Ubercart Add to Cart Block


Use an "Add to Cart" form or a "Buy it now" button in blocks anywhere in the site or in Panels! Current version works in Drupal 7.

Site admins that want to make use of the "Add to Cart" form without using Views or forcibly typing in the PHP to load it, this module is for you. This module creates a simple "Add to Cart" block which can be re-used anywhere in the site, including in Panels! This would even make it extremely simple to use Context's specialized block reactions to display the "Add to Cart" block where and when you truly want it.

This also includes a separate "Buy it now" block. This block allows a simple "add to cart" block with NO attributes displayed. This block even allows administrators to turn off attribute validation so an unconfigured product can be added to the cart. This feature is useful for sites which want to collect what products visitors want for a "Request for Quote" function, particularly when users don't know which options might be necessary.

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