Direct Debit


Direct Debit is a payment method where a customer allows the site manager to withdraw money from their back account.

Direct Debit manage the required fields to the order for later retrieval.

For automated processing of Direct Debit which is country specific in what data is necessary and how to present your bank with this data you probably need a bank/country specific module too.

The Dutch "Automatische Incasso" is managed by clieop to interface with some dutch bank upload interfaces.

The german translation is committed thanks to Stephan_M.

Motivation for is that Payment is not ubercart specific and tracking the module through status update is only possible over there.


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Re: Direct Debit

Is a download available yet ? I hope this can work with Canadian debit as well ?

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german translation

Attached is the german .po file:

uc_directdebit.de_.po 1.26 KB
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This module for D6 can help

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Help! What am I missing to get Direct Debit to work?

First of all, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into building the Direct Debit module. I'm hoping it will work for collecting bank info on my site to process a direct debit.

I've been scouring the Drupal and Ubercart forums and am having trouble finding enough details to get the Direct Debit module to work. I'm running Drupal 6.22 with Ubercart 2.x and am using NMI as my payment gateway. NMI told me they are very similar to in that they use 'AIM' processing.

Anyway, I have the Direct Debit module installed and have configured which fields I want to display to the user. Whenever I submit a test order and fill in all the Direct Debit fields the order goes through but I just see this in the error logs: "order-submit missed". I looked at the code and can see that I'm falling into the default case statement in function uc_directdebit_payment_method_callback($op, &$arg1) in uc_directdebit.module. Do I need to add another case statement for when $op = order-submit? If so, what do I need to call when I fall into that case?

I'm thinking I'm missing some sort of connector between your module and my NMI payment gateway module. If that's the case I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some guidance on how to get that set up.

Thank you sooooo much in advance!

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Direct debit fields in uc_order templates?

Hello Clemens,

sorry, i know its been MANY years. I am desperate. Could you look something up for me perhaps in an old project of yours, please?

How did you manage to display the direct debit fields in the customer- and uc_order-admin template (that are send by E-Mail to the customer and admin)?

Can you send me one of your old templates?

best regards,