Ubercart Product Registration


Product registration is useful for tracking ownership, generating reminder emails, and so, so much more.
This module gives administrators the ability to restrict which product classes are registerable, define global model and/or serial number formats (via regular expressions), enforce the collection of a purchase date, and override the global settings (model/serial formats) on a per-product basis. The module also includes a per-product registration link; and the optional generic registration page, which includes an autocomplete field that references products from an included default view. On top of that, the module includes Views 2.x integration, includes Token support, and is slated to support Rules in coming versions.

Still awaiting CVS approval on Drupal.org; but in my own testing, everything as stated above works.

Requires Ubercart 2.x, Views 2.x, and Token modules.
Requires that uc_product is ENABLED to function correctly.
All documentation is in-code at-present; but will be created soon.

Goals for 2.x (if enough people use it) will be to turn registrations into a node-type that can be extended with CCK, and to eventually support DrupalCommerce and Drupal7.

I realize an alternative method of registration is possible using webform and webform_viewreference. My module is designed for those that prefer fine-grained control over products registered and precise control over what model/serial numbers are permitted.

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