Codice Fiscale


That contrib lets you store customer's Italian Codice Fiscale for each placed order.

Codice Fiscale it's mandatory for transactions made by Italian e-commerce stores.

That module should be used in conjunction of uc_vat module. It extends billing pane of checkout form.


  1. extract the tarball in the ubercart's contrib directory (should be sites/all/modules/ubercart/contrib/uc_codice_fiscale)
  2. goto store settings and fill your vendor's Codice Fiscale
  3. use [store-codice-fiscale] and [order-codice-fiscale] tokens in your invoces

Till now it's validating string by regex. If needed, should be extended with Codice Fiscale calculation.

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Re: Codice Fiscale

unfortunately can't get it to work with latest version of Ubercart! Why doesn't Ubercart support this in core?

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I agree!


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[order-codice-fiscale] does'nt work for me

The module works perfectly on my Drupal6 but the [order-codice-fiscale] token in my invoice doesn't work.[store-codice-fiscale] is working properly.

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Useful for Spain?


I wonder if this module is useful for Spain. Here we need and 9 digit code. One of them is a letter, like this:


Is this module suiteble for that? Or is there a more generic CIF module?

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not in core

Because Codice Fiscale is used only in italian commerce? Eye-wink's picture
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for Spain

You could use it as starting point for a new module, just edit the regular expression validation.