Integration with Integrated Fulfillment (a fulfilment house)


Developed for Recon Instruments ( for Integration with their fulfillment house: Integrated Fulfillment (
by Sarah of Tidal Interactive, a Vancouver based web development company.

Integrated Fulfillment uses standard SOAP protocol to post the parameters to their service.

Installation Instructions:

1 - Unpack the module in the modules directory.
2 - Enable module.
3 - Create your triggers (http:///admin/store/ca) and use "Send an order via XML to IF" as your action.**

** This was done this way because my trigger for this project was based on Paypal Standard. When Paypal alerts the site that the payment has been approved, then the action is done. This may differ between the different payment gateways or you may want to use another trigger. So I opted not to make triggers just the action.

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