MultiSafepay integration


Integration of the MultiSafepay online payment in Ubercart 2.x

This module:

  • Integrates MultiSafepay into Ubercart
  • Has a settings form for easy configuration
  • Has possibilities to track payments

Biggest advantages of MultiSafepay:

  • Accept all payment methods
  • No monthly costs
  • Cheap iDEAL transactiions
  • Possible to receive your payment every day
  • Unlimited number of webshops
  • Free tools to increase your incomings

This module was developed by Coworks and partially sponsored by MultiSafePay.

uc_multisafepay.zip8.52 KB
Back officeBack office124.92 KB
Settings formSettings form115 KB
Integration with GarlandIntegration with Garland65.5 KB