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This module lets you attach images to Products attributes so you get a thumbnail preview of the 'Colour' (for example) which the view can click on and it should switch the larger image on the Product Details page.

To add images you first have to get them into the files table somehow. I was using the basic Images module to do mass imports of images. Then 'Edit' a product, you should see a new tab ('Attribute Images' I think it was) which will give you a select list of all the images in the files table from for each attribute.

YOU MUST INSTALL the imagecache module and have a preset called 'thumbnail' which will be used for the thumbnail (duh) on the Product Details page.

For working example see any of the products at:

This module comes with no support and I'm more than willing for some keen developer to take it up and make it their own (as I have no plans to support it right now).

This is _ABANDONED_ software and is donated to the community.

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attribute images

Right after having loaded attribute images and submitted, images do not display in Preview, and I get an error in image_switcher.js line 40:

function uc_attr_img_activate(obj) {
39 // Display the name of what is selected
40 $(".AddToCart .AttributeImages label span.CurrentValue").html(obj.alt);

uc_attr_img_activate is called with obj 'undefined'.

Any clue to what could cause this?

I'm running Drupal 5.

Thank you

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Re: Attribute Images

Is there an alternative for ubercart 2.x?

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Re: Re: Attribute Images
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thank you

For the links