Point Of Sale


Web based Point of Sale integration for ubercart.

This module will most likely harm small to medium sized children.

Please put all security (and other) questions and issues in the comment queue

This is a very simple module which i am releasing

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Re: Point Of Sale

How functional is this at this point? I've tried installing it and I'm getting an error "Too many redirects occurred trying to open “http://mysite/admin/store/pos/terminal”.

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Re: Re: Point Of Sale

though it's quite functional for what it was designed to do, line 164 should not have a preceeding / in drupal_goto

line 164 should read


admin/store/pos is really just a hack for myself to clear the menu cache before going to admin/store/pos/terminal as there is supposed to be room for scaling to do a returns page and other POS functions in a manner that are easy for clerks or other low-level employees to use on a daily basis.

i will update the tarball when i finish some other fixes.

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Re: Re: Re: Point Of Sale

Hi - I tried this out after the fix you mentioned but could not get it to work. There are also a few other places with the preceeding "/". Please upload latest code. thanks.

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Re: Point Of Sale

When I click on the site administration to POS and it constantly adds a 2nd / between delta and admin

http://localhost/delta//admin/store/pos/terminal ---- this is not a real link

I removed the 2nd / in the address line and click again... it added the 2nd / again.

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Re: Point Of Sale

Is there a working version of this anywhere I tried installing but it doesn't work. I have seen it working on a demo site though it must be possible.

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not the same code but...