rip off the per-product functionality from the taxes module and include it in the geoshipping module, too.

this is my first contrib and my first module, so all feedback is welcome, but be gentle. Smiling

8 years 39 weeks ago
8 years 21 weeks ago
8 years 24 weeks ago


We are posting this now for people who want to help out with testing and provide feedback. We will be cleaning up the code and making some changes over the next few days.

Written by TaRA Consulting Services. As well, Erik (torgosPizza) provided invaluable input and suggestions.

8 years 6 weeks ago

The module lets you make an order as a gift for someone. In the checkout process the user will be asked to provide optional "Gift Information". This includes the name of who the gift is for, their email, and a personalized message.

It's pretty basic, and based on the lead tracker module by Ryan. All the module currently does is put the gift info into a mysql table called uc_gift, with the order_id.

7 years 22 weeks ago

D6 version is based on zmoves port.

Module to add a pane for agreeing terms and conditions using a checkbox.
There is a HTML popup provided to display terms and conditions, to make sure client stays in checkout.

This module will be/is replaced by http://drupal.org/project/uc_tc.
http://drupal.org/project/uc_termsofservice is worth a look too, should be merged with uc_tc imho.
There will be no D7 release.



8 years 16 weeks ago

I've pried apart the uc_googleanalytics module and swapped its code for Google Adwords, adding a config page and a bunch of variables. Instead of Analytics code, it now adds Conversion Tracking Code to the footer of the Order Complete page, based on the variables set on the settings page.

Then I sewed it back together again, and await the lightning.

10 years 3 weeks ago

This module create a very basic Google Base RSS feed that can be used to upload the products in your Ubercart store to Google Base via the bulk upload feature.

This is not an integration with the Google Base API. This module create a path to an RSS feed at yourdomain.com/products/google_base.xml which you can download and then upload to Google Base via their bulk upload function.

The module allows you to define the title, description, and link used in the header of the feed via admin/store/settings/google_base.

You can download the file using the following command:

8 years 25 weeks ago

Allows you to create an RSS feed for Google Base,(http://www.google.com/base/), aka: http://shopping.google.com aka http://www.froogle.com.

Install this module, in google base, you can point it's RSS feed to http://www.YourSiteHere.com/products/google_base.xml

This will post the sell price, weight, and give a direct link to the individual item, instead of just your domain.

Based initially on this thread: http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/1975
Suggest using poor mans cron, for ease of use: http://drupal.org/project/poormanscron

10 years 4 days ago


My first contribution! Not by me specifically however but by my developers. I will learn to program soon! Anyway this is a google base exporter (was csv but realized google doesnt take it so its pipe | delimited).

Anyway I would love for you guys to bug test it, as well as make some feature requests.

Google Base is probably one of the best marketing tools out there and a must for any successful e-commerce store. Enjoy!



10 years 1 week ago


I didn't make this module (CPiLL?) i forgot who made this but it was in a forum. Anyway, level 1 integration is working with this and I dont know why its not postd up here for everyone. I think level 2 isnt working (however the option is there).

Cheers ya'llg

EDIT: I tried to not put a link under "sponsored url" but it made me. So whoever made the module, message me and I will replace the SPonsored by information with their name. Or better yet, we'll just have ryan make you the contributer person (thx ry!)

9 years 47 weeks ago


This module is abandoned: Support for granting roles will be covered in the 1.0-alpha8 release by the new uc_roles module.


This module permits to grant a role to a user on product purchase. A new 'role' tab appears when you edit a product (eg: node/15/edit/role) and you can enter the role to grant on purchase.

7 years 44 weeks ago

module for eurobank's proxypay3 (redirection) system
this module is working for some time in one of my sites.
I 'd say it's complete, but one site is not enough Smiling

waiting for comments

Demo for 1.x version can be found in http://kouzina.com.gr

2.x version was ported with help from Charis ( www.1024.gr )

9 years 6 weeks ago


7 years 27 weeks ago

I know there is a VAT module which probably does the same job as this, but GST seems a lot more simple then VAT, so I thought I'd just put together a simple module for it. All this module does is allow you to put in your percentage of GST, then on the review order and order it shows how much GST was included in the order. That way you just include the GST in the price of the product, and this will show the customer how much GST was included in the price. It also calculates the GST on the shipping.

6 years 14 weeks ago

Adds support for Guatemala to Ubercart.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a country support file for Guernsey, which has it's own ISO-3166-1 code - as described at http://www.ubercart.org/forum/internationalization/14691/support_guernsey.

6 years 14 weeks ago

This is a port of the previously posted CIF to Ubercart 1.x.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This code snippet is a views field template that moves the product price information into the buyitnowbutton form code, so the button displays looks like "Add to Cart - $29.95". The string [PRICE], if it appears in the Add to Cart button text (set on admin/store/settings/products/edit/general), is replaced by the price string.

3 years 40 weeks ago

If your e-mailed invoice order number looks like the following:

Order #: 51

Now, you want to change it to something like:


This is what you should do.

Installed the uc_register_invoice module. Follow the instruction as given for that module. Make a copy of the uc_order_customer.tpl that is inside the core Ubercart module/uc_order/templates. Rename the file as per instruction, and place the copy of that file inside your theme folder. Now, open the file. Look for the following line that is around #170:

print $order_link;
7 years 27 weeks ago

I'd like to add some documentation for an under-documented contrib module but am not sure where.. So here is a first stab Smiling

Installing and using the Ubercart contributed UC Sell CCK Fields Access module is easy with a little guidance.

  1. Download, install, and enable the module under Ubercart Extra - UC Sell CCK Fields Access
  2. Create your cck "product" nodes as usual (Ubercart > Manage Classes)
  3. Append any cck fields to which you wish to sell access (under the usual CCK content Manage Fields)
7 years 27 weeks ago

Had some inspiration today in the morning how to get all user (admin) committed variables translated. Some are not really useful to localize, but better all than none, right?

How is it working?

As described here and here Variables are localized,atm all Ubercart related I found.
The difference is that you don't need to copy this code any more into settings.php, but it is initialized through hook_init()

8 years 43 weeks ago

Simple module that synchronizes UberCart products' data amongst translations.

7 years 27 weeks ago

No zones

5 years 11 weeks ago

ICEPAY Übercart 2 Online Payment Plugin/Add-on is compatible with Drupal 6.0-6.20 Ubercart 2.0-2.4

Make payments in your Ubercart webshop possible. Download the special Ubercart webshop module here, and you will be able to offer the most frequently used national and international online payment methods including iDeal, Giropay, sofortbanking, text/sms payments, phone payments, Creditcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Maestro International, JCB, Laser, Carte Bleue, Dankort, CartaSi and Debit cards.

5 years 11 weeks ago

ICEPAY Übercart 3 Online Payment Plugin/Add-on is compatible with Drupal 7.x and Ubercart 3.x

Make payments in your Ubercart webshop possible. Download the special Ubercart webshop module here, and you will be able to offer the most frequently used national and international online payment methods including iDeal, Giropay, sofortbanking, text/sms payments, phone payments, Creditcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Maestro International, JCB, Laser, Carte Bleue, Dankort, CartaSi and Debit cards.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides payment methods for iDEAL online banking for Ubercart based projects.
iDEAL is a Dutch initiative.
Supporting banks:

  • Rabobank
  • Postbank/ING

  • Fortis
  • SNS Bank

More info on iDeal:
iDEAL site

The project is NOT hosted on Ubercart.org. Its on Drupal.org.


7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a basic API that I use for importing nodes.

It reads CSV files then delegates node loading and updating to other modules. There is a sample file for testing. There is no functionality to change delimiters and separators from the default as I use Open Office to format and check my files before I import them.

This module is only suitable for developers at this stage.

See the README file for more detail.

Git Repo:

7 years 27 weeks ago

Hi there,

The module is not tested with release of Ubercart after the beta 1.5 I wait at least for the 1.0 release or the first D6 compatible to make update of my store and the coupon module

As promised, there is an improved version of the original coupon module.

Not compatible with the old one, please, desinstall the old one and install this one

One you have installed the module, find the settings page under the Customers section of the Store administration menu.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a module to give an "in-store shipping" option. It is written from scratch (more or less) and allows to specify a shipping fee based on a % markup or based on a flat-fee (or simply $0). Also has a "turn around time" option.

Note: I have only tested this with Alpha 7e, please provide feedback about the workflow-ng integration if you try it.

0.2 (2007-11-01):
* Fix bug: http://ubercart.org/forum/bug_reports/1596/store_pickup_warning
+ Now using "Note" field for turnaround time

10 years 2 weeks ago

***This Modules has been abandoned***
Use this in-store pickup modules instead:

This is a copy of the uc_flatrate module. I needed for my store a shipping method for people who'd pick up products ordered online directly from the store. It's a bit of a hack and I assume eventually ubercart's shipping method's will be more flexible. But for now it meets my needs and I hope some of you as well.

BTW, if you want to change the text that's displayed to customers as they checkout, search the uc_pickup.module code for "change name here".

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart country localization file for checkout.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The Initial Fee module enables Ubercart to charge a fee based on a user role. This is good for sites that need to charge a fee to a customer that isn't part of a certain group (e.g. first time customers, non subscribers, etc). After enabling the module, the store admin can assign the fee product at admin/store/settings/initial_fee. When a customer checks out, if the customer does not have the the role and product, it is added.

6 years 11 weeks ago

Developed for Recon Instruments (http://reconinstruments.com) for Integration with their fulfillment house: Integrated Fulfillment (http://www.integratedfulfillment.com/)
by Sarah of Tidal Interactive, a Vancouver based web development company.

Integrated Fulfillment uses standard SOAP protocol to post the parameters to their service.

Installation Instructions:

1 - Unpack the module in the modules directory.
2 - Enable module.
3 - Create your triggers (http:///admin/store/ca) and use "Send an order via XML to IF" as your action.**

7 years 22 weeks ago

I paid a bounty to have this module developed using the Authorize.net module as a base. I ended up not using it because the developer did not finish the pre-authorize flag. If you need pre-authorized payments, you'll need to finish it off. If you use this module, I'd appreciate a contribution to help offset my costs.

Use the module at your own risk. No warranties offered or implied.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is an Internet Secure ubercart payment module. Internet Secure offers a number of payment methods and features, including automatic recurring payment (ARP), XML integration, Authorize.net emulation and export scripts. This module is very basic and only uses Internet Secure's simple Merchant Link method, which transfers a list of products to the internetsecure site for collection of credit card info and payment.
The module allows for seperate merchant IDs for US and Canadian funds based on the billing address country. The language file

9 years 48 weeks ago

This is an Inventory API, which hooks into Ubercart and provide a User Interface for inventory management while protect 'Inventor Manager' (business logic) which can be ether 3rd party or other Drupal modules, from changes in the UC code base. Included is a fully functional example IInventor Manager I've called 'Simple Stock Levels' which does basic stock level tracking.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows uc_stock to act as an inventory manager for Inventory API. This allows the prevention of people to add a product to the cart when it is out of stock.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module is addition to Inventory API and let you know how much items presents on you warehouse.

7 years 27 weeks ago

italian translation of inventory contrib module

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module enables Ubercart stores to encourage existing users to invite other people. To do this this module grants a discount coupon to inviter each time invitee make a purchase.

6 years 30 weeks ago

This snippet allows to send multiple email at once using the form at admin/store/orders/%invoice/invoice/mail by separating the mail with ",".

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module uses a visitor's IP address to identify the geographical location (country) of the user. The module makes this determination and stores the result as an ISO 3166 country code in the Drupal $user object, but otherwise has no effect on the operation of your site. The intent is simply to provide the information for use by other modules. Anonymous users are not identified by country.

A README.txt is included, containing detailed installation instructions and a discussion of what the module does and how it does it. Please consult the README.txt before posting questions/problems.

7 years 27 weeks ago
9 years 6 weeks ago

CIF for Israel.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a code snippet to use in order to add an Israeli ID text box to the ubercart checkout form. Also verifies the number is legitimate.
include this code snippet in your custom module, and change the hook naming accordingly.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I've attached an archive of all .po files of ubercart package.
The phrase "Receiving Quotes" appearing on checkout screen is placed into this js fie:
you have to translate by hand and reupload the file shipping/uc_quote/uc_quote.js on your website.
Please consider uc_paypal.zip for paypal module (i've changed some strings)

there are still some mistakes into this translation..
as soon as possible i'll upload a new translation updated to alpha8

7 years 35 weeks ago

Use this module to process credit card payments in Übercart using the iTransact payment gateway. The module supports the following Übercart transaction types:

  • Authorization only
  • Authorize and capture immediately
  • Prior authorization capture*
  • Void authorization*

* Access this functionality through the Übercart credit terminal.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module fills a void in Ubercart, since it depends on javascript, that there is no notification of any kind that javascript is required. If the user does not have javascript enabled, they are redirected on checkout to a page with information on how to enable javascript.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a country support file for Jersey, as described at http://www.ubercart.org/forum/internationalization/14692/support_jersey.

6 years 14 weeks ago

This is a port of the previously posted CIF to Ubercart 1.x.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Country Import File for Republic of Kazakhstan

7 years 27 weeks ago

Kenya CIF.

Tested on D6

7 years 2 weeks ago

Klarna payment module gives you the opportunity to add invoice and part payment payment options to your e-store. The module works in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark , Germany and Netherlands.

7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF for Korea, Republic of.

7 years 27 weeks ago

A module for accepting payments from La Caixa (spanish bank). Some code has been used from similar ECommerce module by Robert Garrigos http://garrigos.cat

This is an initial upload, but the module has been tested and works.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is an update of La Caixa payment module from leflores http://www.ubercart.org/user/894, that works with Drupal 6.x and Ubercart 2.x

This is a module for accepting payments for La Caixa.

Some code has been used from similar ECommerce module by Robert Garrigos http://garrigos.cat

7 years 27 weeks ago

This modules defines a checkout pane that lets customers specify how they heard about your site (and so functions as a very basic lead tracker). The pane is titled Customer Service Information and is turned on by default.

This is a demo module showing people a simple way to add a checkout pane, save and load the data collected to orders, and display the collected data on the order view screen. Presentation on the order screen is very basic, and there is currently no way to modify the data in this module.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I updated Ryan's Lead Tracker to work with Ubercart 2.x


6 years 34 weeks ago

CIF file (PHP script) to include Lebanon in the Ubercart's countries.
Contains Lebanon's country code number, ISO code names (2) and the different subdivisions as per the ISO 3166-2:LB standard entry.
The address format specified is generic, as any format is acceptable in Lebanon.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Compatible with Ubercart 1.0!
Module to add a pane for agreeing terms and conditions and/or revocation rights using a checkbox. Supports file download, print view, page view and iframe view. All options can be activated/deactivated at store administration. See the attached screenshots to see how the pane looks like.

It is highly recommended to use this module in european shops.

German: Das Modul blendet auf Wunsch im Bestellprozess die AGB und das Widerrufsrecht ein, sodass diese vom Benutzer bestätigt werden müssen.


7 years 27 weeks ago

The License Keys module allows a user to sell license keys along side an Ubercart Products. The most obvious application for license keys is for software products that need a license key for registration. Store Admins can import (and export) license keys by entering a list of keys in a text area and selecting the product SKU to associate with the keys. When a customer submits an order, a set number of license keys (based on qty of product purchased) are reserved for an order. Upon completion of order the license keys are mailed out to the customer.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 31 weeks ago

Ubercart Limited Time Offer adds functionality to Ubercart to make a product available for a limited time in a variety of styles - time of expiration, time remaining, active countdown, and etc.

This module may be useful for those who want a simple, easily managed way of marketing products through their Ubercart site by offering products for a limited period of time. The module is themeable and allows for a number of customizations in general and per product class (product content type).

Little is required to use this module. Additional settings will appear when you create a product that allows you to make it a "timed product". That is, by checking the box under the Limited Time Offer settings fieldset and choosing a date, your product will automatically expire and become unavailable at the time you specified. Your product is not unpublished. It is still viewable.

7 years 1 week ago

Full Ubercart theme based on a standard Ubercart install.


7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a current working version of the Linkpoint API module that was posted on the forums awhile back.

To install this module, extract the uc_linkpoint_api.zip file to your modules/ubercart/payment folder. After, go to the modules section in drupal admin (http://www.yoursite.com/admin/build/modules) and scroll down to the "Ubercart - Payment" modules section. Enable "Linkpoint API".

7 years 26 weeks ago

Linkshare Pixel integrates the image tag required by Linkshare into your Checkout page. It automatically builds the url for the image made up of the products in your cart and all of the needed meta data. Simply install the module, configure your Merchant ID that was provided by Linkshare, configure the Linkshare Pixel block on the pages you want it to load (most likely cart/checkout/complete), and you're all set.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Lietuvos rajonai
Lithuania districts

6 years 18 weeks ago

This module is not exactly dependend on Ubercart installation, but still is very closed.
Because good working customer's support can increase your eshop conversions and sales up to 20%!

It is great tool for every website owner, that needs online support (Live chat + Help Desk) for his customers.
You need to have valid account at Live Agentor you can create trial account for free.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module adds first name, last name and organization fields to each user
location. If this module is installed, the uc_location module will use these fields for billing & delivery first name, last name and company checkout / order fields.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Modified (to work with Ubercart 2.x) file from the uploaded by sphism for Ubercart 1.x.
Necessary to have the full set of the European Union countries.

7 years 27 weeks ago


7 years 27 weeks ago

No zones

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module integrates UberCart with the Mailchimp API's ECommerce 360 feature for tracking store statistics for email campaigns sent via MailChimp.


  • Sends order info to MailChimp for campaign tracking
  • debugging and logging options
  • Options for Cookie storage length
  • Adds tokens to the MailChimp Module to get first and last name from UC orders


7 years 27 weeks ago


I've seen a few posts in which people have requested that a teaser be made viewable in the catalog. While I'm pretty new to the Drupal/Ubercart community, AFAIK there's no way to do this with any version of Ubercart and I haven't seen anybody post any code, so I thought I post what I worked out to make teasers viewable in grid mode. It was amazingly simple! When using this code I put in

7 years 27 weeks ago

.cif file for Malawi

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

Modified (to work with Ubercart 2.x) file from the uploaded by sphism for Ubercart 1.x.
Necessary to have the full set of the European Union countries.

7 years 27 weeks ago


7 years 27 weeks ago

The manufacturer module lets you list manufacturers in a taxonomy vocabulary and assign them to products. It also adds a few manufacturer specific pages and form settings to store information you might require for your products' manufacturers.

Advanced users may consider simply making their own manufacturer type with CCK and assigning them using a node reference field from the products for greater flexibility.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Extra blocks to help with the marketing aspect of a site. Includes the "Best Sellers", "Special Offers", and "Visual Catalog" blocks.

Products can be added to the Special Offers block by setting their "sticky" flag. The Visual Catalog is a clone of the catalog page, but put into a block. The Best Sellers block will be empty until an order is completed.

6 years 46 weeks ago

This is port of the uc_fee module ( http://drupal.org/project/uc_fee ) with some new features to accommodate how ubercart marketplace deals with sellers, while missing some other features.


Sellers can add as many fees as they would like to their own store.

Administrators can make "Universal" fees that apply to all sellers/stores on the site.

THIS MODULE DOES NOT INCLUDE product fees/classes in this version. The type of fee provided in this module currently only applies to an ENTIRE ORDER as either a FIXED or PERCENTAGE fee.


7 years 19 weeks ago

This module is in beta, and does not support purchases from more than one seller at a time. I can imagine a later fix that integrates the order-total by using http://www.ubercart.org/project/uc_adaptive_paypal as a reference for implementation.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module will let an admin with the appropriate role edit all product prices for one taxonomy category at once using a table form showing title -> price.

It is quite rough - there are no options for configuration as of yet but it will provide all that my site admins need at this point in time.

This module will let an admin edit the prices for all the items associated with one taxonomy term. All the items will be listed in a form in a table. When the form is submitted, the products table will be updated with the shown price for the item.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to specify a maximum amount of characters that a text attribute can have. One example is if you are selling jerseys and want to limit the name on the back to 15 characters and the number to 2.

Also has support for defining that an attribute must be numeric.

The size of the attribute textfield will default to size="(max chars + 1)" but can also be configured to be set to a certain amount of pixels * max chars.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Paymentmax Processing, incorporated in 2004, provides cost-effective credit and debit card processing for retail and professional merchants throughout the United states. Paymentmax Processing has become a leader in the field of electronic transaction processing by providing high-quality products and services to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and the healthcare industry.

7 years 20 weeks ago

Ubercart Integration with Australian Payment Gateway - Merchant Warrior (http://www.merchantwarrior.com)

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module automates the process of integrating the nodewords module's taxonomy entries with Ubercart 1.x

This module currently implements only one function, hook_nodewords(). I'm happy for it to be rolled into Ubercart core and made available by default.

7 years 25 weeks ago

This payment module is intended for the MIGS (MasterCard Internet Gateway Service) for what they call the "3rd party" integration method, or the Virtual Payment Client (VPC) which is the interface that processes the payment on their secure server, a bit like 2checkout. This service is used by more than 400 banks arround the World.

I had a very hard time finding this module & fixing it because people call it by the name of the bank that is using it, instead of calling it by its real name: MIGS.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Minimum and maximum number of cart items required/allowed to checkout

v1.2 - I have add maximum checkout
2.0 - Compatible Ubercart 2.x

4 years 35 weeks ago

MobiCart is a simple way to build and manage your m-commerce store as a native or web app. MobiCart works on its own, or links up to your existing website.

MobiCart is a simple way to turn your e-commerce store into an m-commerce app. MobiCart supports native iPhone, iPad and Android apps you can download from the app store as well as HTML5 web apps you can access from a browser.

Your e-commerce store on mobile

Turn your e-commerce store into an m-commerce app. Offer your products on a range of mobile devices.

Supports both native and web apps

5 years 30 weeks ago

Payment method through RCCPagos Creedicop (Argentine bank)
Tested and working in a live site.

Metodo de pago a traves de RCCPagos
Testeado y funcionando en un sitio en produccion

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago
8 years 21 weeks ago
8 years 40 weeks ago

Postal address format needs revision.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Updated Verified by Visa now available! Also implemented is the ability to perform Purchase/PreAuth and Completion transaction types. (VBV or not)

Using the Authorize.net payment module as a basis I have created a working Moneris.com module. This module is live on several Ubercart installations and working well.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Enables moneybookers payments via ubercart. This contribution supports payment only, pre-authorisation and subscription functionality ala paypal buttons coming soon. This project will also be maintained shortly via drupal.org. If you find this contribution useful please donate sending money via paypal to sales@3formed.co.uk. This will ensure continued development of this module. For project work relating to drupal please contact me or visit my website: http://www.3formed.co.uk, or for a recent example of drupal work the module sponsors website: http://www.stock-trkr.co.uk

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides the MoneyGram payment method for Ubercart.

7 years 27 weeks ago

No zones

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is the CIF file for Mozambique, it has the 10 main cities.

Some extra details:

Mozambique has 10 Provinces, each with one capital city

Postal codes are 4 digit numbers

3-character City codes

1. Updated the file with correct city codes according to the link above.
2. Updated the file with province names instead of their capital city names (as suggested by Ryan).

7 years 27 weeks ago

Provides two catalog display types that allow buying multiple items with one click. The catalog display types look the same as the default list table and grid formats, but without the add to cart buttons for individual products and with a button at the bottom of the catalog page instead. When the button is pressed all products with positive quantity field values will be added to the cart.
There are several things to note:

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module enhances Ubercart by allowing a store to display product prices to customers in multiple currencies.

Please read the included README.txt for details and installation instructions. Really. Don't even try to skip this step. There's important information in there, and if you don't follow all the special instructions it won't work.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Here's my initial shot at a multipage cart module (actually it's my second, but my first was a complete custom rewrite, doesn't use the panes system and is quite separate from ubercart).

Basically what I've done is used the form_alter hook to render the checkout form, but depending on the page you are on, only a subset of the panes are visible.
This way, all Javascript used in the panes still works, and hopefully the majority of panes won't even realise that they're in a multipage checkout.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Dependencies: uc_product, uc_stock

As an enhancement of uc_stock.module (and heavily based on it - thanks Ryan!) this module offers you a bulk edit page at http://your.domain.com/admin/store/multiedits/stockedit where you can:

  • Edit your stock and threshold numbers of 30 products plus - if there are some - Attributes with one save
  • To get stock numbers saved you have to check "active"! (If you uncheck it the values are deleted - like in uc_stock.module)
  • Publish / unpublish your products
  • Make them sticky
7 years 27 weeks ago

Integration of the MultiSafepay online payment in Ubercart 2.x

This module:

  • Integrates MultiSafepay into Ubercart
  • Has a settings form for easy configuration
  • Has possibilities to track payments

Biggest advantages of MultiSafepay:

  • Accept all payment methods
  • No monthly costs
  • Cheap iDEAL transactiions
  • Possible to receive your payment every day
  • Unlimited number of webshops
  • Free tools to increase your incomings
7 years 27 weeks ago

UC NAB Transact is a payment gateway module for Ubercart that currently allows you to process credit card payments on your site using NAB Transact's XML API payment service. In order to use this module, you must have an account with NAB Transact and confirm that you are enabled for XML API use.

Compatible with Ubercart 1.x in conjunction with the core credit card module.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This works but I'm submitting it here to get bugs squished. Please pay attention to the security of this module. I slapped it together quite quickly so it may have a few glaring holes.

6 years 44 weeks ago

Sometimes new country appear and few people in these countries know how to be recognized on the (internet) map.
I hope this modest project to be useful.
An idea started with Sint Maarten independence on 10/10/2010 (3 letters code SXM).

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module adds a validation function to the checkout form to prevent customers from specifying P.O. boxes as their delivery address. It's very lightweight and will just sit here for now. Smiling

7 years 27 weeks ago

A payment module for Nochex with Automatic Payment Confirmation.

Nochex is a UK based online payment company, specialising in providing smaller online businesses with simple, accessible, easy to use, online payment services. (http://www.nochex.com).

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a very rough first pass at creating a module which will allow non-product nodes to be mapped to products and then added to a cart. In it's initial state this module should:

-allow a title, price, and quantity field to be mapped from a non-product node via the 'Node to Product Settings' in Store Configuration

-add a workflow-ng action called 'add node to cart'

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to map a node type to an Ubercart product. When a user creates a node of that type, the specified product is added to the shopping cart with a node reference to the newly created node. Options in the module allow you to turn links in the shopping cart into edit links for the node, display a summary of the node details in the shopping cart and on the order screens, and hide CCK fields on the node type from users who don't have the "edit content" permission. This makes the module an ideal candidate for registration site and customizable product sites that contain additional fields only administrators should have access to when processing the orders.

5 years 23 weeks ago

Payment method through Novalnet Payment Modules

5 years 4 weeks ago

Novalnet Payment Module - Ubercart

This module allows you to use various payment methods on your Ubercart online shop.

NOVALNET is a leading worldwide payment service provider, provides payment processing around the globe by using a single account for all kinds of necessary payments.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Moneybookers is one of the world’s largest online payment providers currently being used by over 60,000 merchants. Moneybookers offers access to the widest range of payment options in more than 200 countries and operates one of the largest eWallets with more than 11 million registered customers. With one easy connection you can instantly open up new markets and grow your business.

Key Features:

* Direct processing of credit cards and local payment options at lowest rates
* Single contract and just one integration for all payment and banking options

7 years 27 weeks ago

Hi all,

I've been working on a Ogone payment gateway integration, it's up and running, and ready to be reviewed. It's been tested successfully in the Ogone sandbox. The code has some rough edges, it's partially based on some copy/paste code from the uc_credit module. There might be some pollution because of that. I'm looking forward to some critical feedback and test results.

The module is moved to Drupal.org:

4 years 27 weeks ago

This module of customweb Ltd. allows you to process payments with Ubercart via the credit card gateway of Ogone. It is fully compatible with Ubercart 2 and 3 and inserts itself smoothly into your shop. After having entered the relevant data provided by the payment provider, the module is ready for usage. Each payment method can be configured individually in the shop and the status of each order can be reviewed specifically. The implementation of the Dynamic Template Mode conveys the impression to the customer that he has never left the shop.

6 years 14 weeks ago

Adds support for Oman (OM) to Ubercart. It is compatible with both versions 1.x and 2.x, however please note that the file names for each are slightly different: oman_512_1.cif for 1.x and oman_512_1_0.cif for 2.x.

8 years 48 weeks ago

While it can be used on a production deployment this module is considered BETA.

7 years 25 weeks ago

have gotten down to work on some importing and exporting of product data. here' my SQL for exporting product information to a table that is quite useable under Openbravo POS.

hope this helps someone, somewhere

remember to salt and pepper to taste!

ucp.model AS "CODE",
n.title AS "NAME",
ucp.cost AS "PRICEBUY",
ucp.sell_price AS "PRICESELL",
td.name, "000" AS "TAXCAT",
"0f9681b4-8134-4fa4-8ca7-b226eeba7397" AS "ATTRIBUTESET_ID",

7 years 27 weeks ago

For more information view the project page.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Optionally skip the review stage on the Ubercart checkout page. The store admin can set whether checkout review is required in the checkout settings.

5 years 45 weeks ago

This module allows you to update the status of ubercart orders in batch/bulk by selecting them, and selecting the status you want to change them to. There is an option for calling the mail hooks or not (informing your clients of the status change).

7 years 27 weeks ago

One of the key pieces of functionality required by SCW was the ability to export orders from Ubercart in a format compatible with Mail Order Manager, where they handle order processing/fulfillment.

Fortunately, MOM provides an Import feature which accepts a particular CSV format, so this was mostly a matter of understanding this format and populating the fields with ubercart's internal representations of the relevant data.

7 years 36 weeks ago

This module is the beginning of an attempt at getting order number prefixes implemented for Ubercart.

This is what it does:

  • Adds a field in Order Settings where you can specify a prefix to be used for order numbers.
  • Adds a order_id_prefixed property to the Ubercart order object containing the prefix + the order_id.
  • Adds 3 new tokens:
    • order-id-prefixed: The order ID with prefix applied.
    • order-link-prefixed: A link to the order using the prefixed order ID.
5 years 15 weeks ago

Adds a condition to Conditional Actions to check the values of a flag on the products in an order. A flag on a product is a numerical field (used as a boolean) and can be chosen in a dropdown. The condition can check for all flags set; all flags not set; and mixed set and unset.

I would be grateful for some review from people more expert than me.

Dependencies: Conditional Actions, Content (CCK) and Number.
Tested against: Ubercart 6.x-2.9 / Drupal 6.29.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows a user to update (make changes to) the options of an existing item that is already in the user's cart.

This is a work in progress, in response to a need that has been discussed here http://www.ubercart.org/forum/bug_reports/2748/product_links_cart
and here

An "update cart" form is placed on the product page just above the "add to cart" form if the user already has the product in his/her cart. Thus there exists both the ability to change the existing items(s) in the cart as well as add new item.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds an argument to views for Order ID. We use it to create a descriptive list of the products in a specific order to be included with an estimate or invoice.

7 years 27 weeks ago

A module that allows for handling ABN and GST and a few other Australian specific needs.

Has admin interfaces that show under 'Store Administration/Configuration' menu.

Customers enter their ABN in the User node under Numbers tab.

I made this to get around some UC shortcomings. It works for me. Your mileage may vary.

You can view it (at least if your an Australian) at the Batchelor Press Online Store.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Tracking information is probably the most important thing the customer is interested in seeing after an order is placed! The customer wants to know "Where's my stuff?", and you don't want him bugging you about it.

This module lets your customer (or you, the admin) track shipped packages. It uses a hook to interface with installed shipping methods, so it can support tracking packages sent by any carrier, provided the hook is implemented. This module comes with hooks pre-written for FedEx, UPS and USPS.

7 years 13 weeks ago

This module provides an Ubercart payment method for the Portuguese payment gateway CompraFácil .
CompraFácil gateway allows customers to generate their own Multibanco References for each Ubercart order. Clients can then pay by debit card, via the ATM network – Multibanco.

7 years 27 weeks ago

uc_event turns an event content type (from the event module) into an Ubercart product. Only one node is created but has attributes of both content types, that is it appears in the event calendar and can be added to the shopping cart. Product attributes were trimmed to include only those necessary for an event. The admin area includes an option for creating content types other than the default 'event' content type as paid events.

New features: views handler for number of participants to include in reports

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to easily and quickly integrate your Ubercart online-shop with Pangora, a Germany based service to list your products automatically on many different websites.
It currently comes with the following features:

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allow you to use 4b Pasat Internet with Ubercart.

I used uc_lacaixa as a base for the module, and it seems they would be similar.
Unfortunately, I needed to change most of the code.

It does not include MAC checking. I have not been able to make it work with php. Documentation is too poor and examples are really old.
It does include IP checking.

If you want custom receipts urls, you will need to make it yourself.
You may also want a custom payment page, but you are on your own too.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Paybox is a french payment system used by a lot of French Bank (like SIPS/ATOS).

This module is currently in development, please report issue on the Drupal page project.

7 years 10 weeks ago

This is the payment module of the payment service provider PayCific (http://www.paycific.com) for the Drupal/UberCart store systems.

PayCific offers payment solutions to both small and large companies. We have focus on flexible, effective and user friendly payment solutions for extreme competitive prices.

Get a test account for free. More information at http://www.paycific.com/

The payment module uses a standard payment window and opens up a wallet for each user with his first transaction, so that customers can easily pay again just by entering his login data.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module integrates the PayDutchGroup / WeDeal payment gateway with Ubercart.

Sven Decabooter
The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module is based on the 2checkout payment module.

It integrates Ubercart with PayEasy payment processor by Mozcom Philippines.

To install this module, download and extract the archive to your site's Ubercart's contrib directory and enable via Site building -> Modules. You can set your own settings in the Store administration -> Configuration -> Payment settings -> Payment methods.

7 years 27 weeks ago

hi ,
while testing for ubercart payflow link , i had faced few problems. It took me time and lot of googling, and venturing into paypal forums to get the thing set up. So in order to ease up the things for others, i decided to wrap up my learnings and post it to benifit of and and all.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Payflow Link is a payment solution provided by PayPal (they acquired it with Verisign) but still maintained separately from Website Payments Standard. It is a hosted solution, meaning customers will be redirected from your checkout review page to the payment page to enter their credit card details. This module requires you to have a Payflow Link account which has significant startup fees but fairly low operating costs.

To test the module, use the following settings in your Payflow Link account:

Return URL Method: Link
Return URL: http://www.example.com/payflowlink/return

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module will allow you to process credit cards directly through your Ubercart site if you have a Payflow Pro account.

This module is a fixed up version of the original Payflow Pro module that has also been modified to be compatible with PHP 4. This version has been stripped of the express checkout support.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Updated Module
- Fixed hook_install issue

This module has payflow pro Integration. It also allows for recurring payments using the Recurring Profile API of Payflow.

With this module, you can setup schedules for a product, and the product will be renew on that schedule.
There is also a full control panel for both the user AND and administrator to control their profiles and view payment history.

8 years 43 weeks ago

Sponsors and Contributors: Full Spectrum Solutions, Ideal Solution, LLC, Four Kitchen Studios

This module provides support for the Verisign PayFlow payment processor. Unzip into ubercart/ and enable.

NOTE: This module is not compatible with the PayPal payment processor.

Related threads: (This thread will need to be recovered from the Google Cache.)
New PayFlow Pro with Express Checkout

7 years 27 weeks ago

Uploaded here for testing. Module maintained at Drupal repository: uc_paygate

For more information read the readme.txt or visit the Demo page

7 years 27 weeks ago

Payline is a french payment system.

This module is currently in development, please report issue on the Drupal page project.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart Pay mate Payment Method


This module integrates the Australian payment service Paymate to Ubercart. Paymate also processes payments for sellers in US & NZ

See http://www.paymate.com.au


- Create a folder in your modules directory called uc_pay_mate and put the module's files in this directory

- Enable the module on the Modules admin page:
Administer > Site building > Modules


7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows an order total to be adjusted based on the payment method chosen by the customer.

"Module compiled by Ryan from a schnazzy patch by cYu."

After enabling the uc_pma module you will be able to go to Administer->Store Administration->Configuration->Payment Settings->Payment Methods in order to set up these payment adjustments. Adjustment fields will be added to your form where you can specify a flat amount or percentage to be added or subtracted from an order that uses the associated payment method.

7 years 27 weeks ago


PLEASE USE THIS ONE: http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/2184

This module provides a fee based on payment method choice. You can adjust the fee, and the calculation method (add or multiply) always using the order total.

The module is tested and in use in live situation, it's not tested in different environments en setups. I don't know how it behaves with tax module for example.

Feedback is very welcome.



My wishlist:
-Display fee behind the method label without altering core code.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module integrates the payment method sofortueberweisung.de and directebanking.com
from Payment Network AG. It is plug-and-play and you can even create a user-account
and/or project on Payment Network from within your Drupal/Ubercart admin pages with all
the required settings.

More details about sofortueberweisung.de and directebanking.com http://www.payment-network.com


* Drupal 6 and Ubercart module 2.0.


* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/70151 for further information.


3 years 18 weeks ago

Paymentwall module for Ubercart is a payment service for processing payments globally with over 120 payment methods worldwide: credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and mobile payments by SMS (direct carrier billing).

• PCI DSS compliant
• Tokenization, shopping cart and recurring billing (subscription) features.
• Fast integration and free developers support
• Fraud prevention and risk management
• 24/7 customer support
• 75 currencies
• 200 countries coverage with price point adjustment

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows PayPal Buy Now or Subscription buttons to be included with or to replace the 'Add to Cart' button on products. These PayPal buttons redirect the customer immediately to PayPal for payment, bypassing the standard Ubercart checkout process. Order information (including the customer's address) are obtained from PayPal after the purchase is complete.


  • Provides customers a single click method to choose a product and proceed to checkout through PayPal. At the same time, the purchase is still tracked and handled by Ubercart.
  • Allows using PayPal subscriptions (recurring payments) with Ubercart. PayPal handles sending the recurring payments, and this module records the payments to an Ubercart order and provides status updates.
  • Workflow-ng integration: This module triggers Workflow-ng events when a Buy Now item is purchased, and when a Subscription item is registered, renewed, or expires.
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module disables the PayPal payment option at checkout if order total is above an admin configurable limit. The module currently only works with PayPal WPS but the module can easily be modified to work with PayPal WPP or other payment modules.

Install this module by placing it on your ubercart/contrib directory and enabling it on admin/build/modules. Once it is installed you will find the configuration options appended to the PayPal Website Payments Standard settings form at admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods.

3 years 33 weeks ago

I have a rental business. If merchandise is not returned, I need to be able to charge customers automatically. Paypal is currently integrated into my site's shopping cart and I added an option called "Reference Transactions" to my PayPal account to do this. I added Paypal Manager login credentials to my site, but the reference transactions option is still not working. Paypal has informed me that everything is correct on the Paypal end, but there is something in my shopping cart that is not set up correctly.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The payflow Pro has annouced :

"We’ve added new security features to our Payflow gateway service that will make your payment processing even safer. Because of these new features, you must update the Payflow code that’s integrated into your web site. All merchants should update to Payflow Pro Software Development Kit (SDK) version 4.3 or higher, or use our direct HTTPS Interface.

On September 1, 2009, we’ll stop supporting older integrations. To continue processing payments, please make plans to update your Payflow integration as soon as possible. "

4 years 49 weeks ago

PayPal Payments Advanced Module for Drupal Ubercart. works by embedding an iframe in your checkout process. This gives you the advantage of on on-site integrated seamless checkout without worrying about PCI compliance. PayPal handles that with the hosted pages behind the iframe. So you don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate.
For more Details:: http://www.modulebazaar.com/en/drupal-extensions/165-drupal-paypal-payme...

4 years 47 weeks ago

This is Paypal Payments Advanced for 6.x. This is a free release. Our "give back" to the Drupal/UC Community.

We developed this to integrate into our Drupal/UC based printing site 814Print.com. We also operate the popular Printme1.com.

Let us know what you think.


Matt Vidic
Egrafa, Inc.

Burstprint.com- Simple PDF Printing- for Arch D size 24"x36"

7 years 27 weeks ago

We are developing a project where we need to accept payment to multiple seller accounts based on conditions. But Ubercart at the moment does not support this functionality. Due to this I have created to patches as below:

1. For uc_store module

2. For uc_paypal module

I have created an global array like array("USD" => "$", .........) and based on session return the currency and sign to the required places. I have only updated the Paypal Web Site Standard payment method.

28 weeks 4 days ago

Receiving payments in Naira via Paystack. Nigerian Cards, Master Card, Verve and VIsa Card.

2 years 27 weeks ago

Paytm is a revolutionary Payment Gateway that changes the way the world shops online.

Paytm accepted all major payment types Credit Cards - Debit Cards - Net Banking and have an additional feature Paytm Wallet

Offer your customers all popular payment methods ( Credit Cards - Debit Cards - Net Banking ) in one solution.

They can also pay using their Paytm Wallet and gain much from it. Simple to integrate and ensures hassle-free payment experience for customers.

3 years 40 weeks ago

This is the integration between PayU Latam and Ubercart.

This module is being developed by micoworker.

6 years 46 weeks ago

This is project is a starting point for integrating Ubercart with Payvment which has been requested over in the support area for Payvment

9 years 13 weeks ago

Clone of the core Ubercart "Flatrate" shipping quote module, modified to calculate shipping cost as a base rate plus percentage of the order total.

8 years 49 weeks ago

Clone of the core Ubercart "Flatrate" shipping quote module and the Percentrate module, modified to calculate shipping cost as a base rate on percentage of the order total with minimum shipping rate.

3 years 45 weeks ago

Perfect Money payment module for Ubercart 3.
The module allows payments using the well-known payment system.
All transactions are stored in the database, in future I plan to create report and search transactions in admin interface.
The module is in active support.

Features of the payment system Perfect Money:

  • The payment system provides the opportunity to work with three types of currencies: EUR, USD and GOLD. One currency is changed to another at any time at the internal rate.
7 years 10 weeks ago

i am from Iran and we haven't visa or PayPal and ....
we only can use "Iranian credit carts" and "posting systems" in iran
this modules can work in Arabian countries that they accept Persian "credit carts"
we can use "Iranian credit carts" like PayPal to pay
for paying in PayPal systems you must connect to PayPal bank but in Iran we can connect to several Iranian bank systems to pay
Iranian programmers realize 2 modules for pay with "Iranian credit carts" in here


7 years 32 weeks ago

The Planetauthorize real time payment gateway module for Ubercart provides everything you need to accept, process and capture all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Planetauthorize provides real-time payment services to merchants in over 100 countries. Planetauthorize support multiple currencies including USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF, ZAR, HKD, AED, JPY, AUD, NZD and SGD.

Other payment gateway features include:

* virtual terminal
* batch uploads
* easy website integration
* advance fraud protection
* merchant account (optional)

7 years 27 weeks ago

Web based Point of Sale integration for ubercart.

This module will most likely harm small to medium sized children.

Please put all security (and other) questions and issues in the comment queue

This is a very simple module which i am releasing

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is the CIF file for Portugal.

It has all the 18 main districts plus Azores and Madeira islands, so a total of 20 zones.

Some details:

Portugal zones:


At the moment, the 3 letter city codes (abbreviations) may not be the correct ones.
If someone knows what they are, please msg me so i can update the CIF file.

5 years 52 weeks ago

This provides a very basic radio button and Post Finance logo on the Checkout page in the payment methods pane.

It's basically the standard 'Other' payment method functions with a few changes.

It does:

- Allow users to select the Post Finance radio button on checkout
- Complete checkout without entering any other details

It doesn't:

- Integrate with any Post Finance API's (if they exist)
- Anything clever at all, I'm posting it merely for convenience.

There are other modules that suppose to offer more functionality than this module... you might want to check them out.

6 years 13 weeks ago

I wrote this module for a client and figured other people might be able to use it as well. Very simple and straight forward, also very risky. This module should ONLY be used if you have both List Price and Sell Price set for each product.

First go to Store Admin > Batch Price, select what operation you would like to perform on the products sell price and input a percentage change.

7 years 27 weeks ago

That modules integrates with Ubercart and Workflow-NG in order to proceed the printing of an order at checking out on a sitewide printer or per node related basis.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module came out of necessity as one of our clients was using Ubercart for visitors to register and pay for an event, and the events had different options affecting pricing, as well as a field to enter the name of the person attending (i.e. one person would sign up for the event, then they would also register their significant other).

There wasn't any clear way I could find with Ubercart Views to search for all users that purchased one particular product *AND* display the serialized product attribute data as well, so I took it upon myself to make it happen.

6 years 23 weeks ago

A very basic module that adds Product Dimension conditions.

Useful if you need to conditionally switch shipping providers based on one or more dimensions.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Very early stage product import module. Works for me and saves me approx 20 hours per week. You WILL need to do some modification to this to make it work since it is very specific to my setup. It needs quite some work to read settings dynamically etc. If you're OK with that, you can use this, and it will probably save you a lot of time compared to starting from scratch. If you can post improvements back to this page, even better. Don't download this module if you don't know PHP or don't want to do any coding.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is an add-on for node_import that allows importing of products via CSV (or TSV) files. It's based on this code but extended to add validation and support for attributes.

Columns from the file can be mapped to fields of the products (eg cost, sell price, weight), and standard node data (eg vocab terms).

10 years 1 week ago

Allows you to set a maximum number that can be ordered, individually by product. Currently a blank value allows for no maximum, and any maximum value set applies regardless of optional attributes (the total number is compared to the maximum).

This was developed to work as the opposite of Product Minimum for Checkout, and draws heavily on its original structure:

Also, critical components of the code were drawn from this discussion:

10 years 18 weeks ago

Development sponsored by: Plum Drama, a personalized party favors site.

The Product Minimum module lets you specify a minimum order size for products in your catalog. It also lets you specify whether the product must be ordered in multiples of that value or not.

It does this by adding two fields to the product edit form:

  • A text field where you can enter the minimum amount that must be purchased.
  • A checkbox that may be checked to specify this product as only sold in sets of that value.
7 years 27 weeks ago

An update of "Product Minimum for Checkout" module (http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/274) to work with Drupal 6.x / Ubercart 2.x.

The majority of the work was done by deadwood (http://boombatower.com/tools/deadwood), with me only making one trivial change to get it running. The previous version was "Complete and Working"; this version is not yet tested on a production system, but appears to work just fine.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is my first contribution and I welcome feedback!

I needed a bulleted list of selling points to display below the product page body and above the option selector and Add to Cart sections. The 'selling points' are descriptions of taxonomy terms in the 'Sell Points' vocabulary, in this instance, a vid of '6'.

The manager of the site selects selling points from a list of terms on the product add/edit pages. The lengthier term descriptions are then displayed in an unordered list below the product page body and above the option selector and Add to Cart button.

8 years 6 weeks ago

Product "Power Tools" will give you a number of options for altering the product creation form. This is useful when you have product classes that do not require all of the possible product fields. Unneeded fields can be disabled and hidden, or preset and hidden.

Tweakable options:

  • Auto Generate SKU
  • List Position
  • List Price & Cost
  • Default Quantity & Package Quantity
  • Shippable (can hide other shipping fields for non-shippable products)
  • Set default stock levels (If stock module is installed)
7 years 27 weeks ago

Here is a pretty simple view setup that allows for a rotating slideshow block to be placed on your site. I imagine this would be great for showing off featured products, specials, etc. For the purposes of this demonstration, I overrode the default "products" page that Views installs. I also added a preset in imagecache called "slideshow_image" so that I could resize my product images to the correct dimensions. Please note that this code requires:

Views_slideshow (plugin)

Here's the code from the export:

$view = new stdClass();

7 years 27 weeks ago

This patch adds the option to display the product teaser in the grid and table catalog views.
This patch also removes payment forms from checkout when the order total is $0.00

To run this patch (on Linux anyways) just copy the patchfile to /sites/default/modules (or whatever dir contains ubercart) and type
patch -p0 < ubercart_product_teaser_and_0_amount.patch

This has been tested with ubercart 2 rc 2 and 3

7 years 27 weeks ago

If you have products that are shipped right away for whatever reason when the customer places their order you can use this to let them know how long the wait will be before the product is going to be shipped. You can change the cable and use a range (e.g. 8-10 days.)

7 years 35 weeks ago

This contrib simply updates the "customer" invoice to include the product weights on each product line as well as including a final row that shows total product weight for the order. This is very useful if you use these invoices to generate your shipping costs.

To use this, replace "ubercart/uc_order/templates/customer.itpl.php" with this file. (extract from Zip)

*This has been updated to include proper product weights based upon quantity*

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is an extension module for Workflow-ng that provides an action that lets users perform operations on individual profile fields.

The module is extremely flexible, allowing any kind of MySQL operation to be performed (token-compatible) on any profile field, for any user that can be derived from token.

The original intent for development was to create an attendance/class-card system in Ubercart. This module provides the functionality to add X number of classes to a user's "class card" profile field when they purchase a 5, 10 or 20 class card.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This little module connects ubercart up to a Protx VPS Form payment gateway.

This is live on one site at the moment and seems to work pretty well, any feedback, bug reports (preferably with fixes) would be welcome.

UPDATED 01/08/2008
Thanks to James for pointing out an error in this version... i've just posted up a new version of the module which should get around any 5030 error messages you might encounter when you move to the test server.

9 years 13 weeks ago

This is a payment gateway for Ubercart that implements v2.22 of the Protx VSP Direct Guidelines, allowing Ubercart to accept credit card payments via Protx. It can process 3D-Secure transactions ("Verified By Visa" / "MasterCard SecureCode").

Currently, this module doesn't support any transaction type other than PAYMENT (i.e., not DEFERRED or AUTHENTICATE).

This module requires at least v1.2 of Ubercart.

Please submit bug reports via the drupal.org project page: http://drupal.org/project/uc_protx_vsp_direct

Thanks to hanoii for testing and suggestions.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The purchase order module adds an extra payment method that allows customers on your site to check out using a PO number. You can restrict access to which users are allowed to checkout by purchase order with an access control permission called pay by purchase order. PO numbers are viewable at checkout and on all the order screens, and they are editable by administrators from the order edit screen. You will need to modify your invoice template to have the PO number show up, but you can do this simply by using the [po-number] tag.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module adds a page to the Ubercart reports page, allowing users to list the customers that have purchased a certain product. It also displays a text box with the list of customers' email addresses. This allows the admin to easily contact users that have purchased a particular product. This can be useful for products such as event registrations, where event info may need to be manually sent to all the registrees.

UPDATE March 30, 2009: Fixed typo causing first name to not appear properly.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides a tab on the product page named “Purchases” and provides a listing of the orders made for the product. The default listing includes all orders and is sorted descending by date. To access this tab, a user must have the ‘view purchases list’ permission (available with this module).

There are 3 list formats with corresponding tabs:

List View

6 years 21 weeks ago

Purolator Shipping quotes module for UC 2. The module was developed by Lukeyan from http://www.freelancer.com/users/1007172.html. As of July 2011 I've done basic testing using the Dev server but haven't done any Production server testing as my site is not live yet.

7 years 20 weeks ago

This module provides a credit cart payment gateway for the uc_credit module through Quickbooks Merchant Services (QBMS) for Web Store. This is NOT full Quickbook integration. This module simply processes credit cards through QMBS for a merchant with a QBMS merchant account.

INSTALLATION process is detailed on the README.txt file.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Quantity Control allows you to specify a maximum quantity for each product in the cart. This is a simple module - just install and browse to admin/store/settings/qty_ctrl to set the maximum quantity allowed in the cart for each product class.

This module is similar to UC Restrict Quantity. The key differences are:
1. The module takes into account both what is in the cart as well as the number being added

7 years 27 weeks ago

QuantumGateway is a full service online system.

You can signup for QuantumGateway through CDGcommerce.
If you would like to support my efforts, feel free to use my affiliate link at:


They have extremely competitive rates and is great for start-ups.

Some configuration is needed through your QuantumGateway user control panel, more details coming soon.

8 years 43 weeks ago

Assigns a shipping rate based on order total. Define ranges of total price and a shipping quote for the ranges.

To install, unzip the attached zip file under your modules folder, and enable the Rate Quote module here...

then enable the Rate Quote Shipping Method here...

and define your shipping quotes here...

7 years 27 weeks ago

The is a payment module for the Realex realauth payment.

You'll need your own merchant account and shared secret.

It's based heavily on the 2checkout module.

It's working nicely, so I thought I'd put it out there for anybody who might be interested.

Now the warnings!
Use at your own risk, no liability accepted.

My current plan is to
1. Tidy up the code.
2. Improve the code to meet coding standards.
3. Work out how CVS works and commit to Drupal.org

Any help appreciated.

Updated 21st October with updated code.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This code in a custom module will allow for recurring billing through authorize.net based on order total.
The use case for this is recurring shippable physical goods. This will take into account things like coupons, taxes, discounts, and shipping. The use case would be a recurring physical good shipment like fruit of the month, flowers of the month, book of the month, or anthing you need to bill for and have the order total be the recurring fee.

function example_recurring_fee($order, $fee) {
$fee->fee_amount = $order->order_total;

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module is now released on Drupal.org (http://drupal.org/project/referralsources). All issues in this thread should be resolved. Please file any bug reports or feature requests using the project issue tracker on Drupal.org.

The Referral Sources module allows you to ask your users "Where did you hear about us?" anywhere on your site, and track that data in a central location. It provides a admin interface for creating referral sources that users can select from a list, and a page where you can view statistics on referral source selections. Referral source submissions are stored in a single table, no matter where they came from, making it easy to track submissions and create reports based on that data.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Helper module for the world quotes module.

Allows you to define regions which are one or more countries.

installation instructions:
unzip into modules/ubercart/shipping/

configuration is under home>administer>store administration>configuration>methods

7 years 27 weeks ago

Custom_module that will remove checkout.

For anyone else who needs it.

Sponsored by Ecopaper.com. Get some tree free paper fellas! Go green!

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module removes the links (anchor tags) from the product image and description (title) in the cart summary table on the cart page. This prevents the user from clicking the links and drilling down into the product node.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Repeat customers are your best customers; you can rely on them to keep coming back to your store so long as you provide the goods or services they need. They are a steady revenue stream, an easy sell. But to quickly close the sale you need to make it easier for them to find and purchase more of the same stuff they've ordered previously.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Massive restructuring of the uc_file module, implementing all functionality in Drupal 5, plus some extras. Information about new features are avilable in CHANGELOG.txt.

I appreciate you testing and reporting bugs... Thanks!

* behaviors used in place of onclick attributes where possible.
* replaced haphazard update/remove calls with one 'refresh' call to prune and update the file list at once where required.
* pruning files that no longer exist now clean up all db tables, including product feature stuff, etc.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a new and improved version of uc_roles, with the functionality all ported to Drupal 6, and then some. I have started some experimental work on getting roles to renew in tandem with recuring payments, but this is not yet functional.

I would appreciate your testing and bug reports on this module, as it is a step forward in bringing UC to Drupal 6 compatibility.


* Much cleaning.
* Took the table creation in user account role expirations out of the code and created a theme function.
* Restructured the UI of the user account roles a bit.

7 years 27 weeks ago

There are some products that cannot be shipped to everybody/everywhere. Example: wine shipments in the U.S. can only be shipped to certain states, and can only be purchased by customers age 21 and up.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This simple module adds a checkbox to product create/edit page which allows to
restrict shipping of this product to persons under 21 years of age. On the
respective product view page a notice line will be shown.

On checkout page the "Verify your age" checkbox is provided. If this checkbox
is unchecked and if order contains products marked as unshippable to persons
under 21 years of age the error message will be thrown.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to set shippable or not shippable countries *per product* during
product creation or edit. The unshippable countries will be shown to customers in a notice
line on the respective product view page. If on checkout the shipping address will match
any unshippable country an appropriate error message will be thrown.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Rwanda CIF

Tested on D6

7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows payments using Sage ExpressPay service (similar to PayPal Standard - where you get redirected to their site to capture CC information and process the payment).


Billing information will be pre-filled out on the Sage payment form - and the UC Order number will be associated with the Sage payment.

Once payment has been approved, payment details will be added to your Ubercart order, and the order status will be updated to Payment Complete.

You will need to set up the following Sage Shopping Cart settings on their site:

7 years 27 weeks ago

CIF for Saint Lucia.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to automatically turn your customers into SalesForce contacts when they complete a purchase at your Ubercart store. User data (name, phone number, e-mail, billing address) is "upserted" (i.e., merged with an existing record based on the e-mail address) into SalesForce when an order reaches the status you specify. You also have the option of storing the order ID in a custom SalesForce field. Pretty basic, but it works Smiling

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a module that generates a button called "Same order button". It simply duplicate an order.
This module is strongly based on the uc_reorder module developed by Tim Rohaly (TR).
You can download uc_reorder module here: http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/3734

7 years 27 weeks ago
8 years 40 weeks ago

Postal address needs to be checked.

7 years 27 weeks ago

2.0 - Had to change the country ISO 3166-1 Numeric code to reflect Saudi Arabia

1.1 - Had to make changes to the function names so that hey would work (Used Afghanistan as a base and left the hooks with the Afghanistan name on them. Obvious, but were missed in the first run).

1.0 - This is my first attempt at creating a CIF file for Drupal 6/Ubercart 2. The Saudi Arabia 682 1 CIF file.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module adds 'Save for Later' functionality to a cart.

6 years 26 weeks ago

On behalf of noca.com we developed Ubercart realization of Noca payment method "Secure Check". Module is used for making live online transactions using special check iFrame API. In module used SOAP to remote transaction status update.

7 years 4 weeks ago

A payment method that allows users to pay via a SecureHosting account (http://secure-server-hosting.com/)

7 years 34 weeks ago

Provides credit-card payments and preauthorisations in UberCart 2.x via the SecurePay (AU) payment gateway.

This module provides support for the following kinds of transactions:

  1. Standard payment
  2. Standard preauthorisation
  3. FraudGuard-screened payment
  4. FraudGuard-screened preauthorisation
  5. Payment completion
  6. Refund
  7. Recurring transactions via the SecurePay periodic/triggered system, if uc_recurring is available.

See the included installation guide for further information.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module enables you to sell license keys with Ubercart.

The module is not ready for use!

Dependencies: Ubercart 2.x, Conditional Actions, Stock, Token

How it works

6 years 14 weeks ago

Adds support for Serbia to Ubercart.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module uses ServiceObject.com's DOTS FastTax web-service to retrieve and apply tax rates.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is just a few lines of code that you can place in your product tpl.php files to create a "Share on Facebook" link. Facebook makes a link readily available on their website, but pages with that link inserted do not validate. I am running D6 but I see no reason why this wouldn't work on D5.

= "http://" .$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] .$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
print '<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=' . $your_current_url .'&amp;t=' . $node->title . '" title="Share this product on Facebook">Share on Facebook</a>'

7 years 27 weeks ago

A very basic module for Ubercart that allows to specify shipping countries on a product level.
Its up for some basic testing, so feedback is apreciated.

Usage: Select available countries on the product form under shipping.
Module will then validate the checkout form against available product countries.

Todo: Create a pane.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Patch for uc_quote.module,v

See: http://www.ubercart.org/issue/1458/javascript_checkout_process_does_not_...

Amends the shipping quote form display and submit processing to allow non-javascript quoting.
A simple select list of all available shipping methods is displayed, with javascript replacing that with the standard JSON quote retrieval.

If the select list is used the shipping quote will be displayed on the confirmation page.

There's no account of any accessorials with this non-js version (they are set to 0).

7 years 27 weeks ago

For Drupal 5.x

How to Setup!

1) Where it says $vid=1;, replace the number 1 with the vocabulary ID number for the vocabulary you want to use to populate the drop-down with the terms in that vocabulary.

2) Optional: Where it says $options[] = t('List by ' . $formname);, replace List by with the word(s) you want at the beginning of the default text in the drop-down.

3) Where it says $options['http://www.example.com/taxonomy/term/'.$term->tid] = $term->name;, replace example.com with the URL of your drupal website, or, leave only '/taxonomy/term/' to user relative path.

7 years 27 weeks ago

In creating my own custom catalog view I wanted to show only the first image from the CCK imagefield for each product.

I was having difficulty and after some time searching through posts on drupal.org and elsewhere i found a number of posts indicating others were/are looking for a solution.

I have come up with one!

7 years 27 weeks ago

I was looking for something to tie the users in a bit more than .... "the cart is empty".

This is a very simple submission.

You will have to modify the theme function to match your them.


1) in the theme folder for the theme that you are using (i.e. /themes/iron_picket_red/) create a file called template.php.

2) open file and paste these contents in.

3) find "iron_pickets_red" and replace with your actual theme name.

// $Id: template.php,v 2007/04/18 03:38:59 drumm Exp $

function iron_pickets_red_uc_empty_cart ()

7 years 26 weeks ago

Some subset or all of this may be handy for your implementation or reference purposes. I checked it carefully.

247 ISO Country Codes in an Excel 97-2003 (compatible) spreadsheet format easily save-able to CSV or whatever you want.

I made this as a start on implementing AJAX or whatever approach to localization, and since I'm not working on it, maybe some other(s) can use it toward a complete CIF library.

6 years 36 weeks ago

A module for drupal 6 that opens a minimal REST API.

It's easy to extend and very useful to integrate Ubecart with non-drupal applications (like Flash applications).

The module is quite simple and by default only supports one command: "buy" which adds a set of items to the cart and redirects to the checkout page.

Example Call:


In order to add new commands just modify the file uc_pagosonline.module, by adding new cases in the "uc_rest_api_call_page" function.

6 years 11 weeks ago

Provide a simplenews newsletter subscription pane for the ubercart checkout.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is skipjack payment gateway integration for ubercart.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Modified (to work with Ubercart 2.x) file from the uploaded by sphism for Ubercart 1.x.
Necessary to have the full set of the European Union countries.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I had a customer send me a mail to say that their country was not listed... so, it wasn't - now it is.

If there is actually anyone from Slovenia or who posts to Slovenia, please review this for me.


7 years 27 weeks ago

slovenia cif file


7 years 27 weeks ago

I needed a block to show the top X products, so I expanded the views compatibility a little...
I didn't post this as a module, because in this post simular code got adopted in uc_products, so I'll leave it up to core devs to decide where to go with this...

I added the order table in function uc_views_views_tables()

$tables['uc_order_products'] = array(
'name' => 'uc_order_products',
'join' => array(
'left' => array(
'table' => 'node',
'field' => 'vid'
'right' => array(

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

A customer invoice template for Spanish invoices requirements.

Update 19.12.2009
Template modified to include bank details from bank_tansfer module

7 years 27 weeks ago

SPplus is the payment system used by a French Bank: Caisse d'Epargne for e-commerce.

This module is currently in development, please report issue on the Drupal page project.

4 years 37 weeks ago


Allow Ubercart administrators to generate US Postal Service shipping labels with the Stamps.com® service.

This module generates XML files containing the shipping information, which can be imported into the Stamps.com® software. The software prints the labels and produces a postback XML or CSV file, which this module can import to update Ubercart tracking numbers.

8 years 15 weeks ago

UC Stock & Price Updater is a module that tries to cover a hole on the Ubercart ecommerce system: being able to update stock level and prices at once from a single file. Use this form to import stock data and sell prices into a Ãœbercart online shop from a CSV file. That way every day a real store or wharehouse for a group of physical store will be able to export from the central stock system a file with real stock levels that can be imported into your online Ubercart store. Imagine what would happen if you try to update stock levels every day on 500+ products store...

3 years 49 weeks ago

This module allows you to transfer stock and price data between an Übercart online store and CSV files. It can export product prices, stock levels and product option prices to CSV files and import updated versions of those same files to adjust prices and stock levels.

4 January 2014 Updated the Ubercart 3 version to fix an undefined variable error. See

7 years 35 weeks ago

This adds support for the Stock (uc_stock) and Attributes (uc_attribute) modules to the Node Import (node_import) product.

Supports importing attributes and stock levels via csv. See the CSV reference file for how to setup a CSV file for attribute import.


the following modules must be installed:

  • Stock (uc_stock)
  • Node Import (node_import)


Unzip and put the uc_stock.inc and attribute.inc files into your:

7 years 27 weeks ago

uc_stock_notify replaces the "Add to cart" button with "Notify when back in stock" when a product is not in stock and the user has permission to use notifications. An email is sent to the users when the product stock level is set above zero on the edit product stock page.

Once the module is installed, the email subject and body can be configured at at /admin/store/settings/stock and the "subscribe to stock notices" permission must be given to the relevant users. Anonymous stock notifications are now supported - users who are not logged in are prompted for their email address.

7 years 20 weeks ago

This module Creates A Store RSS Feed, Out Of The Box Ready For Use With Google Base, But The User Is Given The Flexibility To Include Or Exclude Elements To Suit Any Other Use, Flexibility And Ease Of Use Were Both Priorities In Creating This Module.
Additionally The Module Creates A Sitemap, Both Are Indespensable Tools For Any Website.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This patch modifies uc_catalog.module to allow choosing under which criteria the subcategories for categories should be displayed when viewing category pages. The following options are provided: Never, In empty categories (no products), Always.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a working alternative to the module here http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/13048?destination=node%2F13048. It requires simplenews to work, this module acts as an integration between the two. Please feel free to contact me regarding this module (bugs and functionality) at http://www.williameaton.co.uk

6 years 8 weeks ago

Note: I originally called this module uc_subscribe but renamed it when it was pointed out that that name had already been used. The original uc_subscribe can be found at: http://www.ubercart.org/project/subscribe

This module provides an additional pane at checkout for subscribing to simplenews newsletters. It only subscribes to the main newsletter. I created this for my existing active project because neither of the others I could find worked as required.
I use it with drupal 6.20 and ubercart 2.4

7 years 27 weeks ago

uc_subscribe provides a framework for tracking and acting on subscriptions.

To get started using Subscriptions:

1. Check the admin settings:

Set the 'Order status required for subscription registration' to a status at the point you want to grant the user the role change. If you set it to 'Pending', it will happen once the order is submitted. If you set it to 'Payment received', it will happen when the order's status is changed to that.

2. Check the actions page:

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides email summaries of new transactions. The emails can be sent by assigning a cron job or manually. The email messages are very customizable using tokens and html, and they can include an attachment with the break down of all the new transactions.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Abandonned : see the Add tax to product price module for support.

(*This was posted by olav@drupal.org and will be restored to him when he comes back around.)

This module supports VAT as needed for shops in (at least) Europe. It assumes that products are maintained with their gross prices and allows to assign one of a defined set of VAT rates to each product. During checkout, for each rate, the resulting tax amount is shown.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Documentation/Demonstration for creating a store

The results of a Drupal tutorial/walkthrough originally blogged about here.

We're looking to create a distribution/installation profile, but in the interim newcomers to Ubercart should find this install helpful. Feedback appreciated!

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module is strongly based on uc_ratequote.module. the main difference from uc_ratequote.module is that it can add a shipping type based on weight or order total.
I've now also attached the italian translation and the pot file for other languages.
UPDATE: I've modiefied the module: now it works with attributes.
D6 UPGRADE: I've attached the module for drupal 6.
There is now a project page on drupal.org.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This download is a set of icons from the Tango Icon Library that have been converted and renamed for use in Ubercart menus and pages. These icons originally made up the core icon set, but it came to our attention later that we could not include them in core due to licensing restrictions. Because Ubercart downloads are hosted on Drupal.org, we cannot include any non-GPL files in our distributions. The Tango Icons are licensed under the CC Share Alike license and so do not meet the requirements.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Tanzania CIF

Tested on D6

6 years 44 weeks ago

This module works as payment gateway for Ubercart of Tatra Banka, a. s. from Slovak republic.

No special instructions to install. Upload and enable module as normal.

In admin/store/settings/payment enable TatraPay as a payment method.
Under admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods, click on TatraPay settings.
Enter the TatraPay MID and Checksome key you were given by TatraPay
Leave Test TatraPay MID and Test Checksum key as is.

4 years 48 weeks ago

TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax calculation and remittance service for retailers.. This module integrates UberCart with the TaxCloud system.. You can create a free TaxCloud account at TaxCloud.net.

7 years 27 weeks ago

If you are looking in to test Ubercart modules , I will start with Payment module to test Paypal module.
1. create an account with developer.paypal.com
2. activate the account by logging in to email and clicking the link
3. enable the paypal gateway , and set it up for sandbox testing mode
( I will upload the details of these later on )
Steps to Test PayPal Account:
Step 1:
Make a product, login and select the products

Step 2: Update the shopping cart with the desired products and click “Update Cart”:

Step 3:

7 years 27 weeks ago

Displays 10 best sellers item as a text on a block. When mouse over occurs display the image of the product form imagecache product_list images.

Currently in development and need javascript/css help for better display. The image is not positioned very well and in some cases the image is blinking.

appreciate any help.

7 years 27 weeks ago
10 years 17 weeks ago

I made the catalog block themable.

I changed the following functions in "uc_catalog.module" to be able to handle theming.

and added the following theme functions (which can be overridden in your theme):
theme_uc_catalog_item($here, $active_link, $lis, $expand, $inpath, $link, $count_children )

I also added a "sequence" to class "uc_treeNode" (I need it in my own template, if you don't need it, it shouldn't be in your way).

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module uses state-by-state tax data to retrieve and apply applicable taxes to products in an order. It also can be configured to apply tax on shipping. See the README.txt file for more details.

7 years 19 weeks ago

This is a TransFirst.com's Transaction Central API. aka MerchantAnywhere.com module for Ubercart, a free open source PHP based cart.

This code works for Drupal 6.x and Ubercart 2.x . I have a Drupal 5.x / Ubercart 1.x version, I cleaned it up and ported back some of my changes from the D6 port, but it's un-tested. Should work though. Keyword is *Should* Laughing out loud

Currently only auth-capture's are functioning, but for 90% of e-commerce sites, this is what you'll use to process.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Tranzila module for Ubercart

7 years 27 weeks ago

Confidence in eCommerce is a big issue and seals or certificates from respected institutions help to gain visitor's trust in online shops much better than without them and it gets the visitors to spend more money.

One of those trusted body's in Germany is TrustedShop. They have analyzed and approved several thousand online shops so far and granted their highly regarded certificates.

Online shop customers do have the choice after completing an order in a TrustedShop-certified onlie-shop to sign up for an insurance for that order with full money back guarantee.

7 years 27 weeks ago
10 years 13 weeks ago

This module has internal rate tables to calculate shipping based on the zip code and weight of the package. The rates are based on zones, so the module will calculate the zone based on the zip code of the customer. There are many advantages using this on-site table method verses an online XML api including but not limiting to: 100% reliable even if the USPS servers are down, instant quotes instead of waiting for a response from the other server, and the overall coding is more mature and has less things to go wrong.

What's new in 1.1

6 years 31 weeks ago

Use an "Add to Cart" form or a "Buy it now" button in blocks anywhere in the site or in Panels! Current version works in Drupal 7.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The uc_addresses module adds support for one or more addresses in the user's profile. When users register, they must provide an address. Users can then add more addresses and edit or delete existing addresses. One address must be designated as the default address and cannot be deleted (but it can be edited).

The Ubercart order process is altered so that users select delivery and billing addresses from their collection of addresses rather than from previous orders. Any new addresses entered during the order process are automatically added to the user's list.

7 years 27 weeks ago


This is a wrapper for the Ubercart Ajax Cart block, for use with the Authcache module.
Using this module you can have full page caching for authenticated users while still
providing them with a dynamic cart block.



The following modules are required.



Ubercart Ajax Cart (optional):

7 years 27 weeks ago

two files containing the translation of ubercart alpha8:

it-ubercart-alpha8.zip -> contains one big .po file
it-ubercart-alpha8-po-files.zip -> contains all the .po modules files into directories

you can download the first or the second file, unpack it and import into you drupal site.

see also this post: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/internationalization/2107/translation_stri...

try it!

6 years 50 weeks ago

This module was created to allow attribute options to have quantities assigned to them at the add to cart stage. An example of how to use this module would be: a store, which allows you to create your own book. The book is the product and certain attribute options can be chosen, in this case: Binding Type, Cover Colour and Pages. We could add the attribute quantitiy field to the pages option and allow users to choose a type of page eg: white, cream, gold edged and input an amount for it.

This module is compatible with uc_aac, uc_dependant_attributes & uc_node_checkout.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows you to put products in your Ubercart store on the auction block. Users will be able to place bids on the product until the auction expires. When it does, the user that placed the highest bid on the product will be able to add it to their cart and purchase it at the price they bid.

4 years 33 weeks ago

This module of customweb Ltd. allows you to process payments in Drupal 6 with Ubercart via the credit card gateway of Barclaycard ePDQ. It is fully compatible with Ubercart 2 and inserts itself smoothly into your shop. After having entered the relevant data provided by the payment provider, the module is ready for usage. Each payment method can be configured individually in the shop and the status of each order can be reviewed specifically. The implementation of the Dynamic Template Mode conveys the impression to the customer that he has never left the shop.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Simple module to provide a block on UberCart product pages showing other products that were bought together with the one you're viewing.

Tested with Ubercart 2.x, but it should work just fine with 1.x as far as I can tell...

3 years 40 weeks ago

The idea of this module is to give the option to create a lot of attribute options for a specific attribute at once, and optionally add them to 1 or more products.

It could be used when you need options like:

  • Key model 1
  • Key model 2
  • Key model 3
  • Key model 4
  • Key model 5
  • ...
  • Key model 550
  • Key model 551
  • Key model 552
  • Key model 553
  • Key model 554
1 year 32 weeks ago

uc_tax_ca is a custom module that we have created for calculating Sales Tax of California. It consists a default csv file to calculate the Sales Tax.

1. Drupal Module to calculate California Sales Tax by ZIP code from a CSV file with admin panel control.
2. Admin Panel Feature:
Default tax rate -> Set your default tax rate when the user not for California state.
Wholesale roles, to exclude from tax -> Exclude a particular user type from sales tax.
Taxed product types -> Select Product types to apply California state sales taxes.

6 years 16 weeks ago

Adds the User Login form to the Customer information pane at the Ubercart checkout page. This makes login for returning/existing customers easier and more obvious - contrary to the small link to the user login form used per default in Ubercart.

Technical note: Since nested Forms are not allowed in XHTML it adds the User Login form before the Checkout form and moves it into the Customer information pane using Javascript. This way it still is not seen by the DOM inside the Checkout form.

7 years 27 weeks ago

UberCart Review Extras


Ubercart Review Extras provides an extra Pane on the Checkout Review page of a UberCart store.

This pane allows for 8 brief (or long) policy statements to be shown to a customer before sending off payment information during the Review process. Some Australia banks and financial institutions, and consumer watchdogs require this information be displayed before granting Merchant accounts to businesses.

The policies by default are named Currency, Domicile, Privacy, Security, Refunds, Returns, Delivery and Product.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides an Ubercart payment method for the ClickandBuy payment system. It implements the ClickandBuy transaction and EMS APIs and provides a registration feature for new merchants which automatically configures the module. It requires the SOAP Client module to be installed.

7 years 31 weeks ago

This module integrates the CM-CIC p@iement Credit Card payment service to Ubercart.

Supported banks
CM-CIC p@iement is used by the following French banks:

  • Crédit Mutuel
  • Groupe CIC
  • Neuflize OBC

Copy the uc_cmcic folder to your sites/all/modules directory.
Navigate to admin/build/modules and enable the module.

5 years 12 weeks ago

This module creates an attribute for a product called "Color choice", it allows a user to choose certain colors as options and store the hex value of the color along with the color name to be shown on the product page. So for example if you are selling an item with multiple color options you could use this module to display the color choices in boxes on the product page. Now with added jquery to allow clicking of the color box.

7 years 43 weeks ago

Ubercart is an open source e-commerce solution fully integrated with the leading open source content management system, Drupal, winner in two categories of the Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards. This is a killer combination for anyone looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much more, all while maintaining a seamless connection to your users.

5 years 46 weeks ago

Ubercart Custom Sized Products

The Ubercart Custom Sized Products module will allow store owners to sell products with custom dimensions. For example, if the store wanted to sell carpet by the square foot or to sell rope by the foot. The module will calculate the length, area, or volume and will multiply that number by the price set for the product.

The module utilizes Ubercart's Features.

7 years 27 weeks ago

A copy/paste of the UberCart documentation found at http://www.ubercart.org/docs/user. This is without any editing except to create the TOC.
It is hoped that after some editing, a PDF version will also be available.
Note that OpenOffice.org is required to view the file ( http://www.openoffice.org )

Of course, the community may contribute, which is why it is in an editable format.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart Donation Incentives allows a store owner to apply donation incentives to products.

Donation Incentives can be thought of as rebates on the purchase price of products, where the rebate is a donation to charity (made in the consumer's name).

The donation incentives can either be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the sell price. A default donation incentive can be applied to all products, and can also be set on a per-product basis.

4 years 25 weeks ago

This module adds an edit-button to all products in the cart. Clicking the button brings users back to the product form, where they can change the cart-item's selected attributes and/or quantity.

Just enable the module. It will work out of the box.

Modules with similar functionality
Ubercart attributes in cart: Use this module, if you want to let the user change the product's attributes directly in the cart. If you want to use the product form instead, use "Ubercart Edit Cart Item".

Please notice

4 years 47 weeks ago

This module links Ubercart's attribute system to Drupal core's fields API and allows to automatically create product attributes from fields and options from the multi-values.

There's an earlier project uc_attribute_cck that does something similar for Drupal 6, CCK and Ubercart.

7 years 25 weeks ago

This module allows an Ubercart store to make use of multiple gateways by providing the mediation to pass card purchases to the appropriate gateway based on the card type.

This is accomplished by making the default gateway Gateway mediation, and defining which credit cards each of the other gateways will be responsible for. When a payment is made, the processing is turned over to the applicable gateway.

In this way, as an example, Visa and Mastercard can be processed by one gateway, and a store card by another.

For Ubercart 2 / Drupal 6.x

6 years 44 weeks ago

This module basically allows users to define a content type within their system to be associated with a product attribute. User gets to choose the content type from the Store administration. Once chosen, nodes of that particular content type can be added as options to the attribute which is created by this module during install time.

7 years 24 weeks ago

This project depends on uc_copouns module and allows sites to sell coupons or attach them to products on the site and give them away with product purchase.

The coupons are defined as product features, "almost" all options for the coupon supported by uc_coupon are available.

When the "Gift Coupon" feature is added to the product no actual coupon is generated.
A one time use coupon is generated, with the defined properties when the order reaches the completed status.

6 years 10 weeks ago

Ubercart Global Quote

Ubercart Shipping quote module that provides custom shipping quotes based on configurable weight ranges and custom shipping zones.


  • Shipping zones can be defined as any combination of countries and regions/states.
  • Multiple rates can be defined based on weight ranges for each zone
  • Global quotes can enabled/disabled using Conditional Actions.

Ubercart 2.x or 3.x

7 years 26 weeks ago

HSBC CPI integration for Ubercart

This is a modification of the HSBC Integration module for Drupal Ecommerce posted by Dublin Drupaller
( http://drupal.org/project/ec_hsbc ), Thanks to his excellent module and hsbc hashing method, this module is possible.

(minimally) Tested against Drupal 5.x and Ubercart 1.x

Once you have enabled the module, go to Store Admin > Configuration > Payment Settings to enable and set your StorefrontID etc.

The return URLs need to be https, so make sure this is working first.

10 years 16 weeks ago

Attached are several Import/Export API entity definitions for most of the core ubercart tables/entities. Please feel free to submit patches for any that are missing- I probably won't fill in much more than these, for my needs are fairly minimal. Still, it would be valuable to produce a complete set.

NB: These are still incomplete and totally untested, but I thought they might be useful to someone out there working on any of a variety of Import/Export features for Ubercart.

6 years 16 weeks ago

Some European countries require that invoices are issued with consecutive
invoice numbers. This means that the order number cannot be used as an invoice
number since there are generally "holes" in the sequence, e.g. when an ordera
gets cancelled for some reason.

This module attempts to fix this by providing an "Invoice number" in addition
to the "Order id".


Extends Ubercart 2.x to provide

  • Invoice number (in addition to the order id)
  • Button which the shop owner can click when an invoice needs to be generated for an order
4 years 32 weeks ago

Plugging the gap in Ubercart's ability to track lead sources

7 years 4 weeks ago

This module is created for limiting the number of time a user can download based on role and time duration.

Currently the module can:
1. Provide Download button that is not related to cart
2. User who has X role can download X time per X duration (day/week/month/year)
3. User who doesn't have 'access drupie download role' is excluded and cannot use the download button
4. The download counting is based on per product SKU.
5. User can still download past registered product download regardless of current download limit.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module integrates Ubercart with Location. When a user places an order, their
addresses go into their user locations. When placing new orders, all addresses from
the location module are available for the user to choose from.

Managing addresses is handled by the Location module, and this allows connection
with GMap and other Location aware modules.

The current release has been tested against Ubercart 2.x-rc3.

Related modules:

Location first, last, organization fields:

User primary location:

7 years 27 weeks ago

Ubercart Marketplace adds multiple seller support to the Ubercart module. It includes a series of modules that limit the access to Ubercart functions for sellers. Additional functionality is added to support this from both a marketplace seller's point of view and the store administrator's view. Sellers (with the proper access permissions) gain the ability to view their products, track and fulfill their orders, and monitor their sales reports. Store administrators can view seller reports based on seller order statuses and seller sales.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module implements the OnePAY API, the largest online payment gateway in Vietnam as an Ubercart payment gateway module for authorization and transactions via OnePAY. After installing, to connect to OnePAY payment gateway, some information must be entered in the configuration page at Administer › Store administration › Configuration › Payment settings. The module is widely used in e-commerce websites designed by iWay, such as: Vietnam Tourism, and also other providers.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Prevent the addition of out of stock items.

Please read the full description on drupal.org project's page.

Please submit any issues in drupal.org project's page.

4 years 45 weeks ago

This is an Ubercart 2.x payment method for Parsian Bank which provides both site admins and end-users to respectively configure their gateway connection parameters and to pay via that gateway.

7 years 28 weeks ago

This Module enables users to take payments using the Paycard Allcharge system, see: www.paycard.co.il for more information.

7 years 6 weeks ago

This module adds a new payment option called `Payment on Account` it is designed for admins who want to offer a tab or account to customers to be paid weekly, monthly, adhoc. Only users with a specific role can check out with this method and a password field is used to ensure it is the correct user purchasing the items on account. The module ads a new management interface for managing account orders and invoices.

6 years 31 weeks ago

Ubercart Pasargad Bank Paypaad Payment provides Ubercart 2.x a new "Payment Method" to process its online payments
through the Paypaad Payment (http://paypaad.ir/) gateway.

8 years 43 weeks ago

This module implements the PayTrace API as an Ubercart payment gateway for both authorization-only and immediate capture transactions.

An API-enabled user name and password must be entered in the configuration page at /admin/store/settings/payment/edit/gateways. PayTrace require that passwords must be changed regularly; an option is available to do this automatically.

Development sponsored by Covenant Design and PayTrace.

8 years 31 weeks ago

Our pictured cart block provides some advantages in contrast with standard Ubercart block.

  • Show product image (or default icon).
  • Vertical or horizontal ("large icons") orientation.
  • Sort by name, quantity or price.
  • User can decrease or increase quantity of product right in block (and remove in vertical orientation).
  • Optional show item's description in vertical orientation (e.g.

7 years 1 week ago

I have created a module for ubercart, called uc_popular, the module will show a block of most popular products by node view count, a page for displaying the most popular product, a block to switch the page display from grid view to list view and a page to display the best seller of product.

depended on ubercart and uc_best_seller

Demo Page :
http://www.drupalstore.info/popular-design for the popular product page and jquery switchable design from grid to list view

7 years 27 weeks ago

The Ubercart Price Quotes module integrates with the Ubercart module to allow customers to request a price quote for a product via the Ubercart shopping cart.

Developed by ZivTech for BlueCadet.

6 years 47 weeks ago

Product registration is useful for tracking ownership, generating reminder emails, and so, so much more.

7 years 7 weeks ago

This module has been designed to offer a repeat payment option to sites that are using the uc_protx_vsp_direct module. It allows successful transactions to be repeated instead of a user having to type in their card details every time. While I have tested this on my site and it seemed to work fine, I offer no guarentees or warranty that the module will work for you, the method to get the stored transaction data is a little unusual! Basically it searches the order comments and sees if any Protx transaction data is stored then it parses the data and extracts the necessary Information.

7 years 17 weeks ago

Provides listings of purchases for products.
Showing qty, order_id, adress of order etc.
This module is adapted version of project/Purchases Listing for Ubercart 2.x

6 years 25 weeks ago

Download & Extend
Add Issues for uc_restrict_shipping_by_material to dashboard
Download & Extend HomeDrupal Core
ThemesTranslationsInstallation Profiles
ViewGit instructionsEditMaintainers
Posted by craigmc on June 16, 2011 at 2:27pm

7 years 5 days ago

The module is called uc_sales_planning,
it provides forms elements and logic to enable and plan sales on you store based on ubercart.
That means that you will be able to set a different price for products or product classes
and to choose the period of time when this has to be set instead of the standard "sell price" provided by ubercart.
Basically you might choose to set a sale planning on the product class, configuring it in the
content type admin page and then overwriting this configuration in the node add/edit page for the

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a preliminary, alpha-state version of an ubercart / salesforce integration module.
Currently, only ubercart orders are supported.

This module requires ubercart, with "uc_order" enabled, and the SalesForce API ("salesforce").

To use:
(1) install and set up both ubercart and the SalesForce API
(2) activate the "Ubercart Salesforce Order" module
(3) set up a fieldmap between "Ubercart Order" and your desired SalesForce Object (admin/settings/salesforce/fieldmap).

7 years 33 weeks ago

Cart2Cart is an unique shopping cart migration service which allows store owners migrate their products, categories, customers, orders and other data from any of 17 popular shopping carts to Ubercart. Currently Cart2Cart supports 17 most popular shopping carts among which osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart and others. Every month we add two-three other shopping cart to our supported list. Running on Amazon Elastic Cloud Cart2Cart makes migrations fast, accurate and safe.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I have written a simple module which adds a Simplenews newsletter subscribe checkbox to the Ubercart checkout process. This module is tested and works with Ubercart 6.x-2.0-rc6 and Simplenews 6.x-1.0-rc6. It uses an combination of hook_checkout_pane() and simplenews_subscribe_user() to achieve the objective.

7 years 27 weeks ago

uc_sitecatalyst is a module that sets variables specific to the conversion tracking process, know as Success Variables, in the web analytic platform SiteCatalyst by Omniture, Inc.

Currently it is submitted for review and testing in a draft module form.

It requires the Omniture Integration package: http://drupal.org/project/omniture

The current snapshot is available here: http://www.beyond-print.com/uc_sitecatalyst.tar.gz

7 years 32 weeks ago

This module integrates the Systempay Credit Card payment service to Ubercart.

Systempay is used by the French bank Banque Populaire (Cyberplus Paiement).

Copy the uc_systempay folder to your sites/all/modules directory.
Navigate to admin/build/modules and enable the module.
Navigate to admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods and configure Systempay settings.

To do
Add a French translation.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows Ubercart tax rates to be assigned to taxonomy terms.

After installing this module, you will be able to select taxonomy terms from the tax rate edit screen to apply product tax to.

Please note that line item tax will show up separately on the order. So you may want to create separate tax rates to provide appropriate titles (e.g. Shipping tax, Discount tax adjustment etc).

Related discussion: http://www.ubercart.org/issue/15097/conditionally_tax_products_based_tax...

5 years 2 weeks ago

Currently porting to Drupal7 & Ubercart3 (24.11.2012)

A module used to process payments using Banks in Turkey (which is based on EST) with support of 3D Secure .

Türkiye'de EST bazlı bankalar için 3D Güvenli ödeme eklentisi.
Eklenti 3d yöntemi (kart bilgisinin mağazada alındığı durum) ve 3d hosting (kart bilgisinin banka sunucusunda alındığı durum) yöntemlerini destekler.

Not: Eklenti tek bir banka SanalPOS'unu destekler.

Eklentinin desteklediği bankalar:

  1. İş Bankası
  2. Akbank
  3. HSBC
  4. Finansbank
  5. TEB
  6. Fortis
6 years 51 weeks ago

This module is an addition to the userpoints and ubercart modules, it bridges userpoints, ubercart and the userpoints invite module. It allows a site admin to reward users for inviting a friend, then when the invited friend makes a purchase the inviter receives some points.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides a collection of standard views (http://drupal.org/project/views) for Ubercart.

It also describes some of the Ubercart data tables to views, so you can create your own views, based on these data using the views_ui.

If you have some killer views, not included in this module, please don't be shy - share them with us Smiling

Current views

  • new_products: Block view displaying the most recently added products
  • popular_products: Block view displaying the products which has sold the highest quantity
7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was born out of a BoF at Drupalcon DC with members of the Churches Drupal group, the Ubercart maintainers, and Commerce Guys. The goal was to develop a suite of modules useful for allowing churches and other non-profit organizations to accept donations using Ubercart on Drupal 6. This resulted in this list of specifications being approved and funded by the Churches group.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This should be replace ubercarts normal "next" / "prev" buttons in checkout.

The goal:

- Make a simple checkout process with a visual feedback

Whats is done:

- javascript working.
- add a Table of Content pane for the panes ( so can you directly access a filled checkout pane ).

What's to do:

- add a client side validation ( like http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ ).
- add a progress bar ( only need a little rework on pane )

Version 0.1

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module checks stock levels and filters out any out-of-stock attribute
option combinations from the product page select boxes.

Example use case:
Your shop sells a T-shirt that has two attributes, color and size. If a user
selects "Blue" from the Color select box, any sizes that aren't available
in blue will automatically be filtered out from the Size select box.

If the product only has 1 attribute (e.g. size) this will be done before
the form is rendered.

If the product has two or more attributes this is done dynamically using

7 years 27 weeks ago

Like my similar module EC Cart Theme, this module works in tandem with taxonomy_theme to theme the checkout process according to cart contents.


  • A single site allows donations (using uc_donation) to multiple projects (each of which is a uc_donation node).
  • Each project is an independently marketed, standalone landing page meant to receive donations but provide no navigation to other parts of the Ubercart Store.

6 years 31 weeks ago

Checks the stock level for the attribute combination the user has selected before adding the product to the cart.

If the quantity is higher than the available stock the form errors with a helpful message.


Products with no attributes
Products with 1 attribute
products with multiple attributes (required and optional)

I don't know how much use this will be as a module or even if it's duplicated... perhaps someone could tell me.

I need it on a regular basis as I don't know of another way of achieving this.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module checks the number of items in the user's shopping cart before they go to the checkout page. If the number of items in his/her cart is great than 22, it redirects the user back to the shopping cart and displays an error. If you want to change the max number of items, you will need to alter the number 22 in the module.

Hope this saves someone some time.


7 years 27 weeks ago

Correios Quotes is to calculate the shipping quotes from Correios (Brazilian Postal Service). This is a especific module to Brazilian Drupal community and it is a contrib module to Ubercart project.

5 years 27 weeks ago

What is UC Currency
This UC Currency module provides multiple currency convertion feature for ubercart 3.

This module would help Drupal site admin/devs to configure the currency system for ubercart in minutes by using automatically converter or manual rate settings.

Current Features

  • Automatically convertion (rate from Yahoo Finance
  • Manually Rate Convertion
  • Currency switcher block
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was born out of a BoF at Drupalcon DC with members of the Churches Drupal group, the Ubercart maintainers, and Commerce Guys. The goal was to develop a suite of modules useful for allowing churches and other non-profit organizations to accept donations using Ubercart on Drupal 6. This resulted in this list of specifications being approved and funded by the Churches group.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This modules enables the customer to specify if he wants gift wrapping during checkout. There is also an optional text area for a gift card message.

There are presently two settings you can modify:

(1) Calculate gift wrap fee per order or per item.
(2) Gift wrap fee (defaults to $3.00 for no particular reason).

So if you use the settings "per item" and "$2.00" a customer who purchases 3 items in the same order will get charges $6 for the gift wrapping.

Update 1/20/2009:

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a module for Drupal and Ubercart. It converts regular drupal image node-types into Ubercart products. This module handles the conversion(s) in a batch. You can attach a Taxonomy to the image(s). You may also use your own defined product class.

3 years 24 weeks ago

Adds a legal aspects pane for Europe to the checkout page.

Show General terms and conditions
Show Revocation rights

2 Checkboxes for completing the checkout

Shows a Popuplink and Printlink for "General terms and conditions" and "Revocation rights".

Ported from UC 2 version to UC 3

7 years 27 weeks ago

A basic but powerfull module for Ubercart that allows to overide the product price based on a country.
The module provides a block where the user can select a country/region. This selection is then used to select the correct price.

If the module ip2cc is enabled it will be used to get the country code from the user by IP. (block selection will overide this.

Module is not been tested well, so feedback is apreciated.

7 years 27 weeks ago

UC Node Access lets you attach Node access features to products in your Ubercart store. These features allow customers who purchase the product to receive view access to nodes on your site either indefinitely or for a limited time based on the feature's settings. UC Node Access does not handle access grants itself but rather depends on other modules to define handlers that integrate UC Node Access with the various node access modules developed for Drupal.

Currently integrated node access modules include:

5 years 8 weeks ago

UC_OmniKassa is a payment method for UberCart to integrate the Rabobank OmniKassa payment method at the UberCart checkout. It has configurable options to select the payment methods to use (iDEAL, Creditcard, bank transfer), production or test urls. It has been tested on a production-webshop with no reported problems (it has been installed for a few months now and several transactions have been made).

7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows users to add a description to attribute options. Similar to UC Radio Options or UC Option Image.

AJAX (or AHAH) loading of description when option is selected during the purchase item customization process

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was born out of a BoF at Drupalcon DC with members of the Churches Drupal group, the Ubercart maintainers, and Commerce Guys. The goal was to develop a suite of modules useful for allowing churches and other non-profit organizations to accept donations using Ubercart on Drupal 6. This resulted in this list of specifications being approved and funded by the Churches group.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Integrates the profile module with Ubercart. This module creates a checkout pane called "Profile" that pulls in all of the fields from a profile category called "ubercart." The fields will be saved
against the users profile.

Instructions for use:

  • Create the profile fields with a category called "ubercart" (case sensitive).
  • Enable the pane at 'admin/store/settings/checkout/edit/panes'.
  • Set the pane's title under the Profile Panes settings. This will also change the title of the pane on the profile page and anywhere else the profile is displayed.
7 years 27 weeks ago

Shows a zoomed window on Ubercart product node images when moving the cursor over them. Grunt work is done by the Magnifier module (required) (http://drupal.org/project/magnifier).

See examples at http://artbrasil.com.au/cms/node/117

The size of the magnification window and the magnification level can be set at Administer -> Configuration -> Product magnify.

The Magnifier module uses javascript to do it's thing.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This gives you the ability to upload images to your radio options for attributes. There was a need for something simple without anything extra.

It requires imagecache.

Easy to use. Once you enable it, it will create an imagecache preset call radio_thumb. This is what it will display on the product pages next to radio options. It is up to you to style them appropriately, but it is relatively easy.

You can see an example of this module in action at: http://www.bestbuiltblinds.com/blinds/bestbuilt-2-inch-basswood-blinds

7 years 27 weeks ago

UC Restrict Qty lets you add a very basic Restrict Qty. product feature to products in your Ubercart store to limit the quantity of those product in the shopping cart to 1. This is useful for single purchase products or for instances where it just doesn't make sense for a customer to purchase more than one and you want to prevent it from happening.

Due to the way products are added to the cart, customers can add multiple variations of the same product to their carts (i.e. different attribute/option combinations) but never more than one of any given variation.

5 years 44 weeks ago

This module performs two checks during checkout.

When a user tries to add a product to cart, the quantity is checked against the available stock level.
If the quantity exceeds stock level, the user won't be able to add the product to the cart.
Instead an error message tells him to chose a different quantity.

The same check is performed when the user updates his cart.

Please notice:
- Product kits not supported yet. (will fix)
- Differing SKUs not supported yet, just checks the standard SKU. (will fix)

7 years 27 weeks ago
This module defines a new store credit payment method that allows your customers to purchase items from your Ubercart store without paying actual money. The module uses a handler system for tracking and processing store credit transactions, and it includes a handler integrating UC Store Credit with the User Points module.
7 years 28 weeks ago

Add a payment letting you, the administrator(s), test your cart features without having to turn off your other payment methods.

This is particularly useful on a live site where you do not want/feel like making credit card payments just to see whether a feature really works. This module will provide you with a payment that works like a full & immediate payment, without the worry of running out of credit on your credit card (or having problems with your merchant account because you cancel too many orders.)

7 years 27 weeks ago

From the README.txt:
The price of a product might change in different currencies by a value not
determined by it's actual rate. For example 1USD might be 100YEN in one
product, but 150YEN in another.
The module alters the price according to the user's currency.
The currency information is set in a cookie for authenticated users or in the
session for anonymous users.

* It seems to be working already, however I've set it to 'Uploaded for testing' until after moderation.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module was born out of a BoF at Drupalcon DC with members of the Churches Drupal group, the Ubercart maintainers, and Commerce Guys. The goal was to develop a suite of modules useful for allowing churches and other non-profit organizations to accept donations using Ubercart on Drupal 6. This resulted in this list of specifications being approved and funded by the Churches group.

7 years 39 weeks ago

This module is meant to implement the PayPal Adapative API payment method within Ubercart.

This module is meant to integrate with Marketplace, to allow a site owner to take commission as the sales are made to avoid having to make use of Mass Paypal after the fact.

Unzip file into your /sites/modules/all directory, or the correct directory for your installation.
Go to admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods to activate this payment method
Follow the directions to configure the API credentials in the Website Payments Pro settings.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Hello all,

I have ported the uc_auspost module to drupal 6/ubercart 2. The base code is the original ubercart 1 uc_auspost module which can be found here http://www.ubercart.org/comment/10283/Re_Hi_Again_Herere_few_error.

I used the ubercart 2 uc_ups and uc_usps modules as a guide. there are quite a few changes to the original uc_auspost code. For those interested, here are some of the changes/details.

7 years 27 weeks ago

uc_best_sellers keeps track of how many times a product has sold. This is primarily useful for providing a block to display best sellers (that's why I wrote it, anyway).

Order count is maintained in a separate table along with the nid of the associated product. It's not model-specific at this point, it's only useful for tracking the number of times a product's primary SKU has sold. It's integrated with a CA hook that fires when an order is finalized and submitted. The count sold is incremented for each line item in the order based on the quantity purchased.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Imagine a t-shirt product I'd like to buy for my friend. I see the style node (the t-shirt) which is a product class with two attributes:
My measurements - which will show me a list of all my friends and their body measurements. This list will be populated by a Views query (views.module).
Fabric width - which will show me the different thickness of the fabric. This list needs to change according to the user profile's working units (profile.module)

Here's how you define it:
1. Create attributes with one option, which is called dummy.

7 years 27 weeks ago

I wanted to theme out the bullet-arrow to green.

I figured instead of changing the images in the module, I would pull the images from my theme directory.

When I tried to override the $arrow_up_image:

function phptemplate_uc_cart_block_title($cart_image, $arrow_up_image) {
  $arrow_up_image = base_path() . path_to_subtheme() . "/images/bullet-arrow-up.gif";

it would display okay initially, but the minute it switched, the images would start being retrieved from the module directory.

7 years 27 weeks ago

File Download Product served from Amazon S3 for Ubercart.

Product downloads are stored and served on/from your Amazon S3 account. All files are set at private, so the files are secure. Preventing people from downloading them without first buying them.

All features of the original uc_file module are functional.

7 years 27 weeks ago

www.G2S.com payment module for Ubercart, the open source e-commerce package provider for Drupal. Gate2Shop is a complete ecommerce solution provider for software vendors. Credit Cards accepted. Alternative payment methods available. All features of Ubercart supported. Integration is easy and streamlined. Competent tech support. Gate2Shop is ideal for all software vendors and digital service providers. You create the software, G2S will help sell it! For more information and technical support send e-mail to: tech-support@g2s.com

7 years 27 weeks ago

Replaces standard submit button with an image submit.

Install the version for whichever version of ubercart you're running into your modules directory, and replace the image file in uc_imgsubmit/images with the button image you want to use, or use the included blue button.

If you'd rather use a gif than a png, modify line 20 of the uc_imgsubmit.module to be .gif instead of .png

6 years 47 weeks ago

A stock level manager working with uc_stock, that takes into account the different sku of a product, according to the attribute selected.
Tests are made in -
* add to cart form
* cart view form
* final checkout

Error messages are themeable.

This module borrows freely (i.e - copies) some code from the Inventory API & Simple Stock Levels - (http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/132), by CpILL (http://www.ubercart.org/user/29), but is meant to be used with the uc_stock module.

according to user experience (http://www.ubercart.org/comment/20036/Re_I_noticed_contribution):

7 years 27 weeks ago

This is a blatant, unashamed edit of uc_roles, with my thanks for the fine module to rip apart. The intent of the edit was to handle node publication in exactly the same manner as role asignment. Node poduct and node expiry tables are created, and the module syncs with the scheduler module. Not sure if this is necessary, but most who deal with node expiry seem to be using it.

This module appears to be working, but it needs EXTENSIVE testing. Please do not rely on it yet. The code is in rough shape, and I upload it so other, more experienced eyes can tell me where I have gone wrong.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Apply to :
uc_order.admin.inc,v 2009/11/18 21:08:06

The column "Status" is not translated :

change line 1049
array('data' => $order->title),

to :

array('data' => t($order->title)),

7 years 27 weeks ago

Adds support for percentage based shipping

Supports Minimum shipping amount (only added if order has shippable products and total shipping is less than minum shipping amount)
Default shipping can be a percent of total order
Products can over-ride default rate

This module is basically just a modified version of uc_flatrate.
I have not posted this module to CVS yet.

Please send feedback
I will post it to drupal CVS as soon as it is ready.

7 years 26 weeks ago

Adds a workflow-ng condition to recognize shipping addresses to PO boxes/ military APO/FPO destinations.
can be used to determine a different shipping method and/or rate for those destinations.

contains in fact two conditions:
1. lax comparison - the address is suspected of being a PO/APO/FPO
2. strict comparison - the address is sure to be a PO/APO/FPO.

i use them both together to determine the shipping methods available- i rather have an extra shipping method in certain cases, but never to have no shipping at all.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module creates a checkout progress block in the checkout page.
The checkout stages are being updated with the checkout panes.

The actual html is themable.

no css in this module - you have to provide your own.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Saferpay gateway implementation

7 years 27 weeks ago

Cleaned up version of uc_stock for Drupal 6. It fixes an issue with Conditional Actions that I patched over on Drupal.org. Also, adds a CA trigger for when product stock falls below the threshold, as well as a predicate on that trigger to e-mail the admin (and/or whomever you specify in the CA settings) in this case.

Separated the stock reports code from the content... slapped a couple UI improvements on (well, I think so... would appreciate feedback on this area) (You can see a screenshot here )

7 years 27 weeks ago


Tested on D6

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides the following features:

  • Replaces the Sell Price field with two fields - "Price inc VAT" and "Price ex VAT"
  • Adds VAT total and Order Total rows to the Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Adds "Price inc VAT" and "Price ex VAT" fields to Product view
  • Adds "Price inc VAT" and "Price ex VAT" fields to the Catalog in Grid or table view
  • Adds "Price inc VAT" and "Price ex VAT" fields to Views
7 years 27 weeks ago

Allows you to enforce Product SKUs to be unique either among the current product type/class or among all products. Returns a form validation error in case of a duplicate SKU.

Simply go to the Content type or Product class settings form for each type you want to activate this for.

I took a lot of inspiration from webmasterkai's Automatic SKU module, but i'm not sure if the two will work together or not as it depends which fires first.

This is the first attempt at this and works well for me with light testing.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Northern Ireland counties aren't in the United Kingdom CIF file for some reason, so here's the update for United Kingdom AND Northern Ireland.

Also we once had an english person trying to ship products to her friend in Greece. "Greece isn't in the list" she told us, but it was in the list - only in Greek.

Anyhoo, here's updates for greece, iran and ukraine, all it does is change the displayed name from "Local" to "Local (English)"

To install any of the above just upload the files to your server


6 years 21 weeks ago

After much study i have finally managed to make a very generic module that will update the cart quantity on checkout pages. It will use the Drupal's jquery support to update the cart.
Please review the same.
All you have to do is to enable the module for it to work.

7 years 27 weeks ago

After migrating to a Windows 2008 64bit server running apache and Drupal 5, I noticed that my UPS module suddenly stopped functioning. No response from UPS was being returned despite correct settings.

Additional testing revealed that drupal_http_request within the UPS shipping module was returning a blank response in every instance of it's use.

I decided to implement a cUrl version of the UPS module, which is the fix I implemented to resolve my issue. This module also includes very minor updates to debug output.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module now has a Project Page on Drupal.org. I will be adding releases asap.

Allows merchants to associate multiple products together, and offer related products before checkout. When a user checks out with a product or products that don't currently have any other products associated with it, or the number of associated products (minus the items in their cart) is too low, they will instead get a list of random products from the catalog.

7 years 27 weeks ago

From business point of view, shopkeepers basically want their clients to:

  1. Find a product
  2. Add the pruduct(s) to the cart
  3. Proceed to checkout and pay
7 years 27 weeks ago

This module implements the USAePay credit card gateway as an Ubercart payment method.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module allows users to set a primary (default) location when editing their account. This ties into Ubercart indirectly via module uc_location, which sets the primary location if none exists. Having a primary location is important for the Salesforce - Ubercart integration we have been working on.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module makes it possible for customers to add items to their shopping carts that are discounted based on the number of userpoints they have. Discounts are enabled for individual products on their node edit forms, causing a second submit button to be added to the product's add to cart form that adds the product to the shopping cart with the discount. The value of userpoints are specified as a conversion rate against the dollar (or your store's currency) in an administration form.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module integrates userpoints with ubercart for payment and reward when making nonpoint purchases.

Alpha 2 makes a minor change to what causes the payment method to be shown.
Alpha 3 fixes some changes (or errors on my part) in the hook_order api that caused some problems

7 years 18 weeks ago

A module for "Örugg greiðslusíða" at Valitor. it works as it is now but can probably be improved a lot !
It is only intended for the "Örugg greiðslusíða" method, as can be seen on http://valitor.is/?PageID=1533
This is based on the uc_2checkout module.
Valitor takes a fee for this service.

7 years 27 weeks ago

The module is now officially supported on drupal.org. See the project page.

The release only support Ubercart 6.x branch, because I don't have anymore 5.x shop, and don't have extra time to work on a release I don't use.

If somebody want to backport it, I will be happy to commit it. Use the drupal issue queue for that.

7 years 27 weeks ago

VAT number and Fiscal Code for the store owner and for your customers.
We have developed this module for Italy. In this country some businesses have to indicate vat number and fiscal code.

7 years 38 weeks ago

This is the porting for D6 of this module: http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/7717

7 years 27 weeks ago
8 years 40 weeks ago

Check postal address.

7 years 10 weeks ago

Payment Module for Ubercart allowing customers to use a VaultNoir (http://www.vaultnoir.com) account to provide payment for purchases.

An SSL certificate file is included to allow cURL to authenticate VaultNoir's SSL certificate, which is signed by a VeriSign intermediate cert that is not yet in many OpenSSL distributions.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module requires curl to run. It will process credit card payments using the Viaklix payment gateway, so you must also have an account with them.

7 years 27 weeks ago
7 years 27 weeks ago

Based off the viaklix module originally developed by ESA Technologies, http://www.esatech.com. VirtualMerchant gateway is used by NOVA Systems / Costco Merchant Services.

Update: a few bug fixes on 12/15/2007.

Jan 3, 2008 Update: a few more bug fixes.

July 21 2008 update: Added in the recommended fixes from the comments below. thanks for the feedback.
Jan 2009 update: Update and beta-testing with Drupal versions 1.6 and 1.7.
Feb 2009 updates

5 years 9 weeks ago

Almost unmaintained. I suggest you look at Delivery Timeslot Many alternatives have blossomed since I first started this module. I have switched to other commerce solutions. No improvements will be done here in the future, unless someone takes over as maintainer.

6 years 38 weeks ago

VT Mass admin is a module for Drupal 6 with capabilities to mass edit nodes and save the changes using batch api

Currently there are support for :
1. Node title
2. Node body
3. Nodewords Keywords ( requires nodewords module )
4. Nodewords Description ( requires nodewords module )
5. Mass Delete
6. Node published status
7. Node promoted status
8. Node Sticky status
9. Ubercart field for : SKU, Dimension, Prices

Currently there are known bugs / incomplete feature :
1. Content taxonomy need to save to core taxonomy otherwise updating it using the module will do nothing

7 years 27 weeks ago

Module for calculating Washington state sales tax. You can choose which product types and line items (such as shipping charges) are taxable, and the tax is calculated based on the shipping address of the purchaser (if they are within Washington state). The tax rate is found using the official Washington Department of Revenue web lookup service.

7 years 27 weeks ago

This module provides the Western Union payment method for Ubercart.

6 years 31 weeks ago

This module was created by someone else but I have modified some code to make it usable for version 2 of Ubercart and the Westpac Payway API (had a few typos).
I am publishing this because it took me ages to find and i'm positive it will benefit many others.

when a user clicks "back" on the review order page and updates details it then generates a "Duplicate Transaction" error and wont go past the "review page", would love some help in addressing this issue.

4 years 49 weeks ago

Based on the nicely-conceived purchaser list report, Who Bought What lets you create a list of the order line items for a given product. The list, downloadable in CSV form also, includes quantity, buyer name and info, payment info, and all attributes.

Now in version 7!

1 year 43 weeks ago

Wirecard Checkout Page is designed to meet the ambitious demands of merchants offering a wide range of payment methods while at the same time fulfilling PCI DSS compliance.

Wirecard Checkout Page offers:

  • National and international payment methods: credit cards, debit cards, online banking payments, mobile payment solutions and other alternative payment methods.
  • One interface for all payment methods.
  • Intuitive user interface in more than 25 languages and 120 currencies.
7 years 27 weeks ago

*** UC Wish List has been ported to D6 and completed by Ryan; available at http://drupal.org/project/uc_wishlist. ***


uc_wishlist is a module that adds wish list/gift registry support to Ubercart. This module has been tested with Ubercart 1.6.


Download the latest release of this module below. Uncompress the archive in your Ubercart contrib directory. Enable the wish list module under 'Ubercart - extra' in the Drupal module administration page.


7 years 27 weeks ago

From the file comments:

A module used for WonderPay's Preview Mode of redirected payment processing.

7 years 27 weeks ago

installation instructions:
unzip into modules/ubercart/shipping/

configuration is under home>administer>store administration>configuration>methods

What's included:

well this was largely based on the geoshipping module and the the weight quotes module so:
you configure shipping rules where you choose the area type: country, zone, postal code, region or anywhere (special default - only applies if no other specific rules apply)
for each rule you may choose a flat rate or a per weight unit multiplication.

7 years 27 weeks ago

Worldpay Payment method.

Worldpay is an often used payment method in the UK. (www.worldpay.com)

At the moment I only have a test account with them, so it is not tested at a live environment yet.

Worldpay has lots of options and possibilities. It seems to work for the setup I need at the moment.
Let me know if you need (or have made) different functionality or have any questions about the module.

(If you have an worldpay account this can be interesting

7 years 27 weeks ago

Country code, provinces and address formats for Zimbabwe.

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