Chase Paymentech Hosted Checkout


Integration for Chase Paymentech Hosted Checkout with Ubercart.

This module was developed for a customer's site. It fully implements the hosted checkout functionality for a LINK, POST or REDI responses.

I have not added an implementation of the Relay response yet, but if someone requires that the module could be quickly updated to do so.

Also, there isn't specific support for debit payments yet. The processor will accept debit transactions, but the module isn't set up to display the debit response fields to the customer as Chase requires. Not sure how those rules are maintained on their end.

Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring the development for adding relay response or debit transaction display.

First you will have to apply for an online chase merchant account and configure a hosted checkout page.

The module adds Chase Paymentech as as payment method to Ubercart. Its has several configuration sections:

Required fields:
checkbox : Use SSL ....
- Check this box if you have added a ssl certificate to you website. It will make the response url use https. Highly recommended.

Login ID: Your hosted chekout page id

Transaction key: Your hosted checkout transaction key.

Response key: Your hosted checkout response key.

Transaction type: Choose capture or Authorization.

Transaction mode: Test or Production. You should set this in your merchant account as well for the hosted checkout page. In test mode you should use the test credit card numbers that are available in the documentation that comes with the hosted chekout pages.

Response Mode: Link, Post or automatic redirect. Link and Post give the customer something to click when they complete payment. Redi automatically redirects them back to your site.

Customer notifications: tells chase to send a receipt to customers or not.

Show debug info in the logs for payment processing: adds extra debug info to watchdog.

Configured Card Types: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and debit are available.

Optional Fields:
These fields are pretty self explanatory

Response field capture settings:
Select the fields if any that you would like to be stored in the payment's data field. This may be used in the future for displaying back the info on a transaction search. By default the chase transaction id and response codes are stored. These fields aren't available to be selected because the will be regardless.


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