Alpha Bank Deltapay - Greek Bank


Allows any ubercart 2/drupal6 site to receive payments using the Alpha Deltapay
Redirection method (a product of the Greek Bank Alpha).

Implementation followed the "DeltaPAY Merchant Integration Specifications - v1.7"
but works unchanged even with the new v1.8 specifications.

Payment with installments (Doseis in Greek) is also implemented as long as the Bank
has approved that feature the vendor's account.

The module partly modeled after uc_2checkout included with ubercart 2.


* put the module in any of the following
sites\all\modules (UNTESTED)

Install as usual
enable LOCALE otherwise you will get following error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function locale() in /home/irm/public_html/modules/ubercart/payment/uc_alpha_deltapay/ on line 84


* Goto admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods
Enable "Credit Card"

Under "Credit Card Settings"
You MUST input "Vendor account number" (given by Alpha Bank when signing up an agreement)

Rest of the settings should work out of the box

* Optionally you can change any of the other settngs
including "Payment method title" (default "Credit Card")

* For testing
Enable "Demo mode"
You can use an imaginary "Vendor account number", if you don't have one

-- FAQ --

Q: Why does the module create an intermediary page (cart/alphadeltapay/pay) right
after "Submit Order" ?

A: Because Alpha Bank only accepts 1 URL from which to send customers to their
payment getaway and ubecart by default creates 1 URL for each language.

Tried to solve this problem with with uc_alpha_deltapay_pay_() in the .inc file
but I can't get it to work. Anyone can pick up from there and submit any working

If you find a better solution please share.



-- AUTHOR --

* Giorgos Kontopoulos (GiorgosK) -

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