Ubercart Invoice


Some European countries require that invoices are issued with consecutive
invoice numbers. This means that the order number cannot be used as an invoice
number since there are generally "holes" in the sequence, e.g. when an ordera
gets cancelled for some reason.

This module attempts to fix this by providing an "Invoice number" in addition
to the "Order id".


Extends Ubercart 2.x to provide

  • Invoice number (in addition to the order id)
  • Button which the shop owner can click when an invoice needs to be generated for an order
  • Consecutive invoice numbers 1,2,3...
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice template that includes invoice date and invoice number


This module did see the light of day at http://www.ubercart.org/forum/support/15896/invoice_number_vs_order_number.
Created by koyama. Modified by cfab, derjochenmeyer and fuerst.


Download using Git at the Project page on drupal.org - see the link below.