Text Based Best Sellers like osCommerce


Displays 10 best sellers item as a text on a block. When mouse over occurs display the image of the product form imagecache product_list images.

Currently in development and need javascript/css help for better display. The image is not positioned very well and in some cases the image is blinking.

appreciate any help.

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Marquee block added

This is a block that uses the somewhat evil <marquee> tag to show a small block that scrolls through the top ten sellers. All I did was copy this code to create another block. hope its helpful to someone else. thanks to bakyildiz for the original code.

Frank Carey

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Drupal.org project page

This contribution has been posted at http://drupal.org/project/uc_product_blocks. Please use the issue tracker to post bug reports, feature requests, etc. Questions and comments are still welcome in the forums here.