La Caixa Payment


A module for accepting payments from La Caixa (spanish bank). Some code has been used from similar ECommerce module by Robert Garrigos

This is an initial upload, but the module has been tested and works.

uc_lacaixa.zip3.53 KB
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Re: La Caixa Payment

Little change for making it work in test enviroment:

In uc_la_caixa_form, when building the message:

if ($test) {
    $message = $ds_merchant_amount . $ds_merchant_order . $ds_merchant_merchantcode . $ds_merchant_currency . $tpv_key;
  } else {
    $message = $ds_merchant_amount . $ds_merchant_order . $ds_merchant_merchantcode . $ds_merchant_currency . $ds_merchant_transactiontype . $ds_merchant_merchanturl . $tpv_key;   
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Re: La Caixa Payment

Are you going to port it to Ubercart 2? Thanks

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La caixa payment

I'm interested too.

I could help you to upgrade it to Ubercart 2. Contact me.