Extra Fields Checkout Pane

This module has been developed and tested with Ubercart 2.0.

Once enabled an administrator can define additional fields for billing and delivery addresses. Two additional panes will be available during checkout and order handling pages, with these extra fields.
With this module an administrator has a flexible way to define on the fly one or more field throught a simple interface located at admin/store/settings/checkout edit/extrafields. These fields will appear to customers during the checkout process and will be saved at end of this process on a separate database table for later use.
The module presents a new pane to display/change user input data in order view/edit pages. This pane visibilily is set on admin/store/settings/orders/edit/panes administration page.

This project is now on Drupal.org at http://drupal.org/project/uc_extra_fields_pane: please submit issues and bugs there.

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Thank you!

I've been looking for a module for this for months and don't have the chops to build one myself! Thanks so much!

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Thank you! thank you!

Can't thank you enough!

Messing around with node checkout for months... Now I can ask for additional order info all in one place!

Ubercart is too much geek oriented... too much work to do simple things! Why is this not is core?

Now, only if you could get the time to add token integration... it will be perfect!

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Re: Extra Fields Checkout Pane

Awesome! A much needed improvement for Ubercart!

If you like, I can add this to Drupal.org on your behalf but you'll have to deal with the support requests, etc. Let me know as I think this is an important module that needs further development!

Thanks again for the great contrib Smiling

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Re: Extra Fields Checkout Pane

I think the package of this module should have been Ubercart - extra (instead of Ubercart - core (optional)), because the module isn't a part of the core yet.

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Re: Extra Fields Checkout Pane

token integration is really a MUST HAVE, the module is not complete if you cant use the data input by the user. For example i would like to use this mod but i cant display any of the data saved on the invoice, granted my mysql and php skills are next to none but please develop token functionality, Thank you!

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Thank you all! I'm sorry for

Thank you all!
I'm sorry for delay in replying but in this last month I've been too busy to look into this project.
When I find a moment, I'll try to develop token functionality and other fixes.

In reply to norio@drupal.org:
I'll move this project to drupal.org as soon as possible: I've already a cvs account, but, in my opinion, the code must be reviewed and changed before making it available to drupal.org community.

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just what i was looking for, i m going to test it out

thx a lot.

Is running now on production site and still looks good.

suggest to post it on drupal.org for more integration and support.

kind regards,

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add NODE to checkout

How about you just add node to checkout and in node you can use all mighty powers of CCK to add any kind of field and you will also have nice validation options and stuff.

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Field Types

This module has been a huge help to me, although I would LOVE to see the additional field types included in the next release. Can anyone advise me how to use radios in the pane instead of a single textfield?

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Re: Field Types

Because this module is now hosted on drupal.org I'm shutting off comments in this thread. Feature requests, support requests, and bug reports should all be posted to this module's issue queue at http://drupal.org/project/issues/uc_extra_fields_pane