Cart Abandonment

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Ubercart 2.x

Provides a trigger that fires after a cart has remained in a specified state for a specified number of hours.

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Hi, What exactly should be

What exactly should be used this module for?
thank you

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higer conversion

It gives you the possibility to mail or sent a message to people who have items in their shopping basket (when they are logged in you can see their contacts etc) so you can try to make it a conversion.

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how to use it

Hi can you explain how to use it?

I didn't find any readme file.

Does it work out of the box, or do I need extra config


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Abandoned Cart messaging module for Drupal 7 / UC 3

You may want to check this out for UC 3.0x

Abandoned Cart Messages

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Re: Cart Abandonment

Still looking for a way to be notified of abandoned carts.

No real solution for Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 ?


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Re: Cart Abandonment

No one ever mentioned how this works.

Here's what I did, is this correct?

1. Install the module
2. Visit admin/settings/uc_abandon_cart and set the time before "In Checkout" orders are considered for an abandonment email
3. Set a Long Term Cart Abandonment trigger with NO conditions
4. Set a Send an Order Email action

Obviously if they haven't gotten to the point of entering an email, they won't get a message.

I added myself to the recipients as well to hopefully test and see if this works.