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Ubercart 1.x

This module allows users to mark attributes on their products as price impacting. Then, they are able to go to a screen similar to the adjustments screen and enter a price for each price impacting attribute option combination.

How does this work? It is dependent on the uc_custom_price and uc_attribute_token modules. When a product's price impacting combinations are stored, the PHP code to change the price is written to the uc_custom_price module's database table directly, complete with token values. Essentially, it is a front end for these two modules working together.

Any changes to which attributes impact price causes that products price impacting combo information to be deleted.

To Do:

  • Have it update the price dynamically as the user is making his or her selections.
  • Integrate it into the table portion of the form on the Attributes form

Right now, I'm looking for reviewers, testers, etc. Please feel free to drop me a line!

Also, my sponsor's website isn't completely finished right now, but keep an eye out as it will be soon!

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Attribute Add issue

I noticed these do show up when you go to add a new attribute. This will be in the works to resolve.

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I didn't plan on porting to Drupal 6 since the two prereq modules weren't available in D6 when it was designed. I did it as a one off for a customer and wanted to give back Smiling

Built in capability in UC2? I know that Adjustments (I believe) was an option, but that had you set a price for every possible combination. In my cases, Color and Font were also attributes so I didn't want to have to assign prices incorporating those attributes as well since they didn't have anything to do with the price.

I have also since found that in UC1, if you have too many attribute/option combos, you can actually overload MySQL. The site I made this for almost got their hosting shut down because of it.



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Is some news, i need this module somebody does a porting?