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This module came out of necessity as one of our clients was using Ubercart for visitors to register and pay for an event, and the events had different options affecting pricing, as well as a field to enter the name of the person attending (i.e. one person would sign up for the event, then they would also register their significant other).

There wasn't any clear way I could find with Ubercart Views to search for all users that purchased one particular product *AND* display the serialized product attribute data as well, so I took it upon myself to make it happen.

All I did was make a copy of the uc_reports module, perform a global and and replace to update the namespace to my module, then I modified the orders report to display what I wanted. You select the SKU for the product that you wish to run the report for, and it will display a table of the user account, e-mail address, price they paid, and the product attributes data (deserialized and formatted) from the order. It can also be downloaded as a CSV.

Install as you normally would, after installation, the report is found in Store Administration -> Reports -> Product Details Report, or can be accessed from http://*your site*/admin/store/reports/productdetails. There is a permission added as well to give view access to the report.

Let me know if it is useful for anyone else. Thanks!

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Re: Product details report

Looks like exactly what I'm looking for - thanks!!! Just wanted to check though - will this report retrospective data or will it only track from the moment it's installed?