UC Ajax Checkout


This should be replace ubercarts normal "next" / "prev" buttons in checkout.

The goal:

- Make a simple checkout process with a visual feedback

Whats is done:

- javascript working.
- add a Table of Content pane for the panes ( so can you directly access a filled checkout pane ).

What's to do:

- add a client side validation ( like http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ ).
- add a progress bar ( only need a little rework on pane )

Version 0.1

Only a prototype. working fine for me so please test it ; - )

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Re: UC Ajax Checkout

I have just installed your module, but it seems that the shipping cost pane fails to be updated and you're sent back to the first step, review shopping cart.

Another point of interest: Below the Weiter button, the Review Order button is still active.

I don't need the module, so I haven't looked at the code yet, it was just for testing I've downloaded it.

Thanks for the good work,

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Re: UC Ajax Checkout

I'm think you should use t() function. After installing your module I see 'Weiter' and 'Zuruck' links which are not translatable.