UC Check Stock Before Cart


Checks the stock level for the attribute combination the user has selected before adding the product to the cart.

If the quantity is higher than the available stock the form errors with a helpful message.


Products with no attributes
Products with 1 attribute
products with multiple attributes (required and optional)

I don't know how much use this will be as a module or even if it's duplicated... perhaps someone could tell me.

I need it on a regular basis as I don't know of another way of achieving this.

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A little change in the info file

Hi and thanks for the contributed module.

With the original info file uc_check_stock_before_cart is located in the modules node in other.

This changes are just to insert the module into the Ubercart extra package and adding the version number:

Save this lines in: uc_check_stock_before_cart.info

; $Id$
name = Check Stock Before Cart
description = Checks the stock levels of the attributes selected before adding the product to the cart.
version = "6.x-1.0"
core = 6.x
package = "Ubercart - extra"
project = "ubercart"
datestamp = "1320511440"


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I installed this module last week because I was interested in the "Unique Product" feature, which unpublished a product after the first purchase.

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