UC Image Product


This is a module for Drupal and Ubercart. It converts regular drupal image node-types into Ubercart products. This module handles the conversion(s) in a batch. You can attach a Taxonomy to the image(s). You may also use your own defined product class.

Basically I've got things working. At this moment I've got a 'very basic' dev version. It's following the next steps....

  1. You can/must create a product class by yourself
  2. Create photo products of available, published image nodes
  3. Add a (or more) taxonomy term to the images (Catalog is used)
  4. Convert the images to photo products (including some default settings)
  5. Attach the original images to the photo product for File Download
  6. Unpublish the images

Things to do:

  • Write a settings page for (default product price, favorite taxonomy to use, product type to use, etc) At the moment there are some DEFINE's to change to get it working with another taxonomy of product class name as I used for development.
  • Write code to import additional image information into the product node
  • Cleaning up the code --- done (17-jul), coder proof now ----
  • Writing some help doc
  • Get a project- and cvs account on drupal.org --- pending (as of 17-jul) ---- 24-jul see: http://drupal.org/project/uc_image_product
  • Contribute the code --- There's a dev-version 20-aug

Before committing the code to Drupal.org cvs the module could be downloaded from the projectpage at my personal site. This project page still can be found at: http://vincew.net/content/uc-image-product but the download-able file is removed from it since the project page on drupal.org was created.