Paypal or Moneris Integration into Ubercart


I have a rental business. If merchandise is not returned, I need to be able to charge customers automatically. Paypal is currently integrated into my site's shopping cart and I added an option called "Reference Transactions" to my PayPal account to do this. I added Paypal Manager login credentials to my site, but the reference transactions option is still not working. Paypal has informed me that everything is correct on the Paypal end, but there is something in my shopping cart that is not set up correctly.

I would like to get this fixed through Paypal, or integrate my cart with Moneris (my payment processor for orders that are placed in store. Paypal is for online orders). Moneris said they have a similar service that will do the same thing called "The Vault". Since my cart is already integrated with Paypal, I was trying to set it up through Paypal, but if it is too complicated or is not going to be stable, I am OK with switching to Moneris.

I have the contact details ready for both options. site is