Direct Deposit


This type of payment may also be referred to as a Bank Transfer but this module is specifically designed for Australian Direct Deposits. Features admin fields for store owner's account name, BSB, account number and bank name.

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Buy in payment received

There was a bug when we mark the orders as paid. The field accept only numbers without "," for decimal values. Thanks!

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Re: Buy in payment received

Did you manage to fix or locate the comma bug?

Edit: How do you rate the module's functionality and suitability, any feedback appreciated to improve the module.

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Re: Direct Deposit

Thanks Xweb for this very useful module. IN India it is not easy to find good paymant gateways. This is one of the viable options.

I have modified this module to support upto 3 banks. The BSB has been replaced by the branch name.
Paying by: Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit to:

Ragavendra BN
Account: 11111111
Bank: 1st Bank
Branch: Bengaluru

Ragavendra BN
Account: 22222222
Bank: 2nd Bank
Branch: Bengaluru

Ragavendra BN
Account: 3333333
Bank: 3rd Bank
Branch: Bengaluru

Please note: Direct Deposit details will not be displayed after checkout.

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Lithuanian translation

Here is Lithuanian language translation of Direct deposit.

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Thai translation for direct deposit

Direct deposit is the most popular payment method in Thailand.
For all ubercart-er in Thai, I hope this help you a lot!

I modified from Lithuanian translation file.

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Anyone willing to code this some more?

I will be willing to pay some money to someone that makes some simple modifications to this module.

I need this payment module to:
- have only a text area to store payment instructions
- be able to load the token order-total
- use the currency module ( ) or other module to get an exchange rate.
- Multiply order-total by this rate to show the price in other currency
- Save the textarea and this value in a token so that these instructions can ve sent to the buyer by email.

Anyone interested?

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additional features

based on the original code I've added some features:
- added additional bank detail fields (IBAN, SWIFT, Clearing Number, Bank Branch)
- all fields are now optional and are only displayed when they contain data
- added a token [order-payment-bank-details] to display the information on the invoice

and here some key words as I had myself a hard time to find this module:
bank deposit / giro transfer / bank transfer

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move project to


I was just wondering if I should move this project to and came across the uc_bankdeposit module. as far as I can tell both try to do the same thing!

how about a merge of the two modules?
if yes: any opinion what name we should go for? - native English speakers? (uc_direct_deposit / uc_bank_deposit / uc_bank_transfer / uc_giro_transfer)


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Re: move project to

I vote for: uc_direct_deposit

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with one vote for "bank transfer" (in uc_bankdeposit thread) and one for "direct deposit" I checked google trends to see what is more searched for. bank transfer has a 50% lead.

From now on the project is maintained on

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This is great! I had to tweak another existing module to get this done. The one I made for myself worked, but as I'm not a developer it's probably not done very well.

This one looks great and I switched to this one.

Little question: Is it possible to remove the "to:" in the information field if there is no bank-info field is filled out? I know that is the point of the whole module, but I kinda like my text field like I had done with my previous module and I just put that in the description field. (example in attachment)

Anyway, I love this module and I'm looking forward to see it grow further.


--EDIT: Actually, I changed the bank account information to the Review Order, and I'm very happy with it. Also I filled out the bank information fields and I must say its perfect as it is.
As an extra little note: it would be nice to make the bank-info fields a bit tweakable with css so it would be possible to highlight the order number or bank number with a bold type or color...

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