UC Multiprice


A basic but powerfull module for Ubercart that allows to overide the product price based on a country.
The module provides a block where the user can select a country/region. This selection is then used to select the correct price.

If the module ip2cc is enabled it will be used to get the country code from the user by IP. (block selection will overide this.

Module is not been tested well, so feedback is apreciated.

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Re: UC Multiprice

Looks awesome! Thanks again for posting it up on d.o. Smiling

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Need this for Drupal7

Hi there,

Totally out of my depth here - sorry! My developer understands PHP, but not enough to make any necessary changes to the D6 multiprice - I can find loads of info up until the D6 release, but there the trail goes cold - any ideas if there is a D7 module that can do the same? Or, a combination of modules can be used?

I am acting as an agent - so different currencies must be displayed on the site according to the business I am representing, not the customers choice.

Any ideas really welcome...Thanks!

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Re: UC Multiprice

I need this to. Would of thought this would of been bread and butter stuff.. Oscommerce as had EUR, GBP, USD as standard for at least 6 years. Managed through a drop down. I can not find anything online.

There must be something.

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Hi, I needed a way to have a store with 3 currencies. Fixed prices in each currency. Multiple shipping prices depending on country within each currency and showing in the proper currency. All to go through Paypal. Tried Sagepay and they would not allow this.

Seems to me I cannot possibly be the only person who needs this. I banged my head against this for WEEKS. I ended up subcontracting to another developer who claimed to be an Ubercart pro, and he was unable to get this working either.

I have now given up in disgust.

The only solution I have come up with is to create three completely different sites so that I can have 3 databases, one for each currency. mysite.com (for US$) mysite-uk.com (for £) and mysite-eur.com (for Euros). Each currency site has a different Paypal account it feeds to.

Of course, every time we want to add news or new articles, we have to do it 3 times!?

Am I a total idiot?

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Re: UC Multiprice

I am in exactly the same position. I am looking at having to put multi-currency sites into sub folders which is insane. I can't believe no-one has made and maintained a module for multi-currency support. I will help sponsor this if someone is still interested.

Has anyone solved this?