Ubercart Gift Coupons


This project depends on uc_copouns module and allows sites to sell coupons or attach them to products on the site and give them away with product purchase.

The coupons are defined as product features, "almost" all options for the coupon supported by uc_coupon are available.

When the "Gift Coupon" feature is added to the product no actual coupon is generated.
A one time use coupon is generated, with the defined properties when the order reaches the completed status.

This module only generates coupon, fulfillment and actually applying the coupon is handled by the coupon module, which treats these coupons as any other one time use coupons.

Additional supported features are :
1 - Ability for user's to see coupons purchased by them in the user page
2 - View a coupon in a page that can be formatted for printing a paper coupon
3 - Admin can also see any user's coupon
4 - Admin can delete a coupon

In progress :
1 - Outgoing email when a new coupon is generated, the mail should go out, but I haven't fully tested and debugged it yet.

The big outstanding TODOs are
1 - Logging and reporting
2 - Template driven coupon page, currently its hard-coded.
3 - Allow multiple coupons to be attached to a single product, current the system supports it and if you manually attach multiple coupon definitions to a coupon
4. Flexible expiry / age options for the coupons, currently all coupons are issue with an expiration date of 365 days.

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Re: Ubercart Gift Coupons

Any progress on this module? I could really use this functionality for a site I'm developing.


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Re: Re: Ubercart Gift Coupons

uc_coupon itself now contains a submodule called uc_coupon_purchase which allows you to attach coupons to product nodes and sell them.

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Re: Re: Re: Ubercart Gift Coupons

Awesome! Perfect. Thanks, longwave.