Order Bulk Statusupdate


This module allows you to update the status of ubercart orders in batch/bulk by selecting them, and selecting the status you want to change them to. There is an option for calling the mail hooks or not (informing your clients of the status change).

There is an ubercart 1.x module which basically does the same (Bulk Order Operations by hvitebjorn), I combined the logic of that module with the Ubercart 2.x order overview and the form logic of the drupal node overview. My Ubercart 2.x module has less features (only statusupdates, no printing or exporting) but does call the normal drupal hooks (no custom queries) making it more likely not to mess with other custom modules.

I am very interested in the experiences of anyone trying out this module, it does the job for my client but it would be great if I help other people with it.

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