Print IPP


That modules integrates with Ubercart and Workflow-NG in order to proceed the printing of an order at checking out on a sitewide printer or per node related basis.

Example : Your website is a portal for some suppliers. A product is a node which is related to a given supplier. The visitor is filling is cart with some products from some given suppliers. The entity supplier has been built at using CCK and at editing this content type you can specify the printer parameters for this supplier. At checking out the part of the order concerning each supplier will be sent to his printer. The Product content type need to be added a field to link the product to the supplier, we use the Node Reference module for that.

Some other uses may be found, as to simply print order and not only send email about them.

The module depends on : Workflow-ng - Ubercart Product - Ubercart Order - Node Reference

A sub-module to format the order in a suitable way for Citizen Ct-S310 (Point of sale printer) is provided and may fit for other POS printers.

See README.txt in the archive.
Added Dec, 18th, 2008 : After deep review of the market, the best point of sale printer to use with that is definitely the The Star Micronics TSP100 series.

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